Friday, September 06, 2019

Dior Addict Lip Glow in Berry

Another overdue review from spring of 2017 - Since I am almost finished with the Dior lip glow in Lilac, I feel like the purchase was somewhat justified.
The shade Berry was added early 2017 (and the range just kept adding on new shades) 
Berry is a slightly muted wine with a bit of a bitten/vintage vibe. 
A sheer layer looks subtle and flattering and the thick balm formula is nourishing and perfect for winter. When it comes to plumping (by moisturizing) up lip lines and soaking up dead skin, the Dior Lip Glow is more effective than Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (admittedly it's also much more expensive). 
Well, the lovly vintage berry look lasts for 30 seconds...Quickly replaced by grandma magenta and it gets bolder the longer it's on. While the clown mouth is a little too much for work or play, I enjoy putting it on at home, the texture is just very comforting to put on. 
I got the Lip Glow Pomade around the same time. It's a lip cream with the same scent (but more playdoh like when it's in fluid form) and a gummy applicator. 
 I supposed the pomade can turn pink (the residue on the applicator turns pink after a  while) but it's barely noticeable on the lips. The pomade is soothing on the lip but nothing amazing to worth the high end price. 

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Lacquer in Caramel Infused

I don't know many years these Color Elixir lip lacquers are from (it seemed like five years?) but they are oldies and goodies. A few weeks ago I saw them at TJ maxx, it seemed like a good time to try it out. 
The applicator is precise and grabby and the formula of the Color Elixir is like a thicker (old version in square tube) take on Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss. I don't get it why all those nice gloss formula are all discontinued (actually I do, to cut competition and condition people into paying for more expensive brands), because 20, 30 bucks glosses currently in western market aren't any better. 
Caramel Infused is a rosy beige nude, there are some shimmer but they don't make the gloss thick or goopy- I am not sure if it's my skintone but it appeals a little pinker (less beige) on my skin.
The color is a bit lighter than my own lip color but still looks healthy and polished. As I am getting older, I am starting to appreciate these neutral as I don't have to think about coordinating the colors when I am throwing them (and Maybelline shades nowadays are quite garish). 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sephora Rouge Lacquer in CEO

I always think Sephora brands (aka mid range and highend brands sold there) are overpriced for their performance, Sephora's own house brand is a source of many hidden treasures: from brushes, eyeshadow to lipsticks. Well, today's review is for one of their lipsticks. This one is crap but I will review some budget gem later. 
Sephora Rouge Lacquer is supposedly a shiny sheer lipstick (and when western brands say sheer, it's usually clown bright with a slippy shine). The tube is a lightweight plastic with a button top, illustrating the color of lipstick. 
I got 13 CEO - A bright red coral (that's turns a garish hot pinky red) The lipstick is soft and breakable. The retail price is $13 (the Lip Stories lipsticks are $8 but has better quality).
On the lips, the color is neon bright and it has a thin slippy texture that goes on patchy. It would never be wearably sheer or even. There is also a bonus, it stains upon contact. Overall: While the lipstick tube doesn't look half bad, the product actually feels worse than the $1 Wet n Wild silk finish lipstick. 

Btw. This piece of crap has 4/5 rating on Sephora's site, kind of shows how edited the reviews are.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Decorte the Rouge High Gloss Lipstick in OR250

Back in spring 2018 - Another Japanese brand made its quiet entrance into the US market Cosme Decorte of Kose. Being a big fan of their Eye Glow Gem (having hoarded six by then), I was so excited that I actually went looking for it at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

For someone who hates shopping at department store, being at the Saks beauty counter is like naive tourists being in Kabukicho(Tokyo's red light district) for the very first time - You are getting judged, called, and xrayed by all those snobby sales people... Anyway (since two friends went with me) I survived and had some goodies to review. 
As Cosme Decorte enter international market - Their makeup line got rebranded as Decorté. It's a a nice change as the previous AQMW (Absolute Quality Miracle Wonder, I kid you not) is a little silly. What I didn't get is that they got rid of the beautifully designed butterfly tubes (by none other than Marcel Wanders) into this rubbery atrocity...It's a wavy rose gold cap on a gummy black tube (yup, dust magnet).
At least the detail of the box is kind of cute . I am guessing it could be a domain issue (maybe the Marcel Wander design can't be used outside Japan) because it would be counter productive for brand to switch to ugly packaging just to cater to western aesthetics. 

Speaking of catering to western taste. This Kate Moss palette was one of the western exclusive items for their debut.  I bet my lunch money that a boomer (out of touch) non-Japanese industry pro came up with this... *shudder* 
While I was swatching at the counter - I was drawn to a smoked brownish rose RO650 and asked to purchase that shade...When I opened the box a week later, I was greeted by this pale coral. Guess what, the lady either gave me the wrong shade by mistake or she grabbed similar sounding OR250 because RO650 wasn't available (the shade is still out of stock online right now). I was more than a little annoyed because it was too late to return and I couldn't prove that RO650 was indeed the shade I picked. Anyway, I will make damn sure to never buy from that lady again. (Her name is Deborah, you are welcome.)  

Similar incidents happened again at Anna Sui (I caught it a few minutes after stepping out) and Flowfushi popup store (at least the receipt shows the shade I wanted). I guess these beauty associates of Manhattan are just too important to do their own damned job.
(End of rant)
Back to the lipstick review - Decorte the Rouge OR250 is a peachy coral with a creamy opacity and a lacquer-like glide. Despite the apparent white base, the shade is rather wearable and flattering not to mention comfortable. The texture is smooth, glossy and a little creamy and I don't mind the rose scent. It's thinner compared to Suqqu but no less hydrating. If you don't mind the fugly packaging, these are much nicer than the +$35 ones at Sephora. 

I have been wanting some of their new summer shades but the gold dipped gym handles are really holding me back. 
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