Saturday, July 23, 2016

Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss in Terracotta Vinyl

I suppose Stila is either going through a revamp or major downsizing as I have seen a lot of their products at discount stores (the lateset sighting are the foundation and smudge stick pencil eyeliners/stuff I don't use at Marshall).

The Vinyl Lip Gloss was a find from Nordstrom Racks (where I also got several backups of my beloved Cherry Crush). They where 8 bucks a piece but I thought the color is trendy (I am a year on these kind of thing) and formula should be good given it's Stila. 
Terracotta Vinyl is brick brown that's gentler than L'Oreal Caramel Solo. The texture is thick tacky gel that smoothes out and hugs onto the lips. I can't say exactly how long wearing it is since I need the constant gulp of fluid anyway.

 There is enough red tone in it to make it everyday (instead of being a statement lip color). If this is how terracotta are like, I should look for more (Coffret D'Or upcoming fall lipsticks come to mind). 
From the Vinyl in the name, I didn't exepct the formula to be so understated (for a brick brown that is). While it's probably some call a fall color, it goes exceptionally well with summer tan...It has enough going on so I can spare the powder shadow (which are icky to apply with all that sweat and dew...Seriously what's with this summer?).

Monday, July 18, 2016

Integrate Sweet Trick Eyes in BR-715

As I mentioned in my previous review, the Sweet Trick Eyes from Integrate has a somewhat sucky formula (when the brand is clearly capable of making some finelymilled shadow that's both pigmented and see-through).But the color are pretty and I was a sucker so I got three at once...
BR 715 is a metallic taupe trio with a cool (a bit of purple and a bit of pink). I love the shade combo and just wish it comes with a smoother formula.
The shades in the palettes from left to right.
A speckled wine brown, not too opaque but shows up providing the right amount of definition.

A purple silver taupe with pink sheen. A brightening and defining medium lid shade.

Pearly pink base that's meant for undereye. Since it's really muggy and sticky, I only use it on upper lid as base. The three shades combined into a soft, illuminating rose taupe definition. It's nice but texture still runs on the dry side.
The shadow swatches well on my damp (with greasy sunscreen and skin dew aka sweat/oil) arm. But a few weeks back when I used it, the shadow has the same sandy dry texture as BR - 314. 
BR715 under all that dew. When I am sweaty like this, I usually ditch eyeshadow alltogether. 
At least the colors show up much better (didn't matter, I wiped it away before heading outside). Since this doesn't look and feel as terrible, I might give them another try when it cools down a little. Maybe I will end up liking them when my skin isn't dry or sweaty?
The reason that I kept all three (similar ) reviews separate...I took a lot of colorful glamor shots with them (before they get scratched anyway).

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in Woodstock and Revolver

Here are more finds from Nordstrom Racks (which means these are discontinued). I have swatched these Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner years ago and do like a lot of the shades. Being myself, I didn't (and don't) pay over 20 bucks for something that would only get used a handful of times (at most) during their lifespan.

 In a way, these are kind huge plastic costume jewelry that start to look weird after the 2nd time being worn so it's a little silly (with my budget) and expensive to pay that much for a fun item.
The Nordstrom Racks price was 7 or 8 bucks (and these went on clearance) so I walked home with two. A gunmetal called Revolver and a hot pink called Woodstock. The packaging on a lot of these liquid liner confuses me: Apparently the larger and slightly longer part is the handle (not the container)...I spilled some of Woodstock when I opended it upside down. 
The brushes (not pokey felt tip) is much more user-friendly. They are gentle on the lashline and much easier to control. I can get a thin and even line without redrawing over. The formula is watery(texture, not sheer when it comes to intensity) but lasts a long timer once set...I just need to make sure it's applied on a clean and dry surface).
Revolver is an interesting shade for definition. So far it doesn't go with any of my eyeshadow and I don't like it by itself (I don't like using dark liner shades). Woodstock, in the other hand, it's a knockout.
It goes well with bronzy neutrals (Here is Lunasol Vivid Clear in Bronze Brown Collection) and purply-taupe. It's a nice pop of color for summer when you don't want to do the turquoise clinche (hey, I like this as well). 
Plus, it's thin enough that it doesn't occupy the entire lid space when I open my eyes. To think of it, I still prefer Lunasol palettes sans liner. 

Anyway. I think these are worth the few bucks and I won't mind some deep navy and taupe if I can get them cheap. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color in Caramel Solo

One of the (not really new but updated) functions of Google Blogspot is showing you the search terms people used to get to your blog. Last year, one term caught my eyes...Somebody got here by searching "L'Oreal Nude Vibratto" .

I did a double take and promptly checked out the line up of the Colour Riche Extraordinaire(which used plenty of randomly put-together names with musical terms). To my great relief, there is no such shade by L'Oreal and I don't think this blog will dabble into sex toys anytime soon. Sorry to dissapoint. You perv. 
Now back to lippie - Brown color was all the rage back in 2015 but most of the US offering were bold, thick and matte that I cannot wear (things that would ended up looking poopy on me...Oh wait did I used new dirty keywords? ).

Lunasol has a range of Chocolate-colored gloss that was hard to find and (if found)overpriced. To satisfiy my curiousity, I decided to look at US drugstores (I guess it's either Maybelline or L'Oreal now)...
Colour Riche Extraordinaire in Caramel Solo is a creamy medium deep brown that's slightly brick-reddish in tone. It's one of the few completely shimmer/glitter free shades in the range and I love it for that. 
The texture is creamy-gel that's more fluid, less tacky than Maybelline but pigmentations seems to be higher. The smell is fruity (sounds awfully repetitive but I can't describe the perception of a string of chemical) but pleasant enough for me. 
Caramel Solo does blend in with my own lip color so it turns a tad mauvy. The color looks dressy without giving too much impact. I like it for summer but I might enjoy it more when my tan fades a little in fall. 

Now summer is in full swing, I think I will pick up some bright orange and pink in the range. I hope it's 40% off sometime soon.
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