Sunday, January 20, 2019

Shibuya Sighting - Ainz Tulpe

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of stores in Shibuya and I made an effort to stop by any drugstore/beauty stores I came by. Because you never knew what kind of new brand you will discover.

Ainz Tulpe is another health and beauty stores that's somewhat specialized. There you will find beautiful interior, brightly lit aisles (actually I thought most lightly in Japanese drugstore's lighting were really harsh and unflattering)  and younger stylish clienteles. 
Ducato nail color - I like the Creme shades but you can find similar ones from US brands like Sinful Colors. 
Ettusais powder eyeshadow (on the left is Maybelline)
Blossom lip oil - Supposedly American brands (but looks straight out of 90s China flea market)
Lip oil and Opera lip balm.
Brands like Opera can be found in specialized store like this. And while in Japan, I finally understand the huge popularity. 

Being in New Jersey (and NY), Opera lip tints (and many supposedly moisturizing lipsticks) becomes drying after a while as I have chronically flakey lips, in Japan the problem was all gone (flakes on lips and scalp) so I could use any lipsticks without problem. Actually I didn't wear any lip product on at all because I didn't need to.
L'Oreal which has lip lacquer, sheer lipstick and lip oil.
Lash serum on far left, Rouge in Oil. 
Cosme award winning Lip Oil. I found this so much more reliable than the Allure Best of Beauty stickers ("Best" products decided by out of touch industry professionals who are affiliated with the brands? No. Thank you.)
A more pigmented formula 

 Unlike corporate L'Oreal in US (who discontinued bunch of great drugstore ranges as a way to force people to buy their high end brands "why bother coming up with fun shades for Maybelline/Loreal when we can just force them into YSL?" )  the Japanese branch knows to keep all of them to compete. If the makeup wearers don't find wearable, work friendly brights from one brand, there are dozens of brands to turn to. 
Msh loveliner has another limited edition print with Hello Kitty by Anna Strumpf 
There was a large truck circling around with the Loveliner ad. They also have this kinds of ad for boy bands and other music artists.
Visee Avant with liptick and single eyeshadow. I had already gotten a dozen of them at home and the texture, wear and pigmentation are amazing (not quite Nars but way better than Surratt Beauty imo) they were only 800 yens!

 They just released a few more shades for spring and I need that lime green. 
Lipstick and Cream shadow. On the left there are cream blush.
I actually like this picture of Hachi 
When I went "Look! Sexy Zone!" (A boy band I liked a lot when they debuted 7 years ago) my friend made some harsh comment regarding Fuma's pink hair... ("咦,咁核突ge" I can't find equivalent in English) 
Look at that pink Tumbler from Starbucks! I resisted because I got some overpriced thermo at home. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Kate Brown Shade Eyes in BR-5

Kate (the rocker girl of Kanebo family) is one of their evergreen drugstore line that I have never been into. You see, it's kind of boring (the rocker girl is either dramatic bright or fifty shades of brown). 
Their latest release just looks like they are trying so hard to be daring and dramatic it started become bland and generic.
Oh wait the orange beige looks like something I would wear... OK don't let my word deter you from shopping, their stuff is still really popular on Instagram (among Japanese, HKer and Taiwanese girls) and on Weibo. 

Brown shade eyes has always been a staple in their range and has recently gotten an overhaul late 2017...And that was when I wanted something from the previous generation (when it will be gone forever). I read on Weibo that BR-5 Glitter Brown is very similar to Lunasol Geminate Eyes in Cat Eyes, as they are both made by Kanebo. I like playing with Lunasol but I wouldn't mind having a drugstore version that's easier to carry around and quicker to locate (drugstore palettes all have clear window).
From left to right there are three eyeshadow shades plus a nose contour (that I never use). There is a light golden beige, an orange gold and a medium sunny brown. 
While the overall color scheme is somewhat like Cat Eyes (Kate is missing a gemmy green glitter top coat plus the reddish brown) but with a slightly different texture. Kate is smoother metallic while Lunasol CE has a dryer powder, more fall out but overall more of a brilliant glossy finish. While Kate is great adding a bit of gleam and definition (that's the whole point of brown shade eyes), Cat Eyes is more of a glamorous topping jewel.

I enjoy wearing both and wouldn't say it will replace Lunasol (it's a classic for a reason).
It looks patchy because it's taken on another hot and sweaty day. I am wearing it right as I type and I ensure you that it blends nicely without an obvious boundary.
While this version is discontinued, the revamped line looks just like the old one (except they added a mini bronzer). I am more interested in the line now and look forward to see the two new shades (both look icy and white) coming out this spring. Maybe I am picking up love from Kanebo again (actually I never stopped wearing/buying Lunasol).

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Niche-ish Beauty Brand - Kiss Cosmetics

I couldn't get a normal picture of Hachi no matter how hard I tried/how long I waited. It wasn't even a lucky shot (the guy was holding it for half a minute). 
seconds before #metoo #woof 
Here is the actual promo image. The brand actually has a dreamy mermaid vibe with all there bluish posters. 

Kiss (not to be confused with the cheapo American drugstore line that sells fake nail and false eyelashes) is another Japanese drugstore brands that's only available at select Matsukiyo.  It belongs Isehan, the maker of Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara (one of the five Japanese products that get mentioned on reddit), Kiss Me sunkiller and Kiss Me Ferme (their slightly grown-up makeup line). 

The brand was on my must-buy list as it's hard to find online but after looking through and swatching some. I only got a small piece of toy. 
Slide Rouge - A new release 
Lip gloss 
Nuance Luster Gloss - I love how they look but there is absolutely no buzz on weibo or Instagram that I assume the texture is nothing special. 
Loose powder
Makeup base and BB cream
Essence cream eye 
Cheek color stick - a lot of their colors are too straight up (without unique nuances that blends into different skintone) like American drugstore brands like LA girl and J Cats so they aren't interesting to me. 
The Dual Eyes was something that I was very interested (look at all those cool colors!) but after swatching them, the top row (Basic line with subdued satin finish) all look kind of dull and the bottom row (Shiny line that's all shimmery) don't swatch as amazing as they look in the pan. I got one to try out though.  
Accent Eyes - One of my favorite Chinese bloggers rave about the second brown (saying how amazing texture is) but I couldn't find a shade I like enough to try.
Powder cheek 
Brow products

Friday, January 11, 2019

(No) More Aritaum Mono Eyes

There used to be an Aritaum store in Chinatown that's right between all of my favorite grocery spots and supermarket, through out the 1.5 years it was open, I stopped by frequently and made some of-the-moment purchases. 

These two shadows were among the purchases. I didn't remember they name and don't want to look(might have tossed them since the taupe crumbles into pieces before I swatched it). 
Both shades are dry pressed glitter kind of eyeshadow, the sparkle is somewhat complex and fun (you can use it by itself) but the wear is subpar without a primer. Overall the look and feel are like Aritaum's own Shine Fix eyes (minus the staying power) or a crumbly version of ColourPop pressed shadow. 

At the 5-6 dollar price, there is nothing special and they are something I buy and never bother to use. 
I still love their Shine Fix eyes very much though.
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