Monday, August 18, 2008

What was in my bag?

I put random stuff in my bag and the content changes all the time, here are two pictures of what I carry with me taken 3 weeks ago. They are a lot cuter than they need to be, right now,since the cuteness sort of got on my nerve so I've ditched the 3 zip bag for a black rubber band for my pens and pencils and the Hello Kitty one is replaced by a bigger pouch. (I just feel like carrying loads of useless stuff) and the floral towel is somewhere in my bedroom.

Inside my bag at that time. (Order is from left to right, lowest attitude to highest and up to down )
1.Book: wave

2.Fun reading: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (I've finished rereading the deathly hallows 2 weeks ago.)

3.Cashbook: to keep track of what I spend, but I ended up using for random stuff since I got it from a Korean friend of mine, I don't know the language...

4.Fork: Cute hey? Sometime I carry chopsticks as well...I am a bit psycho.

5. Sun Glasses

6.Umbrella: Got it from Victoria's Secret on sale, but the place I live barely rain!

7. Pencil Case: Full of freebies and my beloved mechanical pencils

8. Sally Hansen Hand Cream

9. Garnier Lotion: this thing irritates the hell out of my face, use it on arms instead

10.Another Sally Hansen Lip gloss

11. Cute floral handkerchief. (Mom bought it a while ago.)


13.Red mesh bag for makeup and stuff (I don't remember how I ended up getting a Hello Kitty bag.)

14. Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream

15. Camera pouch.

Here is the makeup pouch and items I would like to be in my reach.

1. Anna Sui rose mirror

2. Rohto eye drop

3.Tweezerman tweezerette (splurge on a good one and it will last you quite a while!)

4.Lip Gloss- I got many of them, but I think my favorite turn out to be two drugstore goodies, Sally Hansen and babaypink (from a Japanese line)

5. Stila cherry crush- super natural cheek stain although I could hardly get used to that built-in applicator. HG

6.Metholatum lip balm with SPF20

7.Floss- I eat all the time.

8.Sun Screen for face and eye areas

P.S. My wallet consists of several credit cards and my ID bounded by a head band. (Learned it form a professor in my school who is a multimillionaire, and who doesn't have a house, a car, a wife nor his wallet...The grad students under him further popularized the trend and finally passes it down us, the undergrads.)


  1. wow, you carry a lot of stuff! The Hello Kitty pouch is so cute!

  2. awww,you do carry a lot of stuffs, but I love all the stuffs you carry! That's a cute le sportsac pouch! I love it

  3. Yeah, I hve a tendency carrying loads of junk with me whereever I go out...(I never actually need 10 atomatic pecils pr 4 different highlighter, but they make me feel secured...) Now I usually use a overzied bag to put all the stuff, but I setill ended up carrying one or two books in my arm. (Of course, I could use a backpack instead, but under this hot weather it will mean sweating a lot...ewww)

    That lesporsac is kind of..what should I say O_o
    it's so higfh maintenance that one wash will make the colors from the pattern smear everywhere...(It was my makeup bag but I hated to open three times to get all the stuff I want, now I am even too lazy to use it as a pencil case.) Anyway, they do have very pretty patterns and I just got myself another one (Ok, I only have three and 2 of them are on big sale) for 5 bucks, I like that one a lot actually.



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