Saturday, October 10, 2015

Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow in Moss Green

I don't consider makeup a necessity. It's more like toys that give me fun and joy whenever I need them. In situations that I absolutley have to put on makeup (like interview), I would play it safe and only use three products. The first one being a sheer lip balm/gloss/tint (not for color but just so that I don't bite/peel my lips), second item being concealer (to hide OCD picking) and brow color (to hide bald patches from pulling). Now you know, I don't take stress very well and I do value an intact pair of brows highly, even thought I don't talk about them that often.
"Look there is a patch of moss, must take picture of the Suqqu brow powder here" - Says nobody ever.
 It has been a few years since I was last crazy about brow product. Even though the Paul & Joe Brow Powder served me well, I became a little sick of using the same product (actually I don't use brow tint unless I just had a tweezing/shaving mishap) all the time. Especially I had to dig it with that coarse little plastic brush. I could technically start the hunt allover with several drugstore ones but I just skipped ahead to Suqqu. Anyway, brow powder usually lasts forever and more importantly, my shoebox-sized apartment can't take more craps that I buy and only use once (for the blog)...
  The Balancing  Eyebrow has that shiny black packaging that's slightly smaller and more squarish than the eyeshadow quad. It's quite solid, well weighted and a fingerprint/dust magnet. I was having too my fun with it during the photo session.
 To my knowledge, Balancing Brow 01 Moss Green is designed for Asians with naturally dark hair (while 02 Brown appears to be lighter and warmer).  A green tinged brow color isn't exactly a novel idea (because the Paul & Joe one contains an dark olive brown). In a way, they are like the ink/sumi in Asian watercolor and caligraphy, black but with a green tinge in thinner strokes. No details on color theory here but just take my words "It goes with black/dark hair, okay?" .
That's how the Balacing Eyebrow also called 眉墨(brow+ink).  There are three pans in the compact: Reddish brown taupe, green tinged gray taupe and a bigger pan in tan, The tan shade serves as the contouring shade for sides of nose while the brow tints each provides a balance between warmth and coolness in tone.

Both brow tints pans are very finely milled, tightly packed while remaining easy to grab with the attached brow brush. The shading pan is not much darker than my skintone and seems too subtle (when I used the fluffy brush that came with the compact) so I use it to blend out the strokes instead of as contour.
The two brushes that came with the compact are both well-made and highly practical (I actually use them!). The small slanted brush (badger?) is great at making small strokes to fill the gaps and it's still pretty quick at filling the whole brows. The large one (my guess is squirrel and goat or horse blend) is fluffy so it doesn't really pick up the contour shade...But it's nice though.
Swatch of Paul & Joe Brow Powder 02  with Suqqu Moss Green. 
Bare brow for comparison - my brows are thick(I mean the width not the fullness) and not really sparse. There is occasionally bald patches from stress pulling and grooming mishap (and I need to be really attentive of the unibrow, but that's a whole different story).
Suqqu Moss Green is an excellent match for my brow stats - All it manages to do is making my brow look naturally fuller and defined. No shadow hiding underneath, no waxy residue or skid mark. On days I am too lazy to blend the eyeshadow, I just tint my  brow, slapped on some lipstick (also from Suqqu. The texture is meh but it's too bloody easy to throw on that I couldn't stop reaching for it) and feel quite polished but not overdone.

Verdict: Will totally repurchase (in five years?).

Covergirl Star War Collection

Spotted at Rite Aid - Covergirl Star War Collection that's divided into Mystic and Stormtropper sides
 Light Side Mascara and Violet Ink eyeliner
Eyeshadow Quad Va Va Violet, a pale lilac lipstick and a duo chrome nail color
Eyeshadow, Star War lipstick (can't see the name) and the nail color is probably Snow Storm
Another eyeliner and Mascara

Friday, October 09, 2015

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color

Spotted at Rite Aid - Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color 
HD Temptation(the most tempting shade to me), Love, Seduction

Devotion, Obsession and Addiction. The packaging (despite the vibrator resemblance) feels rather nice and sleek. I will probably pick one up just to see how it goes, even though I don't tend to reach for bold matte shade for everyday wear.
Another Colorstay display with duo packs
Eyeliner and brow pen
Colorstay Overtime lip color with free gloss stain (I never tried that range since it's release last summer).
More Colorstay eyeliners.

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon and More Japanese Stuff at TJ Maxx

Spotted at Rite Aid - Burts Bees creamy matte lip crayons.
Sedona Sands, Redwood Forest, Niagara Overlook
Carolina Coast, Hawaiian Smolder and Napa Vineyard
And look at what I found at Tjmaxx! Beside the B &C lab Collage-Rose mask (which is an ivernight/massage mask that I have two tubs myself)there are Ichikami haircare $11 (bought the shampoo myself) and Oshima Tsubaki oil (priced at $14). Wouldn't it be so nice if they keep stocking them? Well, I guess there is always Mitsuwa...

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