Sunday, September 23, 2018

Integrate Triple Recipe Eyes in PK704

Back in fall 2016. Integrate went through a complete brand revamp, everything was changed from product line up, spoke models and packaging. It saddened me a little knowing that Integrate would now be the preferred child from Shiseido, one getting all attention (meanwhile I kept on waiting for new Majolica Majorca release).

A new line of eyeshadow came out then, replacing all previous mirror compact ones.  The new red compact is light weight, mod-looking and thankfully less scratch-prone. The heart design is adorable and deep enough that you get many wears before destroying whole pattern. There are five shades available and while the warm apricot brown was more popular (and sold out while I looked), I got the warm pink.
On the right there is a white (with faint pink base) and a glitter top coat. On the left panel there are three main shadow shades. Peachy pink beige, coral pink lid shade and a velvet brow with pink sheen. The three shade have different degrees of sparkle/shine so you can adjust how shiny/muted you want the whole look by a little. When I layers all five shades together, the whole look is glowy and clear. 
Compared to other Integrate palettes, the Triple Recipe Eyes is more pigmented, smoother, less coarse/dry (but it's not as soft and melty like Visee) and the liner shade is surprisingly rich. 

In the other hand, the new black sponge applicator is porous and way worse than the previous plush white ones. When I use the sponge, the shadow actually felt like smooth sand. The improvement in powder texture was completely overturned by the crappy sponge tip.

Ok, I do have lot of brushes around but I actually find the sponges more practical for the palettes they are accompanying, they are usually smooth (urgh not this) and grabs a good deal of powder without fallout. 
PK704 all shades applied in gradation. Overall the texture is good but nothing out of ordinary (there are many drugstore palettes that feel much more expensive than they cost, this one doesn't)  and the whole color scheme is too similar to Pure Big Eyes in PK333 , just more opaque. Frankly I prefer the sheer and dreamy finish of Pure Big Eyes, even with the dry texture.
But that eyeliner shade is neat though, look how intense it is. I thought this range is not a must have...Until I saw this image from @cosme Instagram (limited shade for this fall)...
Must hunt them down...

See, this is why I can never go on a no-buy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

msh Lover Liner - The Eyeliner that Never Fails

As someone with hooded lids and tiniest lid space, I stay away from most conventional eyeliner as they make my eyes smaller and cover all eyeshadow. However, I have a soft spot for colored eyeliner as they are less harsh on the eyes and much more fun to collect. I started noticing msh Loveliner last year, when it won several award and lots of Chinese logger were talking about it on weibo. When I saw the beautiful, pen-like metal bodies, I knew it was time to collect a few. 

All of the colors were 2017's limited collection. The entire line got a mini revamp last fall and this year they got a new round of colorful shades (most are similar to last year's release). 

Each liner retail for around 1600 yens, 20 bucks when it crosses the Ocean and landed on east coast. The line was popular enough to be stock on some beauty store in New York (Everyday Beauty Lab and Ume Cosme), I caught a sale last Independence Day so I scored them 20% off (same price as Japanese retail). They come with illustrated boxes with the big cosme award sticker and their slogan "the eyeliner that never fails".
The liners have somewhat somewhat hefty bodies (weightier than ballpoint pen but not too heavy that you can build muscle with it) that feels really nice on the hand. 

For the three cool tones, Khaki Black is a Stylish blackened navy. Moss Mint is a deep Cleopatra kind of teal. Aqua Blue is a bright aqua without shimmer (it's a nice pop of color that's less neon than the blue liners from western brands).
Warm tones - Pink Brown is a watery warm pink (warmer take of Moteliner Cherry Cheek). Burgundy Brown is slightly muted burgundy (with an earthy instead of jewel base). Noble Brown is a gentle sepia. While the arm swatch look sheered out (I applied pressure to the brush tip), finer lines on the eyes are much more concentrated.
Aqua Blue with Majolica BE300
Khaki Black with Majolica BE700 (my favorite/most used eyeshadow palette). This one is a bit too dark that it would be nice if you want a non boring black. On me it does what black liners do: making my eyes smaller.
Aside from the beautiful packaging, all of them are just juicy enough (with better flow than moteliner), very easy to control. The wear is something I haven't experienced before. Not only they are splash proof, sweat proof and withstand oils on lid (the last two years have been too humid and hot), they are a breeze to remove at the end of the day. All I need is warm water and gentle face wash.  

I remember when I wore similar bright liner from Stila or Milani, they both took so much rubbing and still leave a blue stain for another day that day of fun became longer commitment. Now I am not looking back. 
Noble Brown (previously permanent, not gone), Pink Brown and Burgundy Brown.
Noble Brown with some random...Majolica palette again (it was after a few hours and a nap)
So for a brown liner it's actually wearable for me. I still prefer a softer brown though.
On a side note, the Love Liner has exactly same packaging/dimension as the Physician Lash Booster eyeliner (which is also made in Japan), I think they might be manufactured at the same facility.  Physicians Formula is more affordable and easier to find but msh have colors that's better edited.
Burgundy Brown with Nars Lahsa and maybe Shiseido brow powder as it looks suspiciously bushy. 
One reason it took me so long to review all of them was that I need to wear most of the shade out and remember to photograph the look)...Later on I had to dig out the old pictures from memory card, among other stuff (actually my camera is mostly makeup while I use phone for everything else).

Pink Brown is the only semi sheer one and it would serve as a cute accent for lighter beige makeup. Using it on bare lid kind of look like a mild infection. Lastly, the group shot. I love the range enough to have gotten this many (I only buy 1-2 at a time).
Sorry, misspelled noble (You will not get Nobel price wearing that liner, but you will look sharp)

Friday, September 14, 2018

Majolica Majorca Majolook Illuminator Eyeshadow BE300

Well, you know my never ending love for Majolica Majorca(if you don't, I like getting every seasonal MJ palette). When the princess brand released its summer 2016 collection, I knew I had to get the orange brown one because burnt orange was all the rage (and I am a shameless trend follower).  The two limited edition palettes were inspired by seaside carnival. If I remember it correctly, the warm one BE300 is named something along the line of "setting sun light reflecting off  beach sand" (MJ removed their past collection and that made me really sad) while the cooler taupe one is the moonlight equivalent. 
The top of a palette is a slippy cream base that I never use. It doesn't really help the wear (in my case) and can get messy when the powder land on top. 
The left is a golden beige that serves as highlight, allover wash or glossy top coat. The main shade is a seemly metallic (bit it's not) burnt orange that looks satin on the skin. The glow is so subtle that it actually functions like a smooth matte with a bit of dimension. 
The liner is a warm orange based brown with small glimmer. On the eyes, this also pull a little satin matte. While all three shades look sparkly under sun, the overall look it's not as impactful but very much office-friendly. 
The texture of the shadow is also quite nice (as good as most 1500 yen palettes and imo comparable to higher end powder shadow sold in US). 
BE300 has a wearable colors and fairly good texture but overall burnt orange is so overdone that this is just one of the many. I will wear it again but it's nothing that special. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Opera Lip Tint in 02 Pink

02 Pink is one of the three Opera Lip Tints I bought last summer. From what I have tried, the texture has been consistent across three shades, they are smooth oil kind of glossy, nothing thick or greasy and the shiny finish is quite tasteful.
02 Pink is a nude pink that's smooth, somewhat grown up (not in a dated way). It got a bit of creaminess that blends away like a rosy milk tea, slightly opaque without the dreaded chalky white base. 
I really loved this shade for the first 30 seconds it was applied...Then you know how it went: It took one minute to turn bright pink then 10 mins later. It's grandma magenta again...
At least I can sort of wear it when I am not too tanned. I suppose I will only go for really warm shades from this range (before that I still have a pink-red to review).
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