Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Maybelline Baby Lips Tinted Lip Balm in Spice it Up

According to a quick Google trip, Spice is Up is one of the few (four maybe?) Baby Lips released for Holiday 2015 collection. I found it at Marshalls during one of my trips (Marshalls is next to the grocery store so...).
Packaging is the regular standard Baby Lips. Spice it Up is a stained berry red. There might be some minor difference between shades, the formula of this is good (not thin or waxy like some lighter shade) and instead of bubblegum, this has a cinnamon spice scent.
It gives an even tint on the lips and doesn't make my lips feel better or worse. I don't love the color but I suppose it looks a little more subdued that Cherry Me in permanent range.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Jordana Lip Lights, Milani Amore Matte, Essie Viva Antigua and More

Some Monday collective sightings from Duane Reade - 
Limited Edition Jordana Lip Light Color Shock Gloss
Fall colors for Milani Amore Matte for fall
Essie Viva Antigua
 Coconut Cove, Viva Antigua, Loot the Booty and Berried Treasure
Essie Gel Couture nail polish
More Kylie Jenner collection from Sinful Colors
 Kiss nail applique 
Some K-beauty from a brand like Welco? I bought the Black Bean one for five bucks and it kind of sucks (very soapy and feels like crappy shampoo from the 90s). If that's the best from Korea...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment - Cherry, Ruby and Fig

 Fresh Tinted Lip Treatments are these nifty little balms that I like to collect but not enough to pay full price for regular shades. Thanks to Sephora kits, I got to try most of the shades available. 

Last fall there was a kit with four of these lip balm and one (useless on me) sugar scrub and I grabbed it as a toys.
The three shades I review today are Cherry. Fig and Ruby. Two of which I considered buying (phew, I am glad I didn't).  
Swatch of Cherry, Ruby and Fig. The formula seems consistent across the board:Thick, glossy and nourishing. It's a formula that I can use to prevent evaporation and plump away lip lines. 

These are incredibly wobbly inside the tube so several of my minis already broke during application.
Cherry is a bright, very pigmented but not opaque red (not sure warm or cool) that looks really bright and garish on my mouth during winter and summer. I guess my skintone never settles into a shade on which the shade is wearable. I haven't given up yet. Autumn equinox is coming up.
Ruby is a clear raspberry shade with deeper berry shimmer that forms a veil like sheen. The shade doesn't do much on me and frankly I don't like these subtle shimmer without much impact...
Speaking of impact. Here comes one with mega watt impact. Sugar Fig is a clear murky brown berry with a crap load of chunky same-sized silver glitter. And oh yes, the glitters travel around like a trustfund kid.

I don't get this color, I assume it's a nod to the 90s and made for members of Destiny's Child.

Overall: I hate two of the colors and  could do without the boring sheeny Sugar Ruby. But at least I really like the set, which gave me effective lip balms, quick toys and it stopped me from blowing full price on any one of them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Essence Cosmetics at Harmon

It has been a while since I last saw an Essence display (I don't drive so it's a lot of effort getting to an ULTA in Jersey. I don't think I am missing out much though) but two weeks ago I saw a brand new display in Harmon! It seems that the brand underwent a lot of changes!
Camouflage cream concealer and concealer stick (I still have mine around)
Pure Nude concealer cream and crayons
All the eye makeup
The Velvet Eyeshadow Singles

All About Eyeshadow
Mattifying Compact Powder and Kabuki Brush
2in1 lipstick.
Prettifying lip oil
Lipliner and Liquid Lipstick (I bought one and like it quite a bit)
Silky touch and Mosaic Blush
How to Make Nude Eyes (There are other colors as well, sold out)
Eyeshadow and Liner (got the taupe one,yet to try)
I Love Trend Nail Color
Beauty Balm Lip Gloss. According to a spammy email from Essence There will be new products out this summer so I will check the store in a few days.
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