Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wet n Wild Lip Gloss in Wined and Dined

Wet n Wild revamped (well, everything) their range of lip gloss this spring. I noticed an interesting shade so I picked it up (it's a little over a dollar so I think I am better off not eating that bag of Dorritos).
Wine and Dine is a creamy wine with a slightest touch of rosy brown. The texture is gel-cream with a bit of plastic (just the smell). On the lips (turned a bit magenta again haha)it's actually quite flattering and wearable.
Overall it's nice but there isn't really a point getting it either. It's just not amazingly unique or pleasurable to use so save your pennies for fries might just be wise.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in Flora

Back in winter I was a little bored with all the palettes(more like my skin was so ashy-sallow that most shades look like mud on me), I diverted my attention to lipsticks instead. I liked Shiseido Tender Sheer so I reckon I can order another on Amazon.
This is a newer packaging for the Tender Sheer (old version is glossy brown black with silver interior). I like it quite a bit, it's nice to hold without collecting a bunch of fingerprints, oil or sweat. On the lipstick bullet there is Shiseido, Tokyo, Ginza, which is nicely located as it will stay till the very end (of lipstick).
RD205 is a sheer coral red with golden shimmer. The texture is light and glossy. It's easy to slip on but not too slippery that it travels outside of my mouth.
Maquillage PK372, Flora and Maybelline (not even close but I tried) Orange Attitude. The sheer red seeps onto my skin on my arm (because my arm is lighter) but not on lips.
On the lips, Flora is sheer, brightening and rather easy to wear (ok with bare face). I can feel the small gritty glitter but it's not bothersome. 

Overall: It behaves the way a highend (it's in the 25-dollar range and often cheaper on Amazon) so I am pretty happy with it. The qualify is same (formula isn't comparable)as YSL sheers but I guess sometime you just want to pay 10 bucks more for a fancier tube.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Aritaum Mono Eyes in City Nomad and Fancy Lavender

Beside the huge (to me, as there are more than 30 shades) range of Shine Fix Eyes, Aritaum has an even more extensive powder eyeshadow range called Mono Eyes. These are affordable (the marked up price is around 5-6 bucks) , comes in various finishes and quite overwhelming. The two are fillers I got when I ordered the Shine Fix Eyes (because I cannot handle the super long shipping time) .

Packaging is simple flimsy plastic with clear lid. They are bulky but can be depotted into a custom (oftenly in cute design) Aritaum palette. The two colors I got are 123 City Nomad and 99 Fancy Lavender. Among the 100+, there is one called Happy Cock... I didn't get it because I don't want to get caught Googling that on my browser history (somehow writing the phrase on my blog is ok?).
123 City Nomad is one of the duo-chrome pomegranate I kept on buying and buying. This one is semi sheer with weak lilac-teal glitter. On my eyes, it's a weaker take on the Aritaum Misty Pink (which isn't all that flattering due to it's bruise-like tone with the abundance of glitter). So, I guess if you like that sultry (infectious) lid look with less glitter, this is for you.
Topshop Wax and Wane, elf Soiree, Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes No.24 Misty Pink and Aritaum City Nomad
No. 99 Fancy Lavender? You call that fancy? To me, it's a boring pearly lavender that somewhat reminds me of  the Shiseido trio in Bouquet (I would call Bouquet my least Japanese palette but since it's brain-powered by Dick Page, it's merely a Japan-made palette). It's wearable enough but a little dated for my liking.
Anyway, even though there is no clear, see-through finish and rainbow glimmer. The texture is nice and smooth and the pigmentation is great. Well, since I either wear something or I don't (latter for this case)so I don't like them even the quality is decent. 

 I think these are great if you have the whole display in front of you to eye ball (if you do, let me know what does Happy Cock looks like) otherwise it's too much hazzle to order them blind (as far as I know, a lot Korean beauty blogs have swatches that are oftenly beautiful to look at but not very true to life).

P.S. I currently am taking vacation in a land of no Google (blogger), Yahoo, Facebook etc. Comment (if there is any) will be replied after May 30th. I will try to finish up as many reviews as I can while I am waiting in the airport....This is the one time I wish I complain a little less.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Essie Going Guru Resort 2016 Trend Collection

Spotted at Rite Aid, Essie Going Guru Resort 2016 collection.
Nama Stay the Night, Going Guru, Delhi Dance and Taj-ma Haul

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