Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blog Birthday / Highlights of the Year / Future Plan

Frederic Chopin is 199 year old as of today! (According to Wikipedia, his birth date was March 1st...but according to a book I read, it's today...I chose trust University library book over Wiki)Which also means, I've been officially posting in this blog for a year now!


Here is the highlights of the year, enjoy!

Sally Hansen Lipnotic Gem Gloss
Sheer jelly like gloss with flecks of gems.

Stila Pon Pon Gerbera Lip Glaze
Sheer peachy pink with golden flecks.

DiorKiss lip gloss in Granny Smith
Oh that glitters...

A Simple Lip Care Post
It sort of works.


Stila Blusher Brush #21
What got me into the brand.

Stila cherry Crush Cheek Stain
HG blush, period.

Nars Blush in Super Orgasm
My first Nars Purchase...Probably my last.

Anna Sui Face Color Accent in 400
The blush with finest texture, the color is another story.


Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Trio
Creamy, pigmented, great basic.

Stila Kitten Eye Shadow
Stila's Best Seller gets stuck in Anna Sui case.

Stila Montmartre Quad
Romanticism in a compact

Jane Be Pure Mineral Eyeliner
Seriously? Only 6 bucks?


Miscellaneous :
My first OPI Nail Polish
Looks really good, I hate the smell hence no further buying...

Shiseido White Lucent Cleansing Foam
After endless search for replacement, I decided to stay with it anyway.

Anna Sui Mirror Collection
Anna Sui items that I truly enjoy using

My Overview of the Anna Sui products
Newbies, check it out!

What I carry in my bag
Exactly how much junk I actually have with me.


My Plan for next blog year:

1. Finish writing review of the products I have
I never realized how many junks I have until now...

2. You will see a decrease in eye shadow
I've got enough pastel to play with, plus I always feel too made-up when I have some unnatural color on my face.

3. Lip Gloss Galore will keep coming
I've tried to put a ban on myself, the attempt failed...

4.Hair Care
I am planning to grow my hair long...So I will share with you the progress and the products I will be using.

5. I will continue color code my stash
For people like lilac shadows, coral blushers, pinks glosses, red nails...

6.Bargain issues, all about cheaping out(sorry, only works for US residents.)
My favorite drugstore products, how I get stuff for fraction of the retail price...

See number one...

8.I will talk more about blusher
Color coding and over-viewing...

9.Skin Care Routine
Uh...actually there is only one post for this, it's quite simple too.

10. Do another bag check
I have quite a few makeup bags before I did the last post, just never bothered to take the pictures...

11. Talk about what I will wear in specific time of the year
Soft colors for spring, shimmery orange for summer etc.

12.Share looks that I like from Magazines and online.
I only post those if I *really* like the looks.

13.Special issues about lips
Lip gloss suggestions for juicy pout, nude gloss, for people with overly pigmented lips, natural looking ones. Also some tips I accumulated since my first glossy encounter when I was 14.

14. Makeup Tools and other gadgets
Brushes, Curler and stuff like that.

15. More off-topic posts.
Just because I feel like it.

16. Fragrance
I don't have much after getting rid of those Anna Sui...but well.

17. Any suggestion?
I don't think I have enough readers to have an FAQ post here...

Just don't put something like "What's your bra size?" or ask me do makeup tutorials because I like natural looking ones that doesn't show up on camera...( Once it shows, it scares the heck out of my roommate.)

So, happy blogging and happy reading!


  1. funny about the bra size! :) happy blog anniversary! :)

  2. Happy Birthsday, blog!

    I can't wait to see more blush posts. I love blush.

    I'm also obsessed with American drugstore products I can't buy here, so I love to read about those as well!

  3. Happy anniversary! Can't wait to see more lipgloss posts, I'm addicted to them too.

  4. Lol @ 'bra size' :D.
    Happy birthday to the blog :).

  5. Hey Guys:

    Well, I think I've seen that kind of completly random requests, like "showing the sole of your feet..."


  6. Wow, the Anna Sui Mirror that you posted looks really wonderful. It looks like something that is used by Victorian women. Really classy.


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