Thursday, August 21, 2008

Legendary Stila Kitten Turns Gothic

I recently murdered an eye color form Anna Sui (in an ashy lilac with chunky glitter) and found out that the jar is perfect for the Stila shadow pan! When I say perfect, I mean that it just fit in and it was impossible to get it out. o_O

Stila kitten is the most well known eyeshadow shade from Stila. While there might not be anything all that special about the shade itself(they call it a pinkish nude, but since light pink never really show up on my skin, kitten just look nude to me). It's a very versitile pan that compliments may skin tones and other eyeshadow color.

Most of the time people use it as a base (looks super pretty under natural light!) or highlghter(inner corner of eyes and brow bone and anywhere else you can think of) I found it quite lovely as a top-coat of the eye color since it soften bold colors without makeing it look thick and cakey.

18 dollars a piece might be a bit expensive, but when you think of it, the color pay off is superb that it will last you a good while plus you don't need to buy it as a single since this shade always pops up (a butt loads of time) in some seasonal palette and gift sets that include blusher, eyeliner, lip glaze blah blah blah for less than 30 bucks.


  1. i have read so much raves about Stila's Kitten and I wonder why it's wonderful! I 'm sure there's a lot of other brands that has the same shade! Hmmmmm..intriguing!

  2. Hi Nikki:

    There is really nothing that special about the shade, however,in my opinion the texture of the shadow is a clear winner, it's buttery when touched but goes on as thinly as you an imagine (if you touch your skin, it feels bare but the color is there) not to mention this thing last forever without a primer, I can literally go take a 4 hour nap rolling all over my bed and then wake up and see a freshly applied color.

    Since texture is a very important factor when I buy cosmetic, so I am quite a fan of the Stila shadow now. But if you are used to thicker texture of other shadow or have a primer already, then there is no point buying kitten.

  3. I love your blog, and thankyou so much for your comment! I am a bit obsessed with green... I started off being obsessed with red, then dyed my hair red, then realised green looks great on redheads! I just added MAC's "Wondergrass" to my collection this morning.

    I can understand the love of a perfect neutral shade - I have EXTREMELY pale skin and was delighted to find the PERFECT highlight colour for me, as it helps blend the rest of my make-up in. (I use Barry M "Ice Pink", too light for most people)

    The only Stila product I've used so far is nail polish, though... I'll have to look into them ;x


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