Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Palladio Makeup Display - Matte Blush, Bronzer, Herbal Mascara and More

Palladio has been around in the drugstore for quite a sometime (at least a few years?). I think I only started noticing the brand when I heard about the matte blush on Will Work for Makeup and I am glad they have lighter/cooler shades (Oh, wait...I think she mentioned the lighter shades are a bit chalky). They are normally 6.99 and sometime goes on sale, for a dollar cheaper.
Since I snapped the picture for the blush, I decided to look around. The display is actually pretty extensive.
Liquid Eyeliner and Tinted Lip Balm
Herbal Lip Gloss, Lip crayon
Lip Lacquer, High Intensity Lip Balm
Mosaic and Baked Blush
Baked Blush and Eyeshadow
Blotting paper that are actually tinted
Herbal Mascara - 4D Boost, MaxxLash, Curl Rule and Aqua Force.

Real Technique Nic's Picks & Japonesque Brush + Tool

Spotted at ULTA - Real Techniques limited edition Nic's Picks brush st
The normal (permanent) sets 
Ecotools Mini Essentials Kit
A UBU brush head - Must be great for dusting keyboard
Japonesque also has a small Essential Brush Set
Probably not new - the two version of their eyelash curlers (made in Japan) Ergo Grip and Power Curl
Ulta exclusive Pro Eyelash Curler with a charm (removable of course) but at 24 bucks, I think I would rather go for Anna Sui or Jill Stuart for the pretty factor.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Napoleon Perdis NP Set Lip Balm with Benefits - Capri

A few months ago, I saw this NP Set Lip Balm with Benefits on clearance for 3 bucks (it's normally priced at $10) so I decided to give it a try. I reckon the product can't be too old (as I only started seeing it fall 2013) and I can't say no to anything juicy and jelly-like.
For each tub, there is 3.6g of product in a simple clear container and white cap...The packaging quality is pretty decent. The balm is Made in China...Which shouldn't bother me much (because so am I), but when I buy something China-made, I expect them to have a lower price point. (NP product is usually a bit more than Revlon).
Capris, Revlon Candy Apple Lip Butter, MAC Crosswir. Capri is a reddish orange that's bold and semi-translucent. The formula is light, watery, a little sorbet-like but it manages to be only slippery within the lip boundary... Basically it reminds me of those lip color in those elf lip palettes that ended up on clearance...but a tad better.
Even with the wet sheen, it kind of doesn't do anything with my lip lines (an effective indicator how how moisturizing/plumping a lip product is). I am grateful that it doesn't smear outside of my mouth. Since I tried to get more shine and color, I just dug the tub with a lip brush and layer for a few times. The slippery formula and bold color gives an interesting just-bitten gradient effect that's so common in K-pop artist.
Anyway, I actually don't mind it much here (normally the just bitten looks just make me look like how I am stressed out and couldn't stop peeling skin on my lips). The color is translucent (see-through, but quite bold) enough that it blends with my lip color and becomes rather flattering/brightening. I was almost ready to wear it with some thick, straight brows, foundation 2 shades lighter than my neck, and some under-eye-bag highlighter...You know, how the well-dressed Korean girls in my school looked like.

Overall: I almost liked it but then I gave the pot a good whiff. The lip balms smells mechanical (maybe it was the sweatshop it came from), like a petroleum byproduct...It's one of the worst I have ever sniffed (worse than the Boot's squeeze gloss that smelled like molten plastic) and gives me a bad mood every time I applied it.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick and Lip Lacquer

Spotted at Target - Revlon's new lip product release called Ultra HD Lipstick. I have no clue what do they mean by "tonal clarity"...Opacity maybe?
Orchid, Sweet Pea, Petunia, Rose, Primrose (I think I like these colors but I am not sure what the finish is like when the cut off surface is textured...)
Peony, Iris, Magnolia, Tulip, Galdiolus, Poppy (warm red) and Snapdragon (deep rosy mauve)
Also new is the Ultra HD Lip Lacquer (this looks way too similar to the Colorburst Lip Gloss)
(the name may not be in same order of the line up) Garnet,  (not in picture)Tourmaline, Pink Ruby, Pink Diamond, Rose Quartz, Strawberry Topaz, Patelite
Citrine, Fire Opal, Sun Stone and Smokey Topaz. So far there isn't a shade that I really want to try (but that might change if there is a really good deal going on and when I have multiple coupons).
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