Saturday, January 25, 2020

Lip Essence Galore - Majolica Majorca, Canmake, Lucas Paw Paw and Ettusais

Lip balm is the kind of like rubber hair tie (well they don't disappear into nowhere), I can always use another tube. I personally prefer liquid balm/essence as they feel thicker and more comforting with nice shine. Here are some squeeze tube lip essence I have gotten in the last 3 years. 
Majolica Majorca Honey Plump lip gloss is the only glossy essence in the range (I haven't tried their gloss so I don't know how they compare). The texture is only mildly viscous, runnier than most clear gloss I have tried. 
It's lightly moisturizing without obnoxious sweet scent. It's a decent formula for the price (500yen) and can be used as stand by lip rescue (when I can't find other thicker treatment).  The tube is tiny so it will be used up quickly, the formula isn't anything special. 
Lucas Paw Paw Ointment is a multi balm (the small tube has a slanted tip that's easy on the lips). It's moderately quenching and soothing and rather affordable for this tube. 
The gel is easy to squeeze but not too runny. I can get a big glob and cover my lips in a thick layer. I didn't see magical effect but the fermented papaya is indeed gentle (no weird smell or taste) while getting its job done.  It's not bad having it around but overall pretty average.
Canmake Day and Night lip serum is a runny milky gel that works like a lotiony mask on the lips. 
The formula is both nourishing and hydrating (and maybe more potent than many 500 yen lip essence).
There is a little opacity to it but I don't mind it. Since I had this tube for 3 years, it's smelling weird already. It's pretty nifty but I think it might be discontinued.
I reviewed the red one three years ago so it will be short - Canmake Melty Smooth Oil Gloss is an oil gel hybrid gloss that's moisturizing, comfortable and flattering. 
Even though this is the kind of color changing pink that turns brighter - The pigment is low enough that it doesn't turn magenta. The glossy finish is jelly but non gunky, this tiny 4.5 g tube will be finished quickly before it goes bad.  (I would have prefer a clear one just to be used overnight). 
Lastly, my favorite one of the bunch -Ettusais Lip Essence was released almost a decade ago and has been winning many magazine prize. It was so popular that every year, there were multiple limited edition collaborations...I jumped into the bandwagon one year too late (I remember seeing snoopy tubes last winter but nada for 2019) so I only have the regular tube. 
I grabbed one of the Deep Moist version during my recent trip (who needs to pack lip balm when you are in a beauty product wonderland aka Japan) as my lips were bleeding and peeling. All it took was a few hours for me to convert. 

The scent free, spf18 PA++ lip essence has a rich (but easy to squeeze and spread) "hyper gloss oil" formula that's deeply moisturizing. Not only it gets rid of bleeding mouth, dead skin overnight, it also plumps lips from within. Unlike many western lip products that plumps, ettusais gives no numbing or tickling sensation. 

The formula heals so well that it still works (leaving me with baby lips) for a few hours after it's wiped off. This is by far the best lip treatment I have ever used and consider it's only 1200 yen for 10g (same unit price as the Canmake oil gloss), there is nothing to complain about. 
(This is a hasty picture after some tacky peripera lip tint that won't come off, the essence is untinted). Where have you been all my life? 

I will make sure to hoard half a dozen whenever I visit Japan (hopefully they will roll back though Disney or Sanrio packaging).

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Rimmel Chocolate Sweet Eyes in 015 Strawberry Chocolate

The grass is always greener on the other side of the pond - The saying is especially true when it comes to makeup in Japan. Just look how much harder western brands try (Revlon, Rimmel and L'Oreal all have their Japanese exclusive that's actually competitive in their market). Known for its chalky eyeshadow and tacky colored liners, Rimmel Japan has a whole different brands in Japan that targets the "Cool Girls".  Well, many or their Japanese products are manufactured by Kose so they know what they are doing. 
The Chocolate Sweet Eyes is one of their key items - The range has palette with various neutral tones (brownish) and each pan is scented and shaped like chocolate. There were many shades available and I was exercising restrain while I was in Japan...As soon as I came back, I decided I need one my life...
015 Strawberry Chocolate is one of the more popular shades, not only it was easy to find on ebay, this is also the shades Rimmel pick when ever it releases limited edition packaging. The palette is a light rose gold that kind of reminds me of Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes in Pink Beige Collection (Lunasol has better texture and has more rose gold) but a little pinker. 
The three lid shades are 1. pinkish white base. 2.Metallic golden pink (main lid shade) 3. brown with golden pink undertone. The liner is a dry brown and highlighter is a clear rose gold glitter. The texture is somewhat dry and prone to fly out that I need to layer carefully, make sure I don't over blend and turn things muddy.
Taken back in summer (I was really sweaty so the application seemed blotchy). The texture of the Chocolate Sweet Eyes is fair, if a little powdery, it's good enough but I prefer Visee. Overall the feel is light and glossy, perfect for summer. I don't reach for it during winter because we don't have much day light...Looking at the State of the pans, I like it enough to have worn it for five or more times. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Cezanne Color Tint Lips in CT3 and CT4

Hello friends, how is the weather at your place? We are having a weirdly warm weekend (around 70s/ 20 Celsius). To cool down a little, let me dig out some goodies from last year. Well, one year is actually a pretty good turnaround time in my book (the downside is that the "trendy products or shades are no longer relevant).  

Looking at the makeup trends in Japan, 2019 was a year for indie, smaller brands : Big conglomerates like Shiseido, Kose and Kanebo started to get boring and repetitive with their counter and drugstore brands (Even the edgy Addiction lost its creator Ayako). In the other hand, newer brands like Whomee, Celvoke and Three (not new but it doesn't share the same style of other department store brands).

 Cezanne, the super budget lines is doing its own thing, releasing just a few items each season. The items are just a few bucks each (same price as fast food meal) but they all have good reputation.
The Color Tint lips is a range of liquid lip color that seemed relatively popular (at least there was always some sold out shades in store). I grabbed two during my first trip to Tokyo.
CT3 is a mauve red with that is intense like lipstick. The texture is like a heavier water. Not at all drying like Korean lip tint or vinyl (like American lip lacquer).
I have no idea why I got the shade but looking back a year later...Yup this is an auntie mauve. Actually I found it less dated (and potentially more chic burgundy if my lip color isn't so purple to start with).
The Cezanne color tint lip leaves an even allover tint if I wipe off the gloss but it's not super hard to remove with soapy water.
CT4 was the newer release back in late 2018...The trendy burnt pumpkin is (was?) on trend and admittedly already outdated.
After blotting, there is an allover light stain that doesn't further dry out my lips. Apparently I didn't make the connection that "lip tint" means long lasting stain but luckily no magenta stain. I think these are pretty good products to add bold color and a bit of shine. For the price (even after the international markup), it's great item to toss into bag. Not a must have though.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Sunday Riley Luna Retinol Sleeping Oil

If you are somewhat in touch with beauty news, you might have heard of the scandal with Sunday Riley (an ex employee dished out that they were required to make fake accounts and put out positive reviews for their products, as the CEO ordered personally). 

I was surprised that this even made news at all because I assume Sephora (and online communities) are full of shills, r/Asianbeauty now feels like it's 70% brand related shill/attention ho and 30% real user...I guess I have visited reddit enough times to finally get fed up with the hype: Perfectly mediocre brands got mentioned over and over as if it's some kind of innovation (I have gotten some brands in my black list but will keep the rant for later).
Sunday Riley Luna is one of their star products. The night time skincare oil has some retinol to refine rejuvenate skin while you sleep. I got it as gift with purchase back in 2018 and have been enjoying it as a travel moisturizer. The oil has an indigo tint and a weird but tolerable licorice smell. 

The texture is quite typical of oil, light and mildly tacky (less so than rosehip) and works well as early winter moisturizer. I started using it on my first trip to Japan that I always associate it with the red maple leaves by the train station (the product pictures here) and me circling around the area (I was lost).

 I do notice some evening of skintone (not much for hyperpigmentation but for redness) and texture (it gets rid of flakey skin and small bump from irritation). I did not experience any irritation with retinol but it could be due to its low concentration. Overall it was pleasant to use but I didn't really have the need for a full sized tube. I suppose for a nightly treatment I can stick with, I need something that's more noticeable (rosehip) or more pleasant to use (Jurliqu** I am not spelling the brand name as I hate getting spammed by their PR). 
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