Thursday, February 11, 2016

Integrate Girl Kiss Jelly in Red Tag

 While hunting for Majolica's fall 2015 palettes (successfully procured, just need pictures), I noticed the same seller also had this limited edition Integrate Gloss from their summer collection. Well, I could never have enough sheer red tints (and frankly I don't have many since most of my favorite went bad after one summer in a room with non-functional air conditioning) so I grabbed this.

The Girl Kiss Jelly is a permanent range of lip gloss/lip essence hybrid first released back in winter 2014. It seems that most the permanent have clear package that let you see the exact color of the gloss. The limited edition from summer 2015 has opaque tube that's slightly textured.

The cap is heart shaped on all Girl Kiss Jelly, this one is red to fit the denim theme. 

Applicator is standard slanted tip, which is simple and easy to clean off. The smell is a sharp artificial cherry (variation on cough syrup) that I can tolerate. 
Red Tag is a cherry pink that turns more neon-bright as soon as it's on my lips (why am I not surprised). I love the texture, which is a watery gel that's moisturizing, soothing but not overly runny. The pigmentation is great (though the color is not super flattering) and the shiny finish is juicy but not ballon-y. I am not sure if I will repurchase though, since the range isn't available from the e-tailers I frequent. Anyway, the colors in Japanese lipsticks usually aren't as flattering as the one from western brands, although I prefer Japanese formula.

Lip Smacker Stackable and Revlon Colorstay with Pump

Some Rite Aid sightings 
Some Mickey and Minnie Lip Smacker balm that are actually cute? 
They are 5 dollars a piece and also have the Winnie the Pooh and (Lilo and) Stitch
Sushiroll asked for pictures of new Colorstay, so here they are. If it weren't for the label right next to these (new version with pump!) I would never know these are new.
The whole range is big and confusing. Beside the wide (enough for drugstore but it doesn't go very deep) array of shades, They are also separated by designated skin types (dry, combination and oily) and shades names and numbers are the same for those different formula. Guess what, the same name/shade number between two different type are a little different just looking at the bottles...

Saturday, February 06, 2016

SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-02 Yosaizora

Around the last quarter of 2015, I entered into a Suqqu research mode. For almost every purchase I did I felt that the product is nice (and really, just nice...) I always hoped that the my next subject would finally impress and convert me. After several months of trials (and much of the disposable income burned), I finally realized that I am just not among the brand's target customers. Hey, at least I got some finely milled eyeshadow that would last forever (til I develope the taste for them). 

Yosaizora EX-02 is the second palette from the Suqqu Summer 15 collections. I (get that the texture is nice) didn't really like Benikakesora but the limited edition really got me. "What if it went out of stock and I miss it out forever?  Better safe than sorry!" Well, I guess the diminishing availability is last of my worries as the palettes were available through early winter.

Yosaizora is inspired by the sparkling night sky during summer firework and it consists of a deep blue, beige-pink and a clear pink top wash.

The beige-rose is the main source of attraction. The color is quite complex as it also looks taupe. On my skin, it's slightly less pink and more light-medium brown taupe (which looks a tad dirty and tiring on me). I can use this shade alone(not that is very flattering) as it's defining without being too heavy.
Pink from Yosaizora (with a teeny bit of blue) then the top wash dusted on. Thanks to the unique melty Suquu texture, it looks subtle and luminous. In other words, the texture is the only thing that prevent it from looking like mud.

Yosaizora Pink, Elf Soiree and (Limited Edition) L'Oreal Infallible in Pink Sapphire (here is a very light layer but the shade itself is pretty pigmented).
Blue is normally a tricky color to wear. While I don't have the problem of blue turning olive on my skin, the color usually either looks really blue (out of place) on my face or turn purple black and dirty . The blue in Yosaizora has strong layer of pink shimmer that it almost flashes a little purple...So it look like bruise (I mean, while the clear plum in Benikakesora looks like fresh bruise, Yosaizora got the brown and deep purple to look like bruise that are a few days old).
Compared to Kakitsubata (which I actually like), Yosaizora pulls somewhat purple while L'Oreal Infallible Midnight Blue is more shimmery and jewel-like. Blended out and on top of the taupe-brown-pink in the palette, Yosaizora shows up more purple-gray and instantly raises the mud-factor on me. I can't even blame it on the weather as it has been pretty warm lately.
The top wash flashes pink and seems a tad less complex than the one from Benikakesora (just when it comes to varying sizes of glimmer). It's a bit dry but doesn't look flaky. Along with the beige-pink taupe,  this is the second doable shade in the palette. 

See the problem? If I want a simple rosy eyes,  I might as well just reach for some single from L'Oreal or Japanese drugstore palettes. They don't have the subtle luminosity or smooth texture but at least they look nice. 

Yosaizora (all three shades blended together) then lined with/rescued  by L'Oreal Infallible in Midnight Blue. Which seems to be the only way for me to wear it. I am not too fond of the smoldering colors from layering all three shades but that's just a matter of personal preferences. 
Overall, I like Yosaizora a bit less than how I like Benikakesora (I don't even like it/Benikakesora or hate it but I appreciate the texture).  They both look quite muddy on me and require L'Oreal to save the day. I guess most of the later Suqqu items are nice to have and play with (when I don't have other financial commitments)... Anyway, I do have one or two palettes that I really enjoy using, I will keep the review for another day . 

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes - Gimme Giltter!

I know I have complained about Korean makeup (namely their lip trend/how every single lip product turned magenta on me) many times in the past...Of course I don't write them off just because of those less-than-amazing experience. While I was browsing Weibo, I came across some swatch posts of the Aritaum (a budget brand under the Amore Pacific umbrella) Shine Fix eyes. I like my healthy dose of sparkle (and by the time I more or less collected all the L'Oreal Infallible and Maybelline Color Tattoo I wanted) so I ordered four just to test the water.
Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes comes in these plastic pots. The collection is quite extensive with 30-something shades (they just released some new ones this spring) and they all kind of look like each other. There are a great deal of blush toned neutrals, I just wish they have more cool-toned shades available (green, teal and blue-lilac).  I picked up four shades 22 Cinnamon Rose, 24 Misty Pink, 25 Vampire Kiss and 26 Sleepy Boy.
 Packaging is decent enough, the amount of heft (how solid it appears) is a tad less than L'Oreal but on par with elf potted shadow (which aren't bad at all). 
For each shadow, there is a plastic flab that keeps the shadow in place (so it doesn't get tumbled in the pot), the whole glob just stay as a whole though.  The shadow has spongy consistency while looking like a pressed chunk of dampened pigments. It has the quality of elf Long Lasting Lustrous eyeshadow, Chanel Illusion d' Ombre (I don't own any but I gave them a good poke while killing time at the counter) and L'Oreal Infallible. It's probably closer to elf and Chanel, with the bouncy texture, strong sparkle and...its tendency to shrink.
22 Cinnamon Rose is a metallic coppery rose (rose gold) - The glitter size is not too chunky and the pigmentation is good (buildable) without being overly opaque. The color is really brightening without looking disco ball.
I love love it by itself. Using just above the fold.
Arm swatch of the first two shades. It's time for me to admit that the color of the actual product isn't accurate (but the swatches are). They are warmed by a significant amount due to setting sun, while the true-to-color lighting doesn't show the sparkle well.
 24 Misty Pink is what I was most excited about because duochrome! Well, it still swatches beautifully, with very strong flashes of teal and purple-pink. The base color is a slightly dusky pink that's very clear/sheer, while it imparts a wet sheen, the color blends too well with the background.

On the eyes, this sheer wet thing shows up like a sparkling eye infection.  I won't call it ugly but it's a little awkward to use. For the same type of (dusky pink that flashes multiple colors) shadow, I prefer Topshop Wax and Wane and Urban Decay Solstice (both are bolder color that pop against the skin).
Another pictures of 22 and 24 to show the duochrome. 
25 Vampire Kiss is a clear orange red with golden sparkle. It's a fun and unusual (red shadow is quite common for K-beauty) shade that I am not sure when to wear...Unless I am channeling a vengeful spirit in festive mode? It's wearable (maybe not to office) when you keep the area small and this color does brighten up darker brown eyes. Unlike L'Oreal Infallible, the Shine Fix eyes are more sponge-gel so they don't work as fine liners (it outperforms L'Oreal in terms of staying power and textural complexity though).
26 Sleepy Boy is a very warm copper that's more opaque (all four shades are pigmented but some are more opaque than other) and includes chunkier glitters. This kind of shades tend to look more yellow/orange on my skin but not in an out-of-place or unflattering way. Afterall I wasn't exactly expecting natural makeup when I bought these sparkling metallic eyeshadow. 
Swatches of Vampire Kiss and Sleepy Boy

Sleepy Boy (Sorry for the lint) is another very fun and brightening shades for the eye balls and the thicker texture (more traction) also makes my crease a little deeper!

I wore this on the first day of snow and it was actually budge-proof (after having snow right on my face no matter which way I turnned).

To quickly recap the review. The Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes are very nifty products with a good and attractive color selection (Give us some cool-toned ones, please?), wear time and ease of use. Even with their international mark-up (I paid 7-9 dollars a piece) and their tendency to shrink (well, my Maybelline shrunk and dried up), I think it's worth purchasing.  I am too overwhelmed to go back for more but I will keep an eye for their new releases.
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