Friday, January 15, 2021

Algenist Reveal Anti Aging Lip Gloss

This was an impulse purchase from Marshalls (because it was only a few bucks and I like my squeezy gloss).

The gloss is a thick and sticky one typical of those from late 00s, the color is milky but it doesn't look too white based. The close up looks a little pasty but it's nice (if a little boring). I don't know any antiaging effect but it does plump up lip lines (most sticky glosses do though). Anyway since it's not particularly remarkable, I tossed it during my great destash of 2020.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes in 01 Rose Chocolat

Aside from the Balm Rouge and Cream Cheeks - Canmake eyeshadow palettes occupies a big chunk of the brand's reputation: They might not be the silkiest or skin melting but they always have interesting color combos and shades that are fun yet very wearable. The Perfect Multi Eyes is a range of mostly matte palettes that might look boring but is incredibly easy to wear.
As with the other Perfect Multi Eyes I have reviewed -  The pans are very firmly pressed leaving minimal fly off and while all pan appears to be matte, you can see some fine shimmer that make the texture silkier and less flat on the face. Regular matte shadow from western brand is usually too talc/chalky for my liking and I find the Japanese version more user friendly.
From Top to bottom - Pale pinkish white beige (that looks quite shimmery but it works as a very subtle base and highlight), a peachy beige, medium rosy chocolate brown,  a deeper chocolate brown (that has weaker pigmentation so it layers well without being muddy). The deepest liner shade is a bitter chocolate with rose undertone (again with weaker pigmentation that it can be smudged around lashline).
Applied in the standard gradation way - The overall effect is very clean, professional and polished. It doesn't photograph well but I think it's something that goes with any outfit and occasions. It makes your eyes a little brighter and bigger without obvious trace of makeup.  The older I get, the more I like these subtle eyeshadow shades (and even matte!) - They pretty much functions like double eyelid tape - defining the lids with both some texture and color.
Overall - I like it enought that it survived the great purge of 2020.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Chanel Rouge Allure in Fougeuse

Out of all of these western luxury brands (that have lots of prestige and fewer substances)  Chanel (and Dior but it has been slacking off) might be one of the few that I consider worthy - Their colors are always on point and unique and packaging is always substantial. Basically I can see where the money goes to when I shell out the bucks. Anyway, the brand doesn't resonate with me as much so I don't have many toys from them...
Three years ago Carnegie Hall had one of the best seasons ever (Bruckner symphonies back to back? Yes please!) and one of the side effects was that before the concerts, I wandered around stores and bought a lot of toys (takes me years to get through the reviews). 

While Chanel isn't necessarily a me kind of brand (their style is a little too Parisian chic that I felt I was never dressed or pretty enough for it) I do appreciate their color stories each year, the shades all look well thought out, trendy and classy. I believe this was from a spring collection and somehow I was really attracted to this warm kind of hot pink called Fougeuse.
Chanel Fougeuse with Excel Rosy Dazzle (a wee too bright and glittery/unwearable), NYX Strawberry Shortcake (too blue on me) and Almay Pink for Light Medium Skin (this is identical to Revlon lip butter in Sweet Tart to me, which I really enjoy using all these year). Fougeuse has a thinner glide and a very slight white base that somehow works with this particular shade. It's brightening and refreshing and would look good with a nice dress jacket, fair skin and long smooth hair (ahem this shade is very "rich young white woman" to me and don't always look flattering depends on what I wear and how much summer farmer tan I have).
The wear of Chanel Rouge Allure is smooth and comfortable but it can get drying (this is more of a thin satin finish). There is a powdery grandma rose scent going on but I don't find it as bothersome as Armani.

 While this isn't that suitable for me (I prefer a more clear color pay off and a candy like finish), it still worth a spot in my (recently decluttered) collection. Maybe one of these days I will get those lipstick with the Lion head tube.
More glamour shots from 2020 (I got plenty of time during the lock down where I could either be at home or work) 
And the clicky tube! 
The etching on the metal is totally on point!

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Nursery Cleansing Gel and Balm - Yuzu and Grapefruit

Hello my lipstick buddies. I am back! I took an extended break from blogging because work (well, work itself was already, just "somebody" had to made it unnecessarily stressful) but now I am back at it again. Since my default antidepressant are concerts (well that's out of the questions for now) and lipsticks, I have gotten plenty of toys to review...Before diving into all the pretty shiny things, let's start with something basic - Cleansers. 
Nursery is a one of the many assuming Japanese drugstore brands that's has made an international following - Not only I hear about it all the time in Chinese sites, it's also easy to find in local Asian beauty stores in New York (plus Amazon). 
The star product of the entire brand is the Yuzu Makeup Cleansing Gel - It's a luxurious, semi opaque cream gel (smoother and creamier than Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and much less plasticky) with a delightful Yuzu scents, so natural that it smells like I am bathing in a non sugary yuzu tea.

The gel works very well as a morning or second cleanser (I use physical sunscreen so that requires some heavier oily cleansing balm) leaving skin clean, moisturized with no residue. To me, this is a much better formulated version of Glossier Milky Jelly (that I like but won't repurchase). I used up two small bottles and will certainly repurchase again.
While browsing in Ume Cosme, I noticed there is also a Grapefruit version of the gel so I got it (I am not a citrus expert, just a lover...but is it just me or those look like lemons?) to see how it compares - The Grapefruit cleanser is similar but just a tad runnier and with a sharper, tart citrus scent. It's pleasant but I prefer the warmth and sweetness in the Yuzu one.
The label says it sold over 5million bottles in Japan and all the scents are naturally derived.
Now to the Yuzu Cleansing Balm - Another popular item in the menu. 
It came with a small scoop that I promptly misplaced
This is a sorbet like cleansing balm that melt off all the clingy physical sunscreen and makeup (welp eye shadow come off with regular cleanser too) and it emulsifies without being yucky. For around 20 bucks, I like it better than the Banila Co and Pharmacy as it feels more nourishing in an oily way (and this one doesn't have microplastic I suppose). The smell is probably a little sharper (more essential oils perhaps?) and less sweet than the cleansing gel but it's still enjoyable to use. I will repurchase once I am through with all the cleansing oil/balm hoard that I have...