Saturday, May 25, 2019

Bite Butter Cream Lipstick in Moka

Bite Butter Cream Lipstick has long been discontinued to make space for (texturally different) Amuse Bouche lipstick but  thanks to Marshalls, I was able to find this for just a few bucks. I have always enjoyed playing with the brands lippies (except for the two clown brights)but I guess I only love it enough to spend five bucks...
Anyway, the round tube has a lovely magnetic closure and a distinct look, much better than the vibrator version.
Moka is a deepened milky red brown with a creamy, opaque (but not white!) base. The formula is very comfortable and balm like.  The color (now) just dates back to 2015 a bit. I think I will be able to wear it slightly sheered out for summer.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Excel Lip Care Oil in LO04 Tomato Red

While I  consider Japanese drugstore makeup (as a whole) usually have very high quality (comparable to most pricier high end brands found at Sephora), Excel eyeshadow is something that feels as nice as Japanese high end.

 I always wanted to explore the brand and when I visit Japan last December, I got one of lippie on my first night there (being jetlagged and Don Quijote was right next door).  Since I had my DSRL with me (a mistake since it was so heavy and I used my phone camera most of the time), I managed a few glamour shots of my toys. 
Excel Lip Care Oil isn't the first of its kind but as soon as I wore it, it became one of my favorite oil gloss (alongside Beautymine and Flowfushi). The formula is scent free, smooth with slight oily feel but isn't sticky or slippy-oily. On the lip, the formula covers the mouth in an even layer, leaving shine that's slightly more subdued than conventional sticky gloss. 
LO (stands for Lip Oil) 04 Tomato Red is a reddish coral that's pigmented but not clownish. There isn't any glitter particle (if you see some in the swatch it was residue from previous swatch). It's a color that makes my skintone look very healthy. 
Of course, this is also a very calming and moisturizing formula that wears down into a softer balm. For the retail price of around 1600 yen, Excel lip care oil feels much nicer than Clarins lip oil ($26) and the color and wear actually feels as nice as Dior Gloss that's near 40 bucks. 

Overall: A must buy if you visit Japan. And as with Excel's eyeshadow, I just wish the color selection are more fun.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes in Night Lavender

The Juicy Pure Eyes is another fairly popular range from their line up, the brand usually comes up with one or two shades each year (the repetitive or unpopular shades would get sacked) and 10 was the new release for spring 2018. Being the lover of murky purple eyeshadow and cheap toys, it didn't hurt getting one. 
10 Night Lavender is an elegant and mysterious looking purple palette with a pinkish white allover shade, a clear purple taupe (that meant to be on top of the base) with a sheen and a plummy liner/ main lid shade. 
All three shades are very soft and powdery with ton of fly out but on the skin it looks relatively smooth. As expected with makeup in this price range (5-6 bucks), the packaging is slightly flimsy and the sponge applicator is utterly crap. To be fair a good sponge from Shiseido drugstore brands retails for 3 bucks if purchased separately. 
As you see here, the three shades all have a pink lean. Since mauve pink usually looks dirty on me, it's not a combo I go for. 
Since the main shade/biggest pan of Juicy Pure Eyes is a clear top coat , they are all lightly pigmented with (I have a few) a glossy finish. I like it with warmer or more skin-like shades, Night Lavender is just not my thing.
Overall. Meh but I will try it again later. It should be nice on very pale girl with bigger lid space.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Koji C-Tive Lip Gloss Tint in Azuki

If you are not familiar with the gazillion Japanese drugstore brands (no one is), C-Tive is one of the dozen brands under Koji. What kind of sets it apart is that it was curated and created by Jpop and Fashion idol (there are a gazillion of those as well) Ito Chiyaki and celebrity makeup artist Igari Shinobu (yup that hung over blush one). 

This brand is mainstream enough that it has a US distribuor and is available in various Asian supermarkets and beauty store. I got a red lip gloss (among other stuff) two years ago to play with. Because I could always use another sheer red gloss. 
01 Azuki is a sheer red with a bit of mulberry undertone. It reminds me of a Babypink lip gloss I had and love many many years ago. The applicator is a stiff sponge wand that's good at spreading this viscous formula. 
The texture of the gloss is nothing innovative (it feels more or less the same as Japanese glosses from mid 00s), viscous, kind of thick and sets to a delicious jelly like finish. Thick glosses like this are usually good at smoothing lip line and gradually wear down to balmy film. 
While the texture of C-tive is nothing new. The color is quite pleasant, a face brightening red that's not too bold. Since I got it 2 years ago, when I didn't realize Japanese tint means it stains upon contact. Welp, it takes less than 20 minutes for this red to go fully grandma magenta on me.

If it wasn't for the stain, I would totally get another one in orange or bright pink. 
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