Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Canmake Secret Beauty Powder

Released back in summer of 2017, Canmake Secret Beauty Powder is a makeup and skincare product that can be used day and night (of course I got it only for the packaging). It contains various moisturizing ingredients I can't find out, because it's so secretive on the web page. 
The compact is quite small for face powder and it reminds me of chibiusa from Sailor Moon. It looks sturdy but the coated actually rather prone to small scratches. 
There is a cheap little puff rested on top of a clear sheet. It's usable but I prefer a brush. 
The powder is fine and not a bit cakey. When used during day time, it mattifies and gives negligible amount of coverage. It doesn't make me look made up but a bit refreshed (less of a raw skin look). As a night powder, it quickly absorbs any residue left by skincare. 
While I can't fault it for its natural effect, most of the time I just don't bother using during the day (when I can set my sunscreen with powder with SPF instead). During the night, my solution to greasy face is simply, not put too much skincare products to start with.

I don't get the point of this products (but many other high end brands have their own versions and they sell well) but at least it's nice to collect.


  1. I love how CANMAKE does their packagings! The bottom half of the case reminds me of those from P & J a bit.

    1. They definitely copy from paul and joe here and there (but somehow still managed to look distintive). Right now I am not loving PJ (and Anna Sui) quality that much so canmake is actually what I prefer.


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