Friday, January 16, 2009

Jane Be Pure Mineral Gel Eyeliner

I was quite fond of the limited edition Wet n Wild cream liner in black for it's smooth texture and relative ease to apply. But guess what, I found something better: Jane Be Pure Mineral Eyeliner.

I decided to gave up on dark eyeliner all together since most liner disappear as I open my eyes anyway. (I am not a big fan of Amy Winehouse styled liner, ahem...I think it would look horrible on typical Asian eyes) But there was a buy on get one free sale in the drugstore and I simply could not resist to try both of them out at 6 dollars!

I was especially excited about the purple one (called wine) since I like the idea of shimmery purple liner (Stila once had a limited edition called Amethyst, I was sure to love it since the their smudge pot in jade totally stole my heart...of course, there is nowhere to find it nowadays...) but it was the one in black that totally surprised me.

A little summary of my adventure with black liners: Out of all the black liners I have, none of them is black enough in my opinion, with an exception to stila pencil in onyx (it smudges though) . I mean, it might be personal...but do you think Audry Hepburn would settle for a liner that is true jet black for her whimscial eyes?

The black one, turns out to be quite inky. At least I can say that it's black enough to be called black. The formula seems stiff when I poke it with a brush (as I dipped in other gel liner gently, there was immediately a big hole...but for this one I needed a little bit of extra force), but as it makes contact with my brush, it turns in to a liquid, and glides on quite nicely!

I thought gel liner can't be as user-friendly as Stila Smudge pot, which has a soft buttery texture, but apparently it can.

I tried an wing out liner using the black one, and see how smooth then line went? The gel glides so well that I could either use it for a thin line or paint on for a thick line and more impact.

See how the line disappears when I open my eyes? Well, at least the wing shows.

The liner came with a brush, although not that pretty, works quite well as well. (In the pictures I just used the brush came with the Wet n Wild cream liner)

What about the purple one? Well, it was very pretty as first but it dried out in a week (I did make sure I close the lid tightly) and the color became very difficult to be picked up. It was such a shame, since the shimmery wine does make my eyes look more brown (and less boring-black).

Comparison from left to right,

Stila Smudge Pot in Jade : One swipe of it with Stila #4 Precision eyeliner brush

Jane Be Pure Mineral in Wine: many swipes since the color was drying out, pretty color nevertheless

Jane in Black:one swipe fora very matte and black could see it's darker with naked eyes...the camera doesn't do it justice.

Wet n Wild: Not as black, but this had insane staying power, when I wiped it off with sweet almond oil everything else was gone and the line was still there.

Overall, Jane Gel liner is great even if I don't mention the super cheap price and that drying problem I had with the purple one (it's 6 bucks normally but a sale can be easily spotted) There are four shades available Brown, Black, Wine and a Shimmery Navy Blue...Check them out first before you decide you spend 20 bucks on that Stila Smudge Pot! (Yes, they raised it to 20 now...)

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  1. the colors are so pretty !Love it! i am into colored liners and this one really is cute!!!

  2. LOL we have the same problem. Eyeliner seems a bit useless because it disappears when I open my eyes too! :) But I have to admit it's more forgiving this way at least less perfect lines and lines that are a little too thick are less noticeable. :)

  3. Hi Nikki;

    yeah, the purple one is indeed pretty (when it's not dired up...) But I guess Stila is still my favorite when it comes to gel liner...I forgot to close the lid(leaft it open) for one night and it was soft and certainly worth teh big bucks.

    Clear Water:
    Oh I see I am not the only one...And apprently to grew to get use to it , which is always a good thing. With that kind of eyes, the only thing I like is to use those kind of thick shimmery color liner so that people can see a pop of color when I blink or just use a soft navy/brown powder lined on my lashline to make my lashes look fuller...



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