Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in Cherry Macaron RD 414

Majolica Majorca is one of the many daughter brands of Shiseido, the whimsical (the name is supposed to sound like a spell being whispered, or I am just making things up?) known for their dolly packaging, dreamy ad visual and ... all of their mascaras. I have longed for the brand for quite some while before finally caving in (well, for a "drugstore" brand, it's was only a few bucks cheaper than Paul & Joe, an equally cute brand that's easier to get) and bought one of the newer (it was fresh out when I bought it...back in summer of 2012) Puff de Cheek blush-in-a-tin.
Each chubby tin has a matching puff (which I don't use since I imagine it will get nasty with a few uses. It's still quite soft though). Inside the puff, there is a plastic sheet that separate the blush and puff (which prevent sebum from messing with the product, if you do chose to use the puff).
 Cherry Macaron is a medium coral-red-pink with tiny golden flecks (barely shows up anyway so this is essentially matte). The blush itself is very firmly pressed and dry (no fly out even if you dig it with brushes that are not smooth) that you hardly need to worry about overdoing the color. On the face, it gives an obvious dose of reddish-pink, in a foggy finish. Instead of looking flush-from within, this looks rather superficial (on surface, not saying it looks fake). It's just like having two pink cloud floating on the very top.
Even though I personally am not used to this kind of foggy red blush (I am more into really pigmented ones that are/or apply like cheek stain). I ended up reaching this shade quite often, mainly because it's hard to over do the color (so I don't even need to pick a brush just for it and be ultra careful) and the blurry finish is more forgiving.

It's a no-brainer when I want some extra colors on my face, but get too lazy to put on concealer. Anyway, I think I would really enjoy the texture/finish if it's a softer warm pink or peach so I guess I am plotting repurchase (I already did, but it's a limited edition one from their Fall 2014 collection)?
Revlon Charmed Cream Blush (tossed because too sheer), Majolica Majorca Cherry Macaron, Mac A Bite of the Apple and Essence Renesmee Red (both give the just-pinched kind of flush)

Julie G Mardi Gras Collection and Jesse's Girl Satin Finish Nail Color & Makeup

From Rite Aid - Julie G's Mardi Gars Collection 
As expected, full of glitter in carnival(gaudy) shades. I really like that misplaced cream coral in the center though.
Jesse's Girl Satin Finish Nail Color

There is a big display for Jesse's Girl makeup in Rite Aid. Nothing sparks my interest though.
Eyeshadow pots, mineral rush set and lipsticks

Monday, January 26, 2015

Jordana Cat Eye & Modern Matte Lipstick

Spotted at Walgreens (Is that Taylor Swift!?), Jordana Cat Eyes Eyeliner (the 5.99 price tag is probably for something else on top shelf).
Black Leather, Black Brown, Orchid, Twilight
Carribean, Envy, Suede and Future. Since Jordana and Milani products are of same quality, I think I will get the green ones because they reminds me of the Milani Ultra fine liners.
Modern Matte lipsticks
Only four shades are left. This is another range I am really interested in...I will wait for them to restock then!
Other pictures snapped at Walgreens. Yes to Coconut wipe, soap, spray and lotion.
Caress body wash with touch fragrance technology (why would I want to smell like a body wash for 12 hours?)
Dial Miracle Oil and Omega Moisture

Sunday, January 25, 2015

NYC City Samba Collection, Sally Hansen Runway plus Create & Ornate

I am totally confused about this collection. Is this from last year or NYC is getting ready for summer super early?
Anyway, there is some typical summer collection items like bright glosses (in orange and hot pink), teal/orange/yellow nail polish and two bronzers.
 Anyway, here are some more Sally Hansen Runway Collection nail polish
Create & Ornate Xtreme Wear
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