Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Maquillage Essence Glamorous Rouge Neo - RD 406

Maquillage Essence Glamorous Rouge has been around for 2-3 years already (and was well loved by the women in Japan, winning award and all that) and it wasn't until recently that I became interested in the range. Maybe it's because of the introduction of the Essence Glamorous Rouge Neo line (with brighter shade selection) or it was the replacement of the spoke model (Takei Emi is gorgeous but there are very few people who can sell a lipstick better than the pouty Mizuhara Kiko.)
Anyway, I finally took the plunge after seeing the limited shades for spring 2015 (one of them is red!), with a classier (as classy as it can get for light-weight plastic packaging) white and silver tube. This time, I also saved a few bucks as Japanese yen is weak against dollar (or any other currency? I mean my mom in there right now and she wants to buy me blow-dryer...).
As I just mentioned, the package of Maquillage Essence Glamorous Rouge Neo (or most Maquillage lippy) is very light weight but it doesn't feel particularly flimsy or cheap. There is 6 grams of product inside, which should last 2 months of daily use, or longer for any fickle being (who bought way too much lipsticks in the past 2 months).

While I was trying to take the picture of the gloss, it fell off and now the "metallic" paint got dents on it (same thing happened when I was photographing my last Maquillage Lipstick back in 2010).
Essence Glamorous Rouge boast its silicone-serum formula that plump up the lips (by filling up lip line rather than inflating the whole thing into twin-sausage) so I was expecting a glassy, thick and sticky gloss. Anyway, the formula doesn't feel slippery (compared other -cone rich products), glassy, (like B & C Makemania gloss) or remotely sticky.
Instead, I get a jam-like finish that's jelly when you look at it in the arm swatch but it breaks apart and rejoin on the lips. The finish is juicy but looks a little more refined and natural than other gloss/liquid lip color I have tried. Of course, the texture is a minor nuance I feel...It looks more or less like a generic red gloss.
 The color RD406 itself is a medium-to-pigmented slightly cool red, that can be duped by any American drugstore brands (I wish it was more interesting but I guess I always prefer the shading by American companies anyway, Japanese just wins it in texture department)...
I do like the diamond shape cushy applicator, which is great for corners and deposits enough product in one go. Of course I just like to redip for the heck of redipping.
So, I mentioned that neither the color (easy to wear enough but nothing special about a red jelly with blue-purple micro pearls) nor the finish (it's nice but not 3-4 times better than Revlon/Maybelline glosses, as it's 3x more expensive) is outstanding. However, the gloss wears (off) very well, I especially like it 2 hours, when the color would fade a little and it would just turn my dried prune of a mouth into...body parts that feels much healthier inside out.

Overall: Nothing too special but I love it as a lip care product (and the tube is just too pretty!) so I am thinking about repurchasing a coral/orange one for summer time (actually I wear coral all year round)...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick - Pink for Light Medium Skin Tone

Almay is one of those brands that makes me wonder "Wait, it's still in business?". I get that they carry some great neutral/basics (I kind of sort of liked/ didn't hate their lengthening mascara some 8 years ago?) but I just don't find them as competitive while other drugstore brands roll out exciting new releases all the time. 

Anyway, I was still very excited when they rolled out the new Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick late last year. Package wise, they look quite like (and is equally nice) the Revlon Lip Butter (I dissed it in my first review when I went on getting...20 of them?) and I was just happy to see similar product in more shade selection! 
Upon closer examination of the display, I think a great deal of Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipsticks look too similar to the lip butter I own (or owned, as I did a massive toss-out) so I just picked up this attractive bright pink (kind of hot pink but with more of a punchy than a blue-based undertone). The name was pink for light-medium skintone.
I think Almay Butter Kiss might have a smell, but it has been too cold for the scent particle to travel to my nose anyway (see, that's why wintery air smell so fresh!). The Lipstick is firm, not squishy and seems to have a bit of cream-jelly texture to it. Pigmentation is sheer at first swipe but can be easily built up (as the stick is warmed up).
Almay Pink for Light Medium Skin Tone. I like the color quite a bit...It's probably because as soon as I put it on. Heck! This (the color, formulation and wear) is exactly the same thing as Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart (which has been conveniently discontinued winter of last year)! I perceive it (sweet tart) to be a cooler pink mainly because the blue pink outer packaging! 

The swatch might look different because different day, climate, lighting, camera and now I am older(drier skin and lips)...
Almay and Revlon side by side (which seems deeper as the stick has been used for several years and quite softened up). Just look at the top of the swipes. Anyway, I decided to go back to the display to take a look at the display...Then it's like the end of 7th Harry Potter book when (Harry was holding the resurrection stone and) all the dead friends came out to say hi...
Berry Smoothie, Strawberry Shortcake, Peach Parfait, Candy Apple
Sugar Plum or Pink Truffle?, Sweet Tart, Pink Truffle?, Cherry Pie
Or This is Pink Truffle ?, Raspberry Pie, Fig Jam, Red Velvet(ok, not too sure about the deeper nude shades)

Overall: Urgh. I guess I wouldn't mind having a back up of Sweet Tart. Side note to Almay/Revlon, this is not cool, this is not cool...

Bonita Velvet Lip Cream, Wanna Get Away & Sweet Ever After

Spotted at Rite Aid, Bonita velvet lip cream. I think I am (late in the game but) finally joining the liquid lip color bandwagon so I might pick up the pinks (their is a rosier pink that look red in the picture) if the price is not too bad...Then the packaging is a wee ugly.
Then there is the main course (nail color) - Wanna Get Away CollectionT
Cherry Blossom (that's a little too coral?), Nightlife, Bora Bora Coast

Santorini's Ocean, Cocktails in Aruba, Golden Florence

Sweet Ever After (the flowers on the bird nest was a bit too much...)

Glass Slipper, Once Upon a Time, Splendid Love 
Sweet Ever After, Fairytale Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

Fresh Start Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Pads

Sunday, March 22, 2015

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Pin Up

I picked up this tube of LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint at Harmon (full not me)because the rainbow display was quite attractive and this color (Pin Up, a blue red) was last one in display? Anyway, I haven't been too aware of the line but I heard that it's either very similar to the Too Faced lip paint (not interested) or OCC lip tar. I guess if it's less than four bucks, I could just take one as toy.
 The texture of the LA girl lip paint is very runny that it would flow out if you leave it uncapped. There is a fresh minty scent that I quite like (I think the Too Faced smell like baked good, which seemed too much for me). 
Pin Up on my arm (which already start to feather 1ms after it's put on). While the pigment is very opaque (well, so is the 1-dollar lipstick from Wet n Wild I hate very much). The lip paint is essentially all pigment floating in liquid base (or is there one?), it's very hard to work with by itself since it would smear around the corners, feathers and travels outside the lip boundary. 
Tried at least 5 times (on different days with different tools) to get a not-so-ugly swatch. Anyway, I already had some lip gloss (that got wiped off for this swatch) so my lip wasn't completely bare...The Lip Paint is simply unworkable by itself (and the color isn't all that great for me to want to layer it with other lip gloss/balm) and nowadays (always?) I think the wear/finish of a lipstick is much more important than the color...

Overall: I guess many people like it because it's pigmented and...because it's pigmented but I kind of hate it a lot. This is going to the bin. If I remember to make the toss.
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