Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Apples United

I really hate glitter...but I like Dior...and I love green...
Screw it, I am getting this! What can I say...I am a loser for lip gloss...

I mean finally I got my DiorKiss 308 Granny Smith to accompany the red Caramel Apple.

Crazy chunky golden glitters...

Crazy chunky glitter allover it...I hate glitters but since I love the lime green and the texture of DiorKiss (a tad bit thiner than Juicy tubes) , I will tolerate it...

And a quick flash back, here is the picture of the DiorKiss lip gloss in Caramel Apple. When it comes to lip product, my preference are

1. clear/green (just my favorite color)
2.other wacky colored gloss that show up as cleared one
5.pink (Just doesn't really look good on me)

It's very bright, yet not really true red when I put it on my lips...It turned sort of in-your-face bright pink instead, but again, the fine shimmer is very pretty and the finish is not as jello-like as Juicy Tube...Warning, I think this gloss is very hard to pull-off...(It showed up nice in the picture but I didn't)

And still on the topic of lip gloss, here a picture showing what I do if I am bored...

Mix and mingle with the Revlon Mix and Mingle lip gloss palette...seriously I don't destroy my gloss just for fun, but that product is garbage, not only the color shows up is magenta when the name is called chatty cherry, the scent & taste are both disgusting and why do they keep it in a jar if the thing is essentially a liquid!

Caught red (pink) handed...


  1. So it's not really green :o?
    I've been wanting to test this for a while now, but the green-ness has scared me off (even though I knew it wasn't really going to be matte green >:-D)...
    So thanks for the post :). It looks really pretty on you ^_^.

  2. Hi Cris:

    I believed that according to sephora's website, it's a sheer golden green (they didn't mention the chunky glitter plus I didn't see the actual thing...)..For me, the green balanced out the red on my lips a bit...since it's more of a yellow based green, the look is also more of a warming kind.)

    I personally like green glosses a lot, they are simply a refreshed version of clear gloss...MAC had a green tendertone in green out last spring called shush, it looks pretty yummy...this year guerlain has pomme du desir, which is also a very fresh and delicate way to wear green...(I didn't get it because it has less volume but is more expensive than MAC and Dior...)

    I have yet to see a makeup line (unless it's for monster costume) that have matte green ones...But anyway, I had a matte purple lip gel from Anna Sui, speaking of looking sick...

  3. I like blue glosses (they work well with my pink mouth :D), but I never would've thought that green could look this nice :).
    After I'm done with MAC Hello Kitty (will buy LOADS from there, unfortunately, lol), I might just buy this ;). At least I won't have to make excuses for it since I don't own green gloss :-P.

  4. Hey;

    Hello Kitty, how exciting! (I am only interested in the key chain but it was long gone) share it with us once you've done the haul. Green lip gloss can wait.

    It's nice to know that blue works for you. (So far benefit california kissin is the only one that doesn't make me look sick) I think blue glosses looks so good in a make up stash...

  5. The Revlon gloss seemed pretty solid to me in stores, maybe yours is defected


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