Friday, March 24, 2017

SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick in EX-02 Kanbotan

Isn't the sight beautiful? The sight of a pristine lipstick emerging from the glossy tube. Since it had been a while (Ok, just a year) since I last seen something like this, I decided it was time to get another of the glossy black. I know I would be using it because when I spend big buck on lipsticks, I make damn sure use it before it goes bad. 

Suqqu Creamy Glow is their range of highly pigmented, thin but lacquer-like lipstick range that has been discontinued in Japan from a while. The line remained available at UK and last winter, the released three limited edition shades for their UK exclusive collection.
EX-02 Kanbotan (there was a pre-2010 palette with this name) is a creamy hot pink free of shimmer.
I was having so much fun snapping the afternoon away...And I dropped the lipstick, head down.
"Kanbotan in yo face!" (Don't worry, I just screwed it back up and blew off the snow).
Arm swatch - see that little glow?
Compared my two beloved hot pinks Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet (cool, clear and with purple pearls) and Sweet Tart (cream-jelly and not too bright). Kanbotan is deeper and creamier, it's not grandma mauve but it's heading there.
If the same super pigmented, slippy butter-on-hot pan formula was used for this color, there would be no way for me to wear it. Luckily, they tweaked the formula so that it's slightly less intense, a tad more balmy and with a little translucence added. The formula is much easier to apply yet feels lightweight and comfortable. 

While I enjoy the newer formula, the color didn't click with me (I still felt the need to wipe it off before heading out), there is some "Estee Lauder"  auntie quality about it that just makes it more aging than the other hot pinks. I might be able to pull it off with my summer tan though.  As I say, I will make damn sure to use these pricey ones.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Koji Curving Eyelash Curler

To celebrate the arrival of spring, I dug out more pictures from 2015. Yay for digital spring cleaning!

While I was stalking upcoming spring collections, I noticed Koji recently released a limited Cherry Blossom edition of the curving curler. From the picture I have seen, you get pink rubber pad with it (maybe the case is pink as well).  The original has been around for a few years already and that's what I am reviewing today. 
Koji Curving Curler (next to the regular Koji curler) is one that's design to fit Japanese women's eyeball-curve (ain't Japanese, still hoard) and to open up lashes radially. 
It has a bigger and flatter frame that's directed more outward. It curves well and barely pinches the lids, although the rubber pad isn't as firm to provide a tighter crimp. 
The whole curler feels solid (and looks a bit like Suqqu). The best part is that Koji is quite generous with refill pads, I think you get three with this model?
 The most helpful freebie was actually the case, something that make it somewhat travel-friendly and will save it if you decided to sit on it...

Here is how it works (as much as I could get out of it) with Majolica Majorca Lash Bone. It's a nice one to have around but it doesn't stop my curiosity for other brands.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Matte Lipstick 104

Rimmel have gotten a pretty solid range of matte lipstick, before matte lips became full blown popular. When I wanted to try the Only One Lipstick (full coverage lipstick that claims to do everything), I decided to get another filler (it was like 5 dollar worth of point back with 16 dollars purchase) that was technically free. 
I got another Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick. 
104 is a smoked rose. The matte formula of Rimmel can be somewhat sitting-on-top kind of slippy but it also happens to be one of the more comfortable and lipline friendly options out there. 
Of course, a rose is not rose if it doesn't turn mauve. Anyway, I think the lasting finish matte is better than The Only One and regular Lasting Finish so 104 has gained a secured spot in my Cold Palace (lipsticks I don't see myself wearing but can't bring myself to toss). It will be awaiting the day when I suddenly like muted tone or the day my lip color turns warm...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lunasol Tender Clear Eyes in 03 Stylish Ballet

Tender Clear Eyes was Lunasol's eyeshadow release for spring 2015, part of a collection inspired by the graceful postures of ballerinas. It wasn't all that popular as Lunasol has lost quite a bit of its buzz by then, thank to competition from other highend brands like Addiction, Suqqu and Three. 

Being a budding fan with growing (exploding?) collection of Lunasol palettes, I decided to get 03 Stylish Ballet, as the color theme somehow reminds me of the pale-green one from the long discontinued Layer Bloom eyes(I later managed to hunt that one down, thanks to Taobao).
Stylish Ballet has a warm white base, a clear green blending color, gray green lid shade and soft satiny brown liner. If you are fan of Lunasol softly glimmering, clear gloss or metallic (yet very work friendly) finishes, be warned that the Tender Clear Eyes is nothing like them.
With the exception of the upper left clear green. The rest aren't exactly shimmery or satiny. They apply like soft matte but has multi-colored bits and a level translucence to them. The best I could think of is chiffon.

As for the texture, it's seems like a higher percentage of talc (usually the main ingredient of eyeshadow anyway) was used that it has a unusually soft touch that feels like baby powder. The result is a bit of powdery pastel feel on the lids, even though the shadow itself is finely milled and smooth.

As a result of the powdery texture and similar finishes among four shades. It's easy to either disturb what's already applied or turn everthing muddy while I am layering the four. 
Although the kind of texture isn't what I am used to. I was surprised that I enjoy wearing this palette. The grayish green happens to be green enough but still wearable. It's deep enough to define but it still brightens up eye color without looking like a cakey pastel. As for the pickled brown liner shade, it pulls everything together and makes eyes look brighter.
Stylish Ballet quickly thrown together. I should have ditched the clear green (which dusted away some of the main green gray) and just blend with tiny bit of warm white.
The palette is far from ideal but it's something I will reach for again. Normally I play with eyeshadow after work and I would remove them before heading out...I didn't want to remove it at all. 
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