Thursday, February 11, 2010

Michelle Phan for Lancome- What do you think?

I am pretty sure that by now most of you guys (beauty blog readers) are aware of the fact that the YouTube Guru Michelle Phan has become the official video makeup artist(aka: YouTube spoke model) for Lancome USA . While we have all seen bloggers/YouTube girls promoting stuff like crystallized glass jewelry, circle lenses, sigma brushes etc. This is the first time (that I am aware of) some YouTube guru is hired by high end cosmetics brand as an ambassador to promote the brand. So I just wonder, what do you think?

I personally think that it's a smart choice on Lacome's part as Michelle Phan's appears to be quite good at promoting herself/her brand/things in general and her fan base includes a lot of younger girls who wouldn't normally be attracted by grown-up brands like Lancome. For quite a while, I was wondering when is Lancome going to come up with a "fun collection" that will appeal to the younger girls and the young-at-hearts (I can't ask them to change their general brand direction), apparently their answer is to have a young YouTube stars as an ambassador. (I was hoping for something like a limited edition Juicy Tube with colors like Lilac, Green and Candy Coral...)

Even I just said that picking Michelle it's smart (at least in the short run), I wouldn't say I am ecstatic about it either. While I do find some of her looks creative, I can't call myself a "Phanatic", who would follow everything she does or buy whatever she is using. (Two and half years ago, being young and clueless, I followed her "word of wisdom" and tried the electric tooth brush method on my face, boy that was disastrous...) Having Michelle wouldn't change my own shopping habit for Lancome, I will still love their Juicy Tubes and buy them whenever I run out (yes, I do run out lip gloss...)but on the whole, I am still relatively neutral about the whole brand as it's not something quirky and cute like Anna Sui.

I guess it's just a personal preference: while somebody like a well edited video that's picture perfect and rehearsed, I personally prefer watching videos that are relaxed, free-style and user-oriented (sharing rather than lecturing), like the ones from Xteeener, X-Sparkage, Queen of Blending, Gregory Gorgeous (this boy makes me lmao every single time) ...

P.S. Here is the video announcement on Michelle's channel, is it just me or it looks like her mouth is smiling but her whole face is not? Maybe it's just the circle lenses...Anyway, I would say Lancome's choice of spokesperson is pretty tame compared to what's going on in Stila...

Edit: Here are some readers' comments over the Lancome Blog, after reading some of the comments, I googled about Michelle's skincare line and found a very interesting makeup alley notepad (named Michelle Phan sunscreen fiasco) regarding how her products (fail to) perform. This is getting...interesting.


  1. Not crazy about Michelle Phan. Her skincare line is very poor quality and overpriced :(

  2. At least you have tried it (which means she *is* good at promoting her brand).

    After what happened to my face with that toothbrush (it's a lot worse than drug, smoking or alcohol, although I have tried none of those)I never really take her skincare advice seriously, let alone buying her "high end" skincare line when I can just go with Shiseido, an old brand I know I can trust.

  3. I bought a lancome blush duo and it sucks. but just like you, I love love love the juicy tubes maybe because it's the only girlie item in brand. Can you believe I never heard of michelle phan? Those circle lenses never came to brazil...never saw anybody using this, here, in your blog, it was the first time I've saw it.

    Tell me what you've done with toothbrush in your face...whats the point?

  4. Cacau:
    Michelle Phan is a girl who does makeup/ fashion /skin care tutorial on YouTube and who get tens of thousands of daily hits world wide and a ton of subscribers. I think she is very good at marketing herself and now she has her own skin care/makeup brush line and I-don't-know-what.

    And if you read some Asian blog (I know I am Chinese but I mean blogs in which Asian girl do makeup and face-of-the-day of the sort) you will see circle lenses all the time. They are a kind of colored contact lenses that enlarge your own iris (make people look like alien...), girls in Asia use it to achieve a dolly-eyed look and I personally find it quite scary (Main stream actresses don't go for it though.)

    As of the toothbrush thing, I followed this tutorial (brushing me face with an electric toothbrush) back in 2007, and it pretty much burned my skin and it turned allergic-to-everything for the next 2 years...

  5. that video is full of sound bites...i'm not impressed.
    i also doubt that is her real voice...

  6. I don't agree with all of her tips & don't like some of the makeup looks. I also wouldn't buy everything she necessarily promotes (heard mixed reviews of her IQQU range), unless the results are what i am looking for. But her videos are enjoying to watch... Great career move & a great achievement for hard work.

  7. Well, for me, I am not surprised though that Lancome chose her as she's got a lot of subscribers in her YT videos! One fact is that she's an artist so she can create wonderful eye makeup combination or creative looks! But I am a bit surprised its LANCOME who got her! Lancome is known to be high end, quite serious and alawys on the safe side, we'll see :)

  8. Simple Elegance:
    Yes, that's her actual voice (she just talks in different tones/ways in video compared to a more relaxed state...)I am guessing it's part of her "style".
    There is no doubt that she is a perfectionist when it comes to video editing and she is quite a "legend" for what she does... (Not saying that I am a fan though.)
    That's exactly what I was thinking, I know that she would landed some great job but I didn't expect Lancome to be the one as they usually go for the mature/French elegance kind of route and Michelle is a bit...wild?

    I guess it's always nice to have a change.

  9. I think it's good for her and all... But I am always a bit suspicious when it comes to gurus using sponsored products. And she is trying so hard to convince everyone that she is happy about it, it comes of sooooooo fake (in her video she does not blink once!). And Lacome is still (too) expensive, and whatever Phan states, it does manufacture using products tested on animals.

  10. Shilka:
    I think she is certainly happy about it, everybody would (consider it's Lancome) it's just that from the video, she was asked last year (maybe it took her sometime to test out all the products she got sent)so it would naturally be hard to sustain the joyeous expression for so long... But I agree with you, she doesn't seem very genuine but then again I never consider her approachable/natural as other guru I have mentioned but then again, why would I want to approach her anyway...

    As for guru who got sent products, I never took their word too seriously, especially after that Stila maker player x Youtube guru thing so it's fine for me.There are few bloggers I trust completely when it comes to their neutrality (is that even a word?)so I would make my pick very carefully...Afterall, if a mascara clump (it did in Michelle's first Lancome video)like crazy, we can all see it.

  11. this is interesting, but I will not try IQQu

  12. I watch her videos just to see what kind of looks she'd come up with because she is quite creative sometimes with her looks, but doesn't mean I would follow her tips or advice, for example, I'd never put chocolate powder on my face as bronzer, or would I put cat litter as a mask. Same with you, I took her advice about the electric toothbrush during my pre-makeup/skincare ritual days, it was a disaster and I only tried that once!

    I am not surprised that Lancome chose her, she's got so much subscribers on youtube. If Lancome didn't pick her, I'm sure some other companies would right away as well!

  13. I'm on the fence about Michelle. I'm always very curious as to how some ppl make it so big on youtube. I found her videos to be entertaining in the beginning but then I started to notice bad grammar and some fakeness which really are big pet-peeves for me. From that MUA fiasco, I find myself disliking her a lot more. She was very unprofessional and honestly, I believe she just wants to make money from IQQU, not help anyone. So many youtube gurus have become very disappointing.

  14. I heard of Michelle Phan but I never followed her. There just is something about her that doesn't seem genuine to me. But congrats to her for the job.

    I think it's an interesting and smart move for a brand to partner with Youtube gurus and finding new ways to comunicate with their customers. But I wouldn't buy something just because she promotes it.

  15. Anonymous:
    It's nice to know, but this post isn't really about IQQU though, it's more about Lancome...
    Anonymous #2:
    I guess she isn't the most natural guru out there but we are not looking for a friend online, just some entertainment/techinique so I guess her personality doesn't matter as much. After all, her makeup are there and read, not "fake". (I do think she could take it a bit easier on the strong lighting...I know it makes her skin looks rosy and smooth but it also wash out color by quite a bit...)

  16. Lulu:
    Yeah, we all know she would be up for something great, it was unexpected that the brand is Lancome though (I was thinking something like Lime Crime...)But anyway, that's a great achievement for any people who do video on YouTube.

    As for the cat sand/chocolate powder ones, I think she made to show "How cute she looks pouting/sticking her tongue out or holding a cat" as many of her followers are indeed guy who is interested in nobody but "cute Asian". You can tell the comments are from guys because they generally have nothing to say but "Your hot" since they don't resonate with the skin care part.

  17. Ruby chopsticks:
    I personally think Michelle's success is more about how she market herself than her actual makeup skill (Yes, she is good at it but many other gurus are just as good if not better atcoming up with creative looks/idea.)

    First, she sounds very cool and sincere for younger/older audiences (I totally fell for her myself when she first started). Then she was already pretty "famous", like a net-idol with herxanga, where she just put pictures of herself and pseudo-meaningful stuff and get tons of fan comments.

    For the YouTube business, she knows that many of her audience would be guys who like to look at Asian girls (we all know that, don't we?) so she cleverly inserts many guy-friendly passages (like the attempt to squeezecleavage several times on a how-to-mix-Vaseline-with-eyeshadow tutorial , which she could well explain with a picture or two or close-up of her thigh in her shoe stretching ones etc.)which are not really needed, but excellent to attract hits.

    Then of course, there are her scripted, rehearsed,"candid behind the scene" on her tutorials to show people how cute she is "in real life". I know many people would fall for that, at least I did.

    Last but not least, her videos are of very high quality when it comes to picture/lighting/editing and she knows what kind of light to use to make her skin look like that of a pale pink princess (I do have a complain about this part,since her lighting was so strong that it literally makes Chris & Tell lipstick looks like a nude pink.)

    Lol. I could totally write something about the perfect recipe to cook up a Internet sensation...But anyway, I wrote this mainly because of Lancome, not Michelle.

  18. Gio:
    I agree with you it's interesting and smart (in the short run at least)but I am not sure what would it do to the brand image and older customers...not saying she is cheap or anything. It's just feel like Kate Winslet/Anne Hathaway are more genuine (even they are mega stars). Lancome just never do "fun" makeup before and Michelle isn't nessisarily famous for her classic/toned down style.

  19. I saw lots of michelle's videos, after read your post and It was quite entertaining. Her voice is so cute to hear and I don't think she is fake, I just think she prepares everything to be just like she wants...She arrange things to be there,the illumination to smooth her skin and the climate, she make voices combining to the spirit of the video, she edit the videos a lot, but If she didn't, maybe the videos would not become as popular as it is. they're well done!
    I saw a video of an organic scrub, homemade, and it was very nice..I'll be doing it. I use eletric toothbrush with a small amount of scrub on it, to exfoliate my lips, and it works really nice (but it needs to be quickly or it would ruin yours lips), but not using it in my face.

    I just wanna understand why north americans don't like the girl... cause I read here and in her videos a lot of bad comments...

  20. Cacau:
    I guess American are more familiar with the cultural background she has so it's easier to spot if she were sincere (fake/real isn't the right word) or not...

    While she is very perfectionistic, but I feel that the rationale of that isn't because she want to "help out" her readers but she wanted to promote herself/her brand. I am not saying it's a bad thing, as she is clearly very good at what she does.

    Ok, I have an analogy: If a blogger photoshopped one single pimple off from her face, we can understand that she doesn't want her readers to be bothered. If she phootoshop every single pictures (color corrected, brightens, smooth out...) when the makeup look are relativly natural/look very similar. It will make me feel that if she really just want to show her face, instead of merely sharing her makeup.

    In Michelle Phan's case, the parts where she smiles-squeeze boobage-eat marshmellow cutely-speaking in a different way... isn't needed and was intentionally included in the video to show her "soft side".(So you will see comment about she is trying too hard to be cute) But again, that's what made she famous...

    P.S. All youtube gurus have haters no matter how well-loved they are. I guess it's a measurement of their real popularity. In a way, it also says that Michelle Phan is extremely popular.

  21. I never liked Michelle Phan. She always seemed so fake!
    That voice I just cant stand it. And her quotes.. Please!
    Im sorry If I sound like a hater.. But everything she does seems like an act! To be more.. ugh.. perfect.

    Look at this:
    An other make up guru.. She talks from the heart and that is what I love about her. She is real! Not fake! And she does care about others and how others feel.

    So I dont really care if she is working for Lancome now hehe :P

  22. Sara:
    No, you don't sound like an irrational/narrow minded hater at all. To tell the truth for a period of time (right after the toothbrush disaster, ahem)I really disliked Michelle, for being ...what you have said.

    Then I decided to grow up, as it has really nothing to do with me, (and frankly, I was being an idiot myself so it's not really her fault) and she is creative sometimes...

  23. Yeah, I understand your point. All the time I noticed that she wanted to show herself a LOT, for example when she teaches how to use ice to enlarge your shoes and finished it showing her legs in a provocative way (much more than the shoes) and of course there are a lot of men leaving comments and in love for her. She is narcissistic for sure and I see her videos more like a movie than actually tutorials, with some lost tips that can be useful in the middle of all that show.

    I really like this kind of discussion, as I'm a psychologist and have this habit of analyze behavior...but I really can see that north americans have a very short patient with celebrities (not talking about you, just in general) as I can see what people say about britney, lohan and michelle phan also (not so famous yet but already in focus). This girls do nothing really serious and have millions of haters. And in counterpart, you have the haters and you produce more more and more this kind of women (narcissistic, fake, exhibitionist....) Kinda confuse..

    Sorry, talking too much today

  24. Oh no, I never tried it. I just read on makeupalley things she had said that showed she did not know about skincare. There was also the issue that her sunscreen wasn't stable which is a big nono for me.

  25. Citrine:
    Thanks for understanding! haha

    That is soo true! I used to watch her vids. Telling myself.. Sara you need to see the positive side of people. I dont like it when I dont like someone. But I had to stop when she uploaded a vid about gloves.. I believe. It almost seemed like she was showing off her body.. haha Just reminded me of that when you wrote : showing her legs in a provocative way.
    To me she is all these words: narcissistic, fake, exhibitionist!

    Anyway enough about her:
    These are the gurus that I like haha:
    - (honost,sweet)
    - (cute&fun)
    - talented!!!!

    ow btw Miss Chievous? I also working for Lancome now!

  26. Hey Sara!

    Gonna see these too ok? Let's see if I'll like it. =)

  27. As I'm doing nothing at the moment (just wainting my friends to pick me up to travel) I watched the 3 gurus that Toxic Sara linked. My first impressions:

    Emily is so gourgeous and speak in a clear way that I can understand everything she says. For you it must means nothing but that is a quality cause many foreign girls will watch her. She has videos with a lot of itens that I wanna buy. It was useful.

    Julie is ok too but it was a little confuse to understand her sometimes, she changes her speaks in the middle of the phrases, her voice runs and then slow again and she never knows the name of things, we have to keep waiting till she looks in the packaging. but she's cool and I liked her.

    The last one almost cause me a heart attack cause when I saw her, she was looking like a female serial killer. The way she moves and talk, looks likes she's angry all the time, so rude. She needs to soften things there...and her accent is more difficult for me to understand. But she has a talented hand for make up and like heavy looks as the most of her looks are dark and so pigmented everywhere (shadows and red lips..) so I'll not follow her looks cause I'm gonna look like a cloud with all of that.

    Thanks for share!

  28. hahaha female serial killer!! I know! She talks like a dominatrix. The only thing missing is a whip. Her sister sounds a lot more normal. Im glad my links were some what entertaining :)

  29. The drooped puppy-eyes make-up made her eyes look somewhat sad and made her look fake. I found this vid to be...creepy actually. IMO she doesn't fit Lancome's image of understated elegance so I was a bit surprised. She'd be more suited as a spokesperson for MAC or Smashbox. Congrats to her anyway.

    Well, I didn't like MP at first (I found her whispering annoying and her often blank-hey-i'm-channeling-Magibon look, also her vids feels like it's crawling at a snail's pace at times) but her vids kinda grew on me esp her choice of BGM. Her Lady Gaga and Guy Makeup tutorial are ones that I found more interesting.

  30. Sara/Cacau:
    Don't worry I won't butt into your intense conversation...And thanks for letting me know the Miss Chievous deal! (And it's not fair that the Lancome Deutschland get green Juicy tubes yet we don't...)

    I had a hard time figuring out the exact words when it comes to Lancome's brand image (I just thought it's a bit grown up) you are spot on about the undetstated elegance part...

    For me, I loved Michelle when she just started then started to get annoyed in the middle partically due to the toothbrush incident(beside that, as a heterosexual female I really don't need/want to see her thighs or her "cute pout"). I didn't watch her video again until the winter of 2009 when she started doing some really cool glittery Holliday as well as the Avatar face look...

    There is one thing we all know, she is quite creative, entertaining and wild when it comes to makeup (I just don't plan to take any skincare advice from her anytime

  31. I will only watch 2 youtube "gurus" and no one else:
    1. - I WORSHIP HER. watch one of her videos and you'll see why. the makeup, the music, the costumes, EVERYTHING she does is just f*cking awesome!!!
    2. - because he is gorgeous and hilarious as hell. need I say more?

  32. Dalenna:
    I totally forget about her, she is totally awesome!

  33. yay, more gurus, let's see them!

  34. Wow, I'm surprised that you all can speak so freely. I imagine if this were on Youtube, we'd all be flamed as trolls or something other, for not immediately bowing down to her.

    The only thing I really like about Michelle is the music in her videos. Yeah, she has some neat ideas, but it seems that they're almost always for the upper-class spenders, something I am definitely not. Again, like many of you have said, she seems completely fake, she's totally abusing that "cute asian girl" stereotype.

  35. Hi There:
    I think the reason those people (and I, of course) talk about matters like that because the people who read my blog is very different from the people who are fan of Michelle: First, I think there is no male "Phanatic" to thumb down anybody, as I try to keep this strictly about "girly matters".

    Secondly, we are all grown up (as opposed to those tween/teen fan of Michelle) women who simply love to talk about cosmetics, products and some makeup techniques so we find those bubbly personality, sweet voice unnecessary and possibly annoying. In a way,my blogging style is polar opposite to that of Michelle so her fan would most likely not read my blog at all.

    As of the Asian stereotype thing,I believe that's what made her famous but it really makes me wonder if Lancome did the right thing hiring a "pop star". Yes, she is creative (sometime) and talented (at her video editing/lighting etc.) and have a ton of people who follow her religiously but I wonder if it's a wise choice for Lancome, to count on those tween girls and male you can see, many of us (the grown up, the people who actually have the purchasing power) don't necessarily believe in what she promotes...

  36. I think Michelle Phan is not a good choice for the new spokesperson for Lancome. The reason why everyone was following Michelle on YouTube to start off with was because she offers tutorials/reviews for low priced cosmetic products! If people were to buy those high end products, they would rather go to the counters...

  37. I used to follow Michelle's blog a long time ago, back when it was low priced options, and DIY stuff that actually made sense, you know, real stuff. Now, from what little I look at from her (I don't follow her anymore, but I sometimes look at her stuff), it all seems so fake, like she's trying really hard to show people a certain side, instead of just being herself. As far as Lancome using her to promote their products, I think it probably is a good idea from a marketing perspective. The people who are watching her will see makeup that they might not normally consider, and will save up to spend on a brand that does not necessarily deserve the money (they make good products, don't get me wrong, but not all of them are gems).

  38. To Michelle Phan, fake = money. Is probably what she's thinking and might also be the main reason why she acts so fake. She is dabbling with the cosmetic industry. Frankly speaking, if somebody came and told me I'd be earning myself some big moolah if I can act like Ghandhi, I'd do it. In a heartbeat. As hypocritical as that sounds. Still, there's a limit with how much 'fakeness' you can get away with before triggering ppl's vomit button.

    I am more annoyed at her 'fanclub' than Phan herself. Particularly the ones who can't get a date in RL, idolizes Phan to demi-goddess status and think all Asian girls are cute as a button who secretly wants to date white boys. And they're so submissive, innocent and totally not superficial at all (or should be that way) so they don't care if you look like you lived in your mom's basement for 30 years eating Cheetos. Ugh. Michelle's demeanor does nothing to alleviate this stereotype...which is annoying.

  39. Kaoru:
    I actually wonder if Lancome have ever read most of the comments Michelle gets from her "phanatics" (Instead of just looking at how many suscribers/views she get...)because I would probably think twice if I know that the new spoke model is more like Hanna Montana than...Anne Hathaway or an actual makeup artiste nowadays...
    I agree with you about the off-putting fans part (not sure about the cheetos part though), that's the main reason I hate Twilight. I have seen the first movie and read one of the books (New Moon) and I just found it very boring, not horrible though, since I am never a fan of romance and chick flick but those fans...They just have to squee in your face and call you "hater" and thumb you down if you are not bowing down along with them...

    Right now Michelle doesn't have any effect on my Lancome buying pattern but if more Phanatics come here leaving nameless response telling me "Everybody should be worshipping MP", I will just swear off juicy tube all together...
    Hi there,nameless lurker, I am talking to you (your comments is in the dumpster by the way)...

  40. I guess I'm a little late for the conversation. But I agree with the things people said about MP becoming fake and and somewhat...*sorry*...repulsive recently. I remember stumbling upon MP's video for basic smokey eye tutorial and loving it. At the time she seemed very knowledgeable and not showy at all. She totally got me into makeup and I fell in love with Late Night Alumni. Citrine said it best, as a heterosexual female watching MP showing off her pouty lips and cleavage just disgusts me. It seems like she does these things on purpose and its obviously not for her female followers. It's either a show for male attention or a very smart business move. By appealing to men she ups the number of her subscribers substantially than if she were only catering to women and helps her move up in the cosmetic industry. I think it's probably a bit of both =/

  41. I used to love her videos, back when she did them in her washroom with that pretty wallpaper. Those tutorials were helpful and I actually enjoyed watching them.

    Recently, I unsubscribed to her for many reasons. One, the quality of her videos has just gone down, down, down, content-wise. She repeats and recycles ideas continuously. Yes, she's busy with her skin care line, but still. Two, she has become so posey. I can't stand it. After every line is a big-eyed stare into the camera, or a little pout and lip pursing. Three, she has become, as many people stated above, incredibly commercialized. Which is adding on to the fake-ness already there. I also recall she stated being an all natural girl, and now she dyes her hair and wears those "circle lenses," going against what she said before. Oh, and she also dresses...has anyone noticed...more...revealing? I think half the people who subscribe as prepubescent girls in their worshipping stage. The other half are horny males who have come to watch her work her pouty lips and are wishing....yeah. I know people can change, but ALL of these changes added together just create a huge wad of...UNsubscribers. At least in my case : ( I miss the old Michelle, but I guess I will just have to refer back to her old videos when I need inspiration.

  42. Sandy:
    That's the "standard" way of US cosmetics/beauty marketing works anyway...(If you look at those US perfume commercials, it's always a naked woman rolling in bed or a girl trying to hook up in party...Maybe that way does work but I personally am sick and tired of it.)

    Anon(I decided to keep yours as the comment is this long but I normally put nameless ones in the dumpster, just FYI):
    I never really suscribed to her (my ID is really classical-music oriented so I want to keep it that way)but I always drop by once in a while to see what she is up to...I mean, I am neutral about her now so a few minutes of tips(although I have seen most of those elsewhere)never hurts.

  43. Yes I do agree with most of the comments here. She has grown to love herself a bit too much and it is getting rather annoying. I do prefer the older videos as I prefer to get the budget stuff instead of the branded ones; I do not need her to tell me how great La Mer is!

  44. I got sick of Michelle acting cuz she doesn't really d makeup tutoring any more but calling guys to hit so she can get paid.She does it so clearly and i got goosebumps watching her calling eyes and he bedtime voice.Girls don't need those sex related staring eyes.Many other gurus are much more into makeup tutoring only and i go to them now.

  45. I ran through many other blogs and heard that MP's products is a fraud business,I know we don't discuss IQQU here,but how would Lancome do with her contract if it's the truth?Someone said she stop the website that used to place order on her products (is it true?).I don't know how Lancome believed she can promote their products cuz MP sounds like she can lie about anything.Her voice scares me and she doesn't have a trustworthy look.

  46. I've been readng through all of these comments, and I've been thinking. Yes, Michelle Phan looks fake now and everything. Don't mind me, her videos are entertaining, but I've been trying to look at this from her perspective. Personally, I think that you shouldn't be ganging up on her so much. Personally. Like, we don't know her in real life, so who are we to judge? She has talent, in my opinion. I see some of your points, but just settle down. When I watch her video, "Painting a Beautiful Heart", it erases all the "bad" things about her. Please don't hate on me, I'm just expressing my own opinion.

  47. I'm not writing my comments base on love or hate,it's only for the art of makeup.I watched her Lancome vid and she put the song Love Is Blue on her eyes and i just can't see anyone walk out of the house with that eye makeup.The above commentor said "ganging up on her" is not what's i'm doing,I'm talking about how girls are putting on eye makeups.Please watch and share ur thoughts with me,maybe i'm too behind the wild time at 24?

  48. Hello...I'm so tired of commentors who force ppl to love Phanny!I only want to disscuss makeup cuz i can't relate to her or know her in person to love or hate her!Hahaha...I have to agree that blue eye makeup scares the hell out of me.Seriously,I think ppl will ask what's wrong with me that i have to do that to my eyes?BTW,painting a beautiful heart and having a real one are two different things, and...Citrine said:Lancome only...,please!!!

  49. Lancome has been known and used in my entire family for many years,my grandma,mom, aunts, sisters,cousins all use this line cuz it's known for high effectiveness and classy service at the cosmetic counters.I got used to the images of European ads and models with an elegant makeup for work and daytime wears for work and business women.(Ooops,I'm a pure blood 26yrs old Vietnamese,so no racist issues here,ppplease! Phan might suit younger (newer)companies that grandmas and moms don't go there.This change is a bad move of Lancome because the ways Michelle wear makeup is only for herself (my opinion)cuz i won't "paint a beautiful heart on my face" the way she does!Her blue lenses won't make up for Lancome's European images around the wolrd.I love Lancome cuz it's run in my family for generations,but if they start to go wilder and weirder on advertising,i'm thinking my family will change for Elizabeth Arden or Ester Lauder.Nothing to do with love or hate Michelle in my comment!Just cuz it's my choice of spending my money on the cosmetic lines I'm comfortable with.Michelle doesn't have knowledges about the active ingredients in cosmetics and i don't need someone who speak like a robot to sell me products!Again,please no love or hate Michelle at all,thanx!

  50. hi Citrine,if anyone come to ur blog have to explain or apologize cuz of the fear of being labeled as Michelle's hater,then she becomes an annoying girl to me.Professions are graded on real talents and knowledge of the person,not personal fellings,and MP's fans expect FEELINGS while i don't care about love or hate her,i have a big family to worry about LOVE,no extra time to worry about feelings for MP.Back to Lancome,she belongs to WETnWILD,not Lancome,cuz her makeup styles is a good advertisement for the name of that product line.Don't get me wrong,i use many stuffs from WetnWild,like their lipglosses and the glitter stuffs when i go clubbing or evening events.Her make up styles go well with those products.Hell,my real comment is writting with how i put the right person to the right products,not bashing MP at all.She's young and has young ideas and i respect that,even it's not my style.I can't go with Valentine,first date,first kiss,romantic makeups...just because to me, MAKEUP is MAKEUP!it's shouldn't be named to call attentions and when u hit on to see what it is,it's like to scared ur 1st dated guy away with layers of colorful face and fake lashes,he'll wonder what the girl really looks like without makeup!If Michelle keeps putting those calling names on Lancome and the company think it's an update idea to promote Lancome,they are making their products equal the look to WetnWild so their prices need to match to be able to sell to consumers,just like we take the generic drugs for the same effects of brand names for the lower prices.Citrine,can you please post on the blogs that all commentors wrote comments are not haters,cuz who is she that i waste my time to hate,jealous of her?I love Lancome cleanser and moisturizer but if MP keep making issues of LOVERS and HATERS,i think she scares Lancome's lovers away cuz if they don't buy Lancome they're MP's haters!She should take time to figure out why she has to worry about HATE!

  51. Wow, since I kind of slacked off and let a lot of nameless comments go (you know you are supposed to at least leave a name so I know it's not the same person bashing her?). I might as well post the comment left by a Michelle-fan a while ago, to balance things out a bit...
    Anonymous said On Michelle Phan for Lancome, What do you think?

    wow this is disappointing that immediately calling her fake just because the way she talks. I at least wanted a good argument but found pathetic excuses for not liking her instead. "oh she acts to cute!" "Voice is so fake!" "Her toothbrush tutorial was disastrous on me!" Lame, lame, LAME! First of all her voice is the same in all her vids!!! Second of all oh so now that she acts cute you suddenly think shes fake? How do you know she doesn't act cute at home? That's her, just because you don't like it doesn't suddenly make it fake! And I'm sorry if the toothbrush didn't work for you that's sadly not her problem! Maybe you did it wrong? But it worked for her, and it probably worked for other people to! So the fact that you stopped liking her for the fact of the toothbrush thing I don't think is fair. Don't get all upset by this comment, but in opinion you didn't put any valid points as her being a guru that deserves less than what she's got! Have you read her profile on youtube? Well i advise you do then! She grew up extremely poor so she's probably very thankful for what she has and her vids are probably not for show! She works hard, no doubt!

    3:26PM, March 14, 2010

    wow you deleted my comment. Scared of a little criticism toward you huh?

    11:39 PM, March 15, 2010

  52. hi Citrine,I'm the girl who wrote my comment that compared WetnWild to Lancome.When i was in teenages,that aws all my friends and i used cuz their products suit youngage styles and budgets.I loved it to death cuz if i needed a new shade of eyeshadow to match my outfit for a party,i didn't need to be such a good girl to mom and beg her for it.Michelle started with affordable products and i loved how she help young girls know that they don't have to be rich to wear makeup.Maybe i was just so clear about personal love and makeup love so it sounded harsh but i didn't mean to bash her.I would be so proud if WETn WILD like my makeup styles that speakup the name of their brand.As i said,young girls use that product more than Lancome.I only use some of Lancome and alternate with drugstore ones for styles and budget.Sorry Citrine,if my comment put u in hard spot!

  53. Hi there,my daughter and her friends watch makeup tutorials so I involved in it and that's why I'm here.My 16yrs old wanted to try Michellephan's IQQUs but i refused to pay those prices and insisted she should wait awhile because the products are too new.Now it turned out with all bad reviews...,glad i waited.I'm a Lancome customer for 21yrs,i think they should've waited awhile like i did!!!Michelle said everything so positive about IQQUs without worrying about the results of her words so i hope Lancome will write a script on each product for her to read them like a book reader,not a spokesperson cuz after all,what does she know about Lancome to speak?I'm afraid she will mislead the young girls because skincare products and different types of skin require experts to analize the products in "I know what I'm talking about"way.I'm 42 yrs old and can't hate a young guru who entertains many young girls and I don't know why i can't speak up my real opinions on your blog while you ask "WHAT DO I THINK?".Do you know how hard it was for me to argue with my daughter why she had to wait before i let her try Iqqu?I don't want to have to wait on new products from Lancome because Michellephan promotes it.Citrine,your blog contains visitors' comments so you shouldn't make people afraid to write their real thoughts by doubting they might be Michelle's haters.If you doubt I could be one,I would feel insulted.I love Lancome and hope they will train Michelle for awhile until she knows how to speak for their products.

  54. Hi There (2:51AM June 11,2010):

    I have never said that you guys can't say whatever you want(as long as it's not commercial links), all I said was...It has become very difficult for me to keep track/address each and every one of you (I gave up replying back because I have no clue who I am talking to...), for all I know, you all could be the same person since you guys are all nameless...

    To each an every one of you anonymous visitors, all I am asking is that leave a name (basic respect , I would say), even a random letter along with your comments, is that even too much? Hello, you guys don't even need to punch in the word verification...

    If you guys really care, here is my short playground rule (that's currently being ignored).

  55. As a natural acting and talking like me,i found Phan doesn't have a skill of spokesperson cuz it sound too convincing and i get turned off when someone sound too sweet to be true.I agree with the wet n wild or Cover Girl for her age to suit younger consumers.Well,as long as they pay her good ,Wet n Wild are hot sale products for the economy condition.She acts and talks too "baby girl" while Lancome need a professional model with a more "grown up" voice for more mature advertisements.Citrine,what do you think about my comment.

  56. Randie:
    Thank God finally an actual person!

    Well, I am almost numb because I have said all I had to say. It shocked me that she was picked by Lancome (as I have said, I was thinking about brands like...well, Lime Crime...) as I personally think MP is not quite (or should I say, not even close?) at the same tier as Anne Hathaway or Kate Winslet...

    Anyway,I frankly don't care that much since Lancome is not really my favorite brand anyway (Well, when Stila has their new spokemodel/poster girl, I was so turned off that I don't feel like buying from them any more...)so, yeah...She is not getting on my nerve now.

  57. It's kind of out of your good concern toward cosmetic discussion on your blogs and i can relate to your feeling when someone make comments too straight on Michellephan.I think Lancome knew that if they didn't pick MP,some other lines would.But they didn't realize that their clients are mostly at the ages of more mature and have money to buy Lancome.The way Michelle wears makeup and her tutorials are for young girls who has no glue how to put eye shadows or liners on (I have to skip the crazy false lashes because I against that look,I think they make the girls look cheap and fake having them on).Most Lancome clients go to cosmetic counters and their artists are very skillful and show the clients how to put the right makeup on for their own eyes and face.Well,I know I won't let Michelle change my mind,so what Lancome did was like,letting a kid tell her mom what to do.She is popular on youtube because anyone can click on and watch for free.Citrine,if Youtube charge to click her vids,I don't think people will pay to watch.Lancome is a high price cosmetic line and if they think Michelle can convince the younger clients,yes she can,but they can't afford it.Then they will copy what they pick out from Michelle makeup shows but use drugstore brands for substitute.(Like a commentor said about Wet n Wild,she got the right point if you don't care about love or hate MP).Citrine,MP's fans or lover got to understand that ppl don't care for or don't like doesn't mean they HATE,so if they keep forcing or convincing ppl to "join the team" in a nasty way,they don't help MP at all.

  58. Citrine...I have to come back to you after I check the facts about the new Lancome vids!No kiddidng!The comments about that blue eye makeup for Lancome make me laugh to tears,what a joke with that "TRIANGLE LOVE" on her eyes,what's going on with Lancome?You need to tell me what you really think about that eye makeup.To me, the commentors above didn't exagerate at all.

  59. Randie:
    Actually almost all of her makeup looks are too wild for my personal taste so it makes very little difference to me whether it's the "blue triangle" or "romantic valentine"(I just don't like layering on foundation/concealer/powder...)
    I personally like more natural/toned down looks that don't scream "I am wearing an inch of makeup", like the ones from Snowkei, Arora and Yuki.

    So anyway, I am neutral, I mean, I really don't care, it's not like she is squeezing cleavage and going over-board on Anna Sui anyway...

  60. Citrine,I do believe in wearing make up to leave the house because it enhence all girls' looks,I go through steps...moisturrizer,foundation,eye shadows,liners,mascara,press powder...but I never go over the borderline where ppl shock to see me,even for years I saw hundreds of makeup models for many companies,I've never seen anyone wear makeup like Phan's.I got to tell you I have a good taste in fashions and I wonder how she got that many hits and fans.I saw all other gurus vids and don't understand why Phan got an extremely higher hit count than they do while (i hate to say this)she's nowhere close to Bubbi when it comes to Asian cutesy or appearance and techniques.LIFE ISN'T FAIR,so i wish someone will arrange a contest being voted by experts so other talented gurus can have their chances instead of publish someone by hit count,because i hit to see how she did that blue eye shadow twice didn't mean i go there for being her fan.Citrine,please let me know if I started sounding rough,but i can't help speaking up my honest thought.

  61. Randie:
    I have already said (for quite a few times in this thread) that I am neutral about the whole Michelle Phan deal. I watch something for fun does not necessarily mean that I will follow everything I watch. As for the taste in makeup, there isn't a definite "good" or "bad", it's either something you like, or something you don't (the same thing applies to visual art and music...I am a classicist myself doesn't mean I will bash people who like punk or rock). Being bold or not, people can chose to wear/watch whatever kind of makeup applications their hearts desire. It does not bother me which "Asian cutie pie" gets more hit. As I have said, I am a heterosexual woman and Asian myself so I seriously don't give a damn...

    After all, it's normal people who buy Lancome, not professional makeup artists so I don't think "professional rating" matters here.

    You are not sounding rough but I get the impression that you are looking for people who agree with you ("You need to tell me what do you think about that makeup!". Frankly, I don't.) I have already presented my points 3 months back and they still stands so I don't see the point asking me whether I think her looks are "ridiculous or not"... I am not saying that you can't express your views here, it's just that I don't have to agree with everything you said.

    MP can put on whatever she wants (as long as the Lancome people OK-ed it) and her viewers can chose to watch or not to watch, it's none of my business to butt in and tell Lancome "That's way too much, nobody is going to wear it out"... You know, it's not like MP is bothering people, instead, people are letting trivial matters getting on their nerve...

    So, just chill and put on some lip gloss :)

  62. CITRINE,I like how you talk as that how a person like me express myself of my choice to tell you my real feeling and what's my heart is speaking up to write you how I really feel.I DON'T HATE MICHELLEPHAN because I've just learn to know her and watch her vids knowing she's into LANCOME, she is not deserved the big deal,but deep down in my heart I don't want to criticize as a hater.Come to this point,I don't know what you want me to say in this blog because I don't want to be Michelle's hater. I don't hate her. I'm only honest,what do you want to know?I told you my real things for THE ART OF MAKEUP,nothing personal toward anyone.I like your blog because people give their comments in a very mature way and that was why I shed my real words.You made me feel like I wrote my words as a hater while I'm not.What did Michelle do make you and me bother writing about what she's doing with Lancome,so why did you bother having this blog?Citrine,I'm not anyone's supporter or hater,I said what's in my mind to you and you made me a Michelle's hater while I'm not.Citrine,I love the art of makeup no matter the person is gay or lesbian.It's simply MAKEUP.No hate or love!It's the art of makeup!I asked you what you think, you don't have to agree with me or other commentors.What do you want to hear from visitors who goes to your blog?I DON'T HATE MICHELLE PHAN!I think if MP reads this blog and pick out commentors' ideas in a smart way,she will learn and improve her skills and experience.Citrine,You made me feel bad being honest to you.

  63. Randie:
    I have never called or thought any of you as haters...It's just that this is a really old topic and I had said everything I feel like saying a few months back. Now, I frankly have nothing more to say/don't feel like replying (I can't say "Well said" or "I agree with you..." ) to each of new visitors' comments...

    From your comments, it seems like you are constantly asking me what *I* think about your thoughts... I am just telling you that I nothing new to add as of now. I am neutral then, I am still neutral now...

  64. Citrine,maybe i was just sensitive about how you sounded too careful as you don't want your blog to be looked as it's set on from haterS or jealous people,but when i chose to write my comments here,i know you made it for exchanging ideas.I agree that Phan's things is old and what ever we think will be what Lancome will learn because it's their choice,their money to pay Phan...hahaha...we just live our lives and laugh through people's problems'.hope you and I finally agree with this point,K,Citrine?Wish one day you and I can do eachother's makeup to see who can do better,I know I have stiff hands like a hard working man...(SUCK)hahaha...Thank you for your time and opinionS.We'll talk again,K?

  65. Okay. I know this is old. But did you see the photos Lancome posted of Michelle on their website?! She looks bad. Cakey bad. Press next to see more.

  66. I agree that her photos in the Lancome website are bad. They make her look 10 years old (she looks thirty)! It will actually put me off Lancome for sure!!!!

  67. Wow it's funny how you don't get pissed when people are anonymous and saying sh*t about Michelle and when people are just saying some nice things about her, or even disagreeing with you, you get pissed and say "Put a name or I won't post the comment" Girl get real. You're probably some really pissy b*tch that sits on couch watching MichellePhan vids all day and you hate on her vids. I bet you won't post this comment because you're a dumbass, but if you do thanks:)

  68. Lira:
    Just grow up, would ya?

    P.S. You are welcome :)

  69. I have been a Michelle Phan watcher on and off for a year and a half now. To be honest, Michelle Phan rarely has videos that interest me. I have used her green tea ice facial and it has given me good results, but I have not tried anything else outside of that and the anime eyes tutorial.

    For one, I wish she would use different models in her videos. She has used one model, but she was Asian. What about black, white, or Latino? I'm not trying to turn this into a race thing, but a good make-up guru knows that there are different women watching her videos and wanting to practice her techniques. They know that there are different things that work for different women. Michelle Phan seems to care about one type of audience and that is the young, white or Asian teens/young adults.

    I am also confused about what style and what audience she is trying to target. I have read some of the comments about her squeezing cleavage and showing leg to attract men, and I agree. She is so clever at doing it because of her soft voice and her "innocent" appearance. It's hard for someone who isn't really paying attention to notice. But after seeing her older videos and comparing those to her new videos, I can see how she is trying to "sex it up".

    I was also surprised to learn that Lancome had chosen her. Especially since she is trying to target (or at least appearing like she is trying to target), teens and young adults. I don't know many teens or young adults who can afford Lancome much less want to buy it. As you ladies have said, Lancome is for a more mature, sophisticated type of woman. Michelle Phan seems to be appealing to those who like to be more bold in their make-up.

    I do wish her (and Lancome) the best, though. Maybe Lancome picked her because they are trying to appeal to a younger crowd? Maybe they have plans to create something aimed at younger women. Who knows? As for Michelle, I am not sure why she agreed, but in a tough economy, when you're offered the money and opportunity, you're going to take it no matter what. So whatever she's trying to do, I wish her the best. I just hope she takes some time to see what she has evolved into and correct some of things she's doing wrong. From what I can see, she is losing watchers and many of them are going to more mature, just as if not more talented gurus, like some of you ladies have posted.

    Take care!

  70. Let me start by saying im not a fan but i like watching her videos,i find it entertaining when she keeps on bragging how clear her skin is when its obviously not,and her oozing confidence,she wrote something in her blog saying something like "im not bother when im not wearing makeup (shrugs shoulders)" and continue saying "thats not being conceited thats confidence".Nothing about her face is beautyful not even her skin,since shes a makeup guru,ofcourse everybody will judge her apearance

  71. I understand why Lancome hired Michelle Phan. She has alot of subscribers and "stage" presences. They look at her as a way into young peoples' pockets. Smart, but I don't think it will last and make much of a difference. Most people that watch her videos are 15-25 years old. High schoolers and college students..majority of them broke.

    I'm 25. I had a great job doing nails. Even still, I would rather buy a 7 dollar mascara than a 30 dollar one. I love my L'Oreal mascara. L'Oreal owns Lancome. I feel like Lancome (for the most part) is just L'Oreal with better packaging (maybe a little better in formula when it comes to skincare). I think alot of other girls would rather get more for their buck. Lancome is a more mature line. I don't think they can steer away from that unless they lower prices. But I don't think they will happen because Lancome is a luxury brand.

    I don't know Michelle personally to judge her. She is creative in some ways, but for the most part, I've seen it all before. I don't trust her skincare advice because she can only speak for herself, her own skin. Everyone's skin is different, therefore, everyone's skin with react differently to products. Something that works for her, won't work for someone else.
    Most of the things she does tutorials for are already out there, nothing really new. The cat litter was on Ellen from another women. Homemade scrubs recipes are always in magazines.

    As for her videos...she gets alot of visits because of the editing, music, and because she's pretty. EVerything is too rehearsed. But hey...she's known and successful for that. But I find it hard to know what her personality is when being so rehearsed.
    My favorite Youtube gurus are real, experienced makeup artists that have been in the industry almost 30 years combined: Pixiwoo sisters, Samantha and Nicola Chapman. Makeup Geek and Kandee Johnson are great too...real, experienced makeup artists. They call themselves Makeup Artists because they went to school and had jobs doing makeup for film, photographs, tv, extra. Michelle does video tutorials on herself and everyone calls her a makeup artist.

    Regardless of what we all say, she is the one making the money and the one that has the deal with Lancome. She got into it at the right time. Happy for her. But doesn't make me want to buy any Lancome products. Especially with the way the economy is going.

    GOOGLE/YOUTUBE PIXIWOO if you haven't already seen them. Great gurus with years of experience with all types of skin types and tones. They never cease to amaze me. Runway looks, basics, skincare, professionals, and real. I love that they aren't so crazy on the editing and special effects.

  72. i think what she is doing is great and innovative! i like some of her tutorials and have tried it at home.

  73. Wow michelle phan is like getting way sponsored. So now she is going to meet DJ Tiesto and plays his track on her latest tutorial - clubbing makeup. Contest winners also can get Tiesto's track by buying a Sandisk. I'm big into house music and think this is so cool.

    I love her make up looks and tutorials. I hope she can keep it real!! Sometimes I wonder though if she really likes Lancome products or she just has to use it in her videos. Lancome is a little pricey for me and wish she could use a variety of brands or something.

  74. I personally think she's gorgeous (:

  75. Lancome is smart at choosing her because Lancome isn't very popular with the younger market along with the Asian Market. Asian's consider Lancome to be old people makeup because their target customers are mostly older woman with money. But still Lancome is also stupid for hiring Michelle because of michelle's target audience are too young and poor to afford the makeup unless they are going to create a bargain line for young people.

    But still Lancome is also stupid for hiring Michelle because she has her own Skincare line which is a big joke and poor quality. If Lancome want to succeed Michelle should stop her skincare line before it drag Lancome's name down the dust. Afterall Iqqu has gave itself a bad rep already with the bad customer service and the many complain about the product was bad for their skin because of cheap ingredients in the products.

  76. I think Lancome is ruining their beautiful image by choosing Michelle Phan as their video spokesperson.

    There are many other likeable You Tube personalities they should have researched before just settling on beauty guru with the highest amount of subscribers.

  77. Though I don't approve of their owner's use of animal testing, I have always thought that Lancome is a very classy brand. Michelle Phan is not classy. She's a sellout and a narcissist (really, she quotes HERSELF several times in her own profile) and airs her dirty laundry out on BlogTV when her ex Carl Choi has said nothing but nice things about her, clearing up rumors.

    She has (had?) a rabbit named Mr. Bun Bun. It got sick and instead of doing the humane thing and putting it down when the doctors suggested it, she took it to church ("SO PRAY FER MR. BUN BUN :( :( :("). The poor thing suffered at the hospital for five days, during which she constantly tweeted about getting new TVs for friends, seemingly unaffected by her "best friend"'s imminent death. Now, I'm not sure if it's dead or not.

    Michelle Phan disgusts me. She's the Miley Cyrus of the cosmetics world. Somebody needs to give her a reality check. Phanbot is not cute.

  78. Honestly, I´m glad for her. She worked and still works a lot and it´s only natural that when if you work hard, you get a gain. =) And don´t tell me, you would refuse, if someone really BIG like Lancôme knocks on your door and asks you to use their products and leaves it up to you which looks you want to create. I mean, I know it´s hard for lots of people to share someones happiness without beeing jealous but be fair at least...

    I don´t get all the people who claim that she is now a fake and sellout (sellout just because she took a step forward? you can always get cheaper alternatives if Lancôme is not your cup of tea.). Think logical people, she has way less time then before so it´s kind of obvious that she hasn´t as much time to post a new video every week, as she still wants to keep the videos qualitative. Her voice is the same and she IS cute, so she doesn´t have to act cute. Also, I don´t get the impression she´s arrogant or something and yes, yes, yes, YES: Her skincare-line is my life-saver but it´s also possible that it works better on Asian people, as she made this and tested this first on herself. Oddly I´m not Asian but my skin seems to love asian products, so I switched to them.

    And one more point: There are 1948758947582 of make-up gurus and wannabes on youtube and all of them show you some everyday-make-up and I just love the fact that Michelle is more on the artistic side and creates such beautiful not-everyday-looks. Come on, as if you don´t know that it´s not wearable for school/job, it never menat to be it, it´s just like with haute couture, or did you ever see someone going to work with a Galliano couture dress (well..except for Lady Gaga maybe :D )?

    So all in all, I´m glad she got the opportunity and took the step forward. =)

  79. Her haters are jealous of her. Just that.

  80. I only recently discovered Michelle Phan...I think some of her looks are nice (like Tim Burton look) but what is WITH HER VOICE!! I read her blog and quite liked her honesty, but after watching her videos, I like her a lot just sounds so fake!

    I must prefer who is much prettier and doesn't pack on her make up as much.

    I did try Michelle Phan's coffee scrub though and that was pretty nice!

  81. I came across this page when I googled Michelle Phan. I used to like her videos before she became so commercialized. I totally agree that Lancome has chosen the wrong person to endorse their products as Phan do not fit the brand's image at all. She's too young and too all-over-the-place to represent a reputated matured brand like Lancome. I do not respect people who claimed fame from cyberspace who removes criticisms given by the public - if criticisms are unacceptable, they should stop putting themselves as public figures and get out of the public eye.

  82. I've seen a lot of hate towards MP and personally don't understand it, but I will say that some of her beauty advice is ridiculous. The toothbrush method is dangerous, and the sushi method is pointless. I think MP would have been more suited for a brand like Urban Decay, since most of her subs seem to be super young. Anyhow, best of luck to her either way!!

  83. To add on to my comments above - I also agree that Phan's videos are overly rehearsed, which makes her fake & trying too hard. She's not being herself as what she was when she started. YouTubers prefers to watch people who are real & geniune, and not someone who behaves the way a TV personality does..

  84. Well, I like her tutorials and yes, I've tried most of her advices about skin care routine and non of them hurt my skin or anything like that. Girls should be aware: those tips aren't going to work for just everyone, depends of skin type and lots of other things, so when and if you are trying any of tips, it is up to you. It isn't Michelle's mistake, or anyone else's.
    People are mostly jealous of her. I went to a forum where other girls are bashing gurus and I've been reading tons of stupid things. They are picking on her because Michelle works for Lancome and they call her lier because of such a minor things that they don't have proof about.
    Why are humans so deviant and evil? Why we can't enjoy someone's success?


  86. @ the commenter above,

    WHOA...calm dowm, dude. I LOL at what you said and I can imagine the smoke came out from your ass while you typing your comment. WTH is wrong with you? So whoever think negative about Michelle are all BECAUSE THEY JEALOUS OF HER? but jealous of what?

    She put herself on Youtube, and you expect all pp around the world have to like her works while she only has very amateur skills? You must be seriously crazy !!!

    Alright, she takes care of HER MOM, not MY MOM so you can't expect ppl to admire and appreciate her for that. All of what you said really don't make any sense at all. So if someone only be raised by one parent should be honor? Her mom left her dad to marry an Italian man, her younger sister is to prove it, you should never make it sound like the whole world has to owe her anything just because her mom raised her with another man, not her dad!

    Please recheck the facts, Michelle is called out al over the internet for her many lies and poor actions. Lancome has so much money, who worry about them? They pay Michelle to trap the young kids to buy their products, I'm sorry but their products can't beat Shiseido.

    I don't think Michelle can help them sell much at all, she lied about her IQQU products are FDA approved while they're not, who can trust what she says?

  87. A kind reminder to all of you. If you really want to express your disagreement, present your point (with a name), not your ability to cuss.

  88. Nice post. I am not a fan of Michelle Phan and will not be one in the future. Her makeup is perfect for those who have slanted eyes. I have double eyelids. Also I noticed that many of her skincare tips are rather too dangerous. For instance, she recommends people to use rice water. Umm, raw rice contains germs. Same goes in its water. You really do not want to use that on your skin.

    I must say I love makeup, but wouldn't go too far to wear lenses and fake lashes. Also I would not support looking romantic in a fake way. Some of her videos deal with that. In a way, that actually says a lot about her. She can feign to be something she is not. Sometimes I simply feel that she is ashamed to be an Asian because in majority of her videos she seems obsessed with making her eyes look bigger. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, she still looks Asian. There is really nothing wrong with that and she must learn to accept that while teaching everyone how to wear makeup.

  89. Oh, forgot to mention that she did steal one of my how to articles and made it sound like she learned it in college class.

  90. Hi there, actually using rice water to wash face is a very common beauty related practice in east Asia and I have known that since I was a child. If there are actually germs in rice and water (I drink and wash my face with tap water, and the content of tap water in US is regulated, unlike bottled water) the very purpose of our epidermis is to stop them from entering, I really don't see the problem on this part. (But I personally don't want to follow many other beauty tips she has, especially the ones invented by herself.)

    As for the copying, I do agree that many of her tips can be found elsewhere but it really is difficult to pin-point where exactly is it originated from(it could be her teacher). It's beauty tip, not a senior physics paper on ocean waves and gravitation... For example, a really jewelry "maker" is famous for her pretty Asian models and glittery Swarovski crystal pendant with silver necklaces and after she got big, she started to accuse other of copyright infringment because (she copyrighted one of her work) some girls basically just went to Hobby Lobby, buy a leave bail,heart shaped pendant, put them together and put it on a necklace...

    Is it stealing? When there is nothing technical about the making process and all the loose pieces are (and have been for years) available in craft store, years before she found her company. I am not defending her but I hope you see my point.

  91. Hi everyone. I've just searched Michelle Phan again on in the internet and I found this blog. It's quite amazing how a lot of people discussed for more than a year of Michelle Phan's makeup. 

    My name is Mai, and I am really young compare to all people here because I'm only 17 years old. I'm Vietnamese and my English is not perfect so pardon me if I make any mistakes. 

    I've been watching Phan's videos since September 2010 when a magazine in Vietnam had a post about her makeup. As I was new to makeup, I thought that she was really talented and even now, she's still talented to me. I followed her skin care treatment tutorials and all worked well for me.  Then today I found this blog and see the things I haven't seen from her makeup. 

    I would like to share with you my opinions about this topic and pardon me if I make it long. 

    I find it really hard to be creative all times as I am  an art student. I can see that Phan make up is creative and they are best for creative art (I'm in love with creativeness). Normally I prefer classy look, natural and gentle look so I don't use a strong make up. However, I sometimes use Phan's tutorials when need. I like the way she plays with the color so that I follow her instructions. I only use a small amount of color so that the colors are not strong and fake. It is amazing to me. The colors work with each other very well. That's why I like Michelle Phan as well as a lot of young girls like her. 

    Do you all think and see that young people are creative ? I personally think so. I like the way young people try everything they can in a positive way. That's why I like Phan's makeup ideas because they are creative and wild. I also like to apply makeup on other people's face whenever my school holds camps or parties. It's so great that I can create different looks for my friends thanks to Michelle Phan tutorials. 

  92. Michelle Phan has more than 100 videos quite a lot of them show people how to make up naturally. I wonder what people would think if they see Most of them are just Natural makeup again and again. I personally would think that the makeup guru is not CREATIVE at all. Obviously we see her videos are a lot "dramatic" and "wild" like Futuristic look, forest fairy, sailormoon, cat woman... Yes they are strange, dramatic, wild and not all the time wearable. But I wonder : What is the mean of posting a Natural makeup or normal wearable tutorial again for her when she already posted some and thousands of gurus posted that kind of tutorial on YouTube? It is boring to me. And if young girls find whole lot of natural things on YouTube already, will they even spend their time looking at Just Another Natural Makeup Tutorial ? As young girl won't be bother looking at her tutorial and as mature women won't care about Phan's advice because she's too young and not appropriate, Creativeness at Makeup is the only way out for her. 

    One condition I always look at Artist is the Creativeness. I would never call someone an artist if that person can not create something new in an arty way. I have to say that Michelle Phan is creative because she dare to make the difference. I like that Michelle Phan when she is not afraid to be herself : an artist. That's how she show to others her talent. 

    I like Michelle Phan, that's why I don't care too much about the matter "she seems fake and too sweet" or other little mistakes, details. Just imagine that you like Michelle Phan and support her, what you would think about her? You may think exactly what I think. I understand why a lot of women did not think Michelle is not good enough and tend to dislike her more than like. I think it's normal for women to dislike Immature things because women are normally grow up a lot and experience a lot in life. To me, it's like I hate the childish act I had when I was small. It's like women prefer real Classy thing, realistic and useful thing than Useless thing. When I enjoy creativeness of Phan's makeup, mature women don't find her tutorials useful for them.

    Michelle Phan said that she would like to know all responds and advices from her audience. She actually cares for her fans because she posts videos  fir different requests. She's really young and I'm sure that she doesn't have such a good taste with deep understanding of makeup and beauty like all of you. You are mature and experience a lot, you can help Michelle look at her mistakes, her wrongs so that she can correct, fix them in her best. It's like a mother teaching her children to grow up and act like adult. 

    I end it here and so sorry for any inappropriate language I may make in this comment. 

  93. Don't mean to be rude but she doesn't have to give us that many details on how she got into lancome it just makes us think she is fake. She should just sit back and relax. Michelle seems to be so stiff and always want expensive make up items. If she is so poor how can she be affording all those LanCome products ??You know what I mean?In all of her videos she keep talking about how her family is so POOR but where does SHE get a job to let her afford all those lancome make ups ...????And not to be rude or anything but my friend said she look like a ghost without make up and the lancome make up that Michellephan put on her face made my friend not even want to wear make up anymore. You should know that there was this trial that she has actually no make up on at all. On the video called Airplane beauty tips. She ignores her fan's messages does not even reply to any. CookingWithDog channel has more friends then her and they are able to reply but I don't understand why she cannot reply. Her type I can tell 100% fake gammer I never meet her parent's before so it proves nothing that shes poor or so whatever. If she is poor why is she spending all her money on those cutesy stuff and games??

  94. Is pretty funny how her so called "Friend Fans" say their haters are their jealousy why should we we got a better life rather then being on the computer or a game system 24/7... Why would we we spend are money on the things we like that are not crazy price. I do spend more then her but not the junk stuff that she buys. Make up has chemicals in it where else would the make up made from huh?People like her are considered wanna be michellephan top fan. Get off the computer and stop being a Michellephan holic or lancome waste money on stupid make up brands is just brand name makes no dam sense.


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