Wednesday, July 01, 2020

NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake

Another NYX Butter Gloss (purchased four years ago) that I never got to review. 
Angel Food Cake is a neutral rose with a touch of mauve, it might be a mlbb shade for many people but it's a little pinker and sometime lighter than my own lip color. Anyway, I do like that their shade selection is less guady compared to most other drugstore brands.
Another thing to love about is that all Butter Gloss are completely free of shimmer. To me, shimmer not only look cheap a lot of time, it's also a cheating device as they thicken the gloss, making runny/slippy formula feel less sucky. 
Of course, it just looks brighter and pinker but still reasonably wearable. I don't like this but it's good for $5 (I bought it cheaper with coupon).

Monday, June 29, 2020

Three Lyrical Lip Bloom in 16 Diamond Meadow

I have been quite fond of Three these days - not only their color schemes are distinct, unique but super wearable. They also have those catchy poetic names that make you feel all cultured and stuff (ok minus that lipstick named "Taste of Freedom").
Three Lyrical Lip Bloom is described as a "raw, matte lip colour that blends into your facial expression with the help of spherical powder and oil base, giving no harsh line between lips and skin". Anyway, I totally get the harsh line part, a really fine distinct boundary looks dated and aging so does a  blurry one...A perfect lip color should sit where lips are (surprisingly many brand fucked up on this part).
16 Diamond Meadow is a nudy coral with a creamy opacity and very fine pearl. Probably not the shade I intentionally go for but the only one I found online (being almost half off).
As a lip product enthusiast (more like person who loads on a lot of glosses each time), I dig this huge paddle shaped applicator, not only it grabs enough product (for multiple arm swatch and my whole mouth)with enough to spare. The shape is also perfect for the runny, whipped cream like texture. No paint is out of place with this and I can achieve a precise yet natural outline that's clean, polished yet very natural. 
16 Diamond Meadow up close - It really is like a field of starry diamond carpeted in a creamy nudy coral base. 
On the lips, Three Lyrical Lip Bloom has an interesting texture - A very runny, flimy slippy whipped cream sort of consistency. It reminds me of Physicians Formula Happy Booster Lipstick and NYC Lip Gloss in Rose Kiss. Both Physicans Formula and NYC were pretty bad so I felt a little uneasy. To my surprise, Lip Bloom actually formed an even, very light weight (petal-like for sure!) and thin films that hugs the lips gently and  stays that way. It leaves a slightly dewy finish, zero white cast or milkiness (despites its opacity) that's totally performs up to its title. 

At the end, the effect ended up being very similar to their lipstick.  Overall, I didn't expected to like it but the execution of this formula is flawless. The whole brand just embodies the idea of grown up refinement, and that's totally my jam.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Girl with (Too Many) Pearl Earrings

Around end of 2015, thank to a certain Chinese bloggers (yup it's 蚊子雯子 again, the one who enabled me on many super wearable eyeshadow palettes) I started getting into pearl. Jade is my true love but unsual pearl (I don't really love the boring white pearl studs) are much easier to find in US. 

I like that pearl requires minimal post-harvest processing, comes in thousand of shades and shape and really complement skintone like no others. I have gotten a few (I also worked a lot during 2016 and needed the retail therapy). I grew out some of the style already but still got some pictures in my computer. 
First pair was a love at first sight from eBay seller Druzydesign (designed by Carolyn Ehret and shop operated by her son Nick). A pair of pear shaped tahitian pearl earrings with very strong green overtone and a gold vermeil posts (seriously the pearl's quality is worthy of solid gold finding).
Look at the purple orient at the bottom. I wouldn't say it's a "me" earrings but the natural beauty of the pair was something something. While I visited my family in China, I gave it to my cousin because I saw her eyes lit up when she saw the pair (in my plastic pill container). I robbed her of many stuff when I was young anyway so it was pay back time.

Anyway, it's nice that the green pearls actually suits her warmer skintone.

Purchased from Etsy. This is a pair of long dangle with two metallic keshi (a byproduct of pearl harvest, usually irregular and have insane luster because the nacre is super thick) tahitian pearl. It looks wonderful against dark hair and I got many compliments wearing it. Since the chain is gold plated...It had darkened significantly over the years. I might give it a face lift if I visit China. 
Another Etsy find - Peridot briolette, tiny freshwater pearl and oxidized silver dangle. It's way too tiny for my liking so I gave it to friend.
Handmade by me! Southsea white (which is my favorite type of white) pearl pair bought from Etsy, wrapped with vermeil wire then placed on 24k gold plated  silver hook. This is way too heavy so I never wore it out...
Another pair from Ehret Design. It might have something to do with climate change, all of the newer releases/pearl selection aren't nearly as good nowadays. 

This is a niche type of pearl. Sea of Cortez pearl (with a farm in Mexico) that's oftenly semi baroque (round pearls are boring anyway). They do come with various colors and a gray pair like this is usually somewhat cheaper.  The magic of Cortez pearl is the dreamy  rainbow overtone that changes depends on surrounding...You know how lipsticks usually look much cooler on me?  
This pair looks significantly more purple (with an obvious pink fuchsia sheen) on me. 
I got lots of compliments from coworkers and family members and wore it a lot...Like with many Ehret design items. This is made with vermeil finding that the hooks have darkened a lot over the years...
Silver pair by Kamoka pearl (a sustainable pearl farm) for gifting my cousin. Frankly, this is a big regret because the listing call it pink but the pink sheen is only there is I look super hard (otherwise it's just boring steel gray) and size is pretty darn uneven to me. 
From Etsy seller Joonijewely. Akoya pearl and silver wire.The pearl class isn't very high (not that lustrous) so it's not expensive. Akoya is the type of mussel that produces Akoya pearl, it doesn't equate "jewel grade" or quality so keep in mind when you shop. I gave them to my friend again.
The southsea pearl dangle is from KojimaPearl - one of my favorite Indie designers. Sarah Canizzaro, who is based in California, has a great taste for unsual pearls. This pair is slightly uneven and I grew out of the dangle earrings (they get in the way of work) but I can't get over how elegant and "exotic" this pair looks.
Undrilled Keshi pair (I think I got ripped off)...
Last but not least (for today) - A pair of peachy freshwater pearl stud with pink overtone! Found in a wholesaler at my grandparents town. All for 10yuan. That's 1.3 USD. You don't need to pay a fortune for natural beauty like this. 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Spy and the City - Milani Fruit Fetish, Maybelline Lifter Gloss, Wet n Wild Jungle

After three month of self quarantine (I was still going to work which is close by), on Thursday I couldn't take it any more and decided to look for food in the city. Of course my first stop was CVS (to print out some coupon scarf and get cash back)...

After a quick browse. I realized that apparently it takes a recession for drugstore makeup to be good...
First display I spotted was Milani Fruit Fetish Tinted lip balms...
For the first time, I am wanting multiple items from the collection. 
Strawberry Lemonade looks cute...
I want the mango too! Aside from Tinted lip balm, there are also colorful liquid liners and fruity setting spray. The lip balm were $8.99 (made in USA) so I will wait till next week when I have a good coupon. 
Milani's core lineup lipgloss looks a little boring though
More  lip gloss!
A full display of Wet n Wild Jungle Collection!
That purple gloss is so dreamy!
This is what I was here for! CVS has its own exclusive shades of Maybelline Lifter Gloss. 015 Sand looks really nice but I went with 014 since it's free of shimmer. 
The whole display - Topaz is really similar to Fenty Glow Gloss Bomb (just at a glance) but I would focus on CVS exclusive shades first. Those are 9.99 a piece (expensive and I can't use 4-off-20 Maybelline coupon on those).
Coffee scented lip color! (This was Duane Reade)
Lip Color Set by Physicians Formula
New Fluid Shimmer Eyeshadow by LOreal - I am liking Amethyst Quartz so far. 
These just look too similar to Maybelline ones.
Colour Riche sheer lip balm 
Intuition Hello Kitty Razor
Burts Bees matte stick (only 5 bucks each) - According to reddit, this is the textural dupe for Glossier Generation G.
Black Radiance Cheek Stick
Black Radiance Metallic Lip Lacquer - The burnt Orange and a hot pink (opened by some asshole) look really cool and wearable. 
4.59 is pretty affordable but I will wait for a sale next time. 
Cover Girl has eyeshadow sticks. Palettes look boring though. 
The Saem actually closed down before covid...
What I stopped quarantine for...Zongzi. Flushing main Street also have old couple selling it on the Street but those are more expensive than Manhattan ones. I shall go back to this couple if they are here tomorrow.
My mini haul from CVS - That sticker was a nightmare to take off. I scratched it off bit by bit but the residue is still there.
Soho is still mostly closed walking pass by is still relaxing
Lots of interesting graffiti While I walked back up to midtown. I loved doing long walk back up (I used to walk round trips from Central Park to Chinatown then back...Back then the cheap shoes quality were good enough for those).
I missed the first Manhattan henge but I think there is another one happening soon?
Golden Sunset from yesterday