Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beauty Staples & Summer Must Have

A few months back I wanted to keep a list documenting/planning what kind of makeup I want to wear during summer (shimmering coral, bronze, bright nails colors etc.) but when summer actually came, under the hot weather, I don't feel like putting anything on my face after the thick (American) sunscreen...Tell you the truth, I don't even feel like putting on sunscreen because I tan no matter what, I just do it for the future damage that I can't see right now.

So instead of a list of things I won't wear, I will just do a beauty staple instead..since it's hot out there, the things will be kept simple so I don't generate too much heat in the process.

My Beauty Staples
: things I will use at the highest frequency... There is no actually makeup items that made this list because while I like to play with cosmetics when I have free time in the evening, I don't think they make me look any better nor the subtle enhancement is worth 5 minutes of snoozing. (It's like the more things I have on my face, the older/faker I feel.)

Sunscreen Actually I don't really panic when I am outdoor and not having sunscreen on...But I guess we should all start the anti-aging thing as early as I am training myself to at least put on sunscreen when I have the time to. Whenever I overslept, I will just wash my face (with water) brush my teeth, comb my hair and run...

By the way, all of the Neutrogena sunscreen kind of sucks...But for the amount of protection I don't get stinging (Garnier) or redness (Aveeno).

Oshima Tsubaki Oil : It's not a miracle oil, but a really nice basic that gets absorbed pretty quickly. (I like to use it as a eyelid moisturizer as it doesn't blur my vision like other oils.) It should work well as a hair serum but I am always afraid that I will overkill and turn into Snape.

Lip Balm: Something to keep my lips wet, I usually prefer oil or petrolatum based lip balm. ( Burt's Bees minty one is pretty good if you like the beewax formula.)

Clean & Clear Zit Zapper: Yeah, I still get pimples...

My Horn Combs : I don't really use hair brush (because of the potential mess) and plastic combs just cause some annoying statics and they scratch my scalp and I have a tendency to break them all the time.

Anyway, I am kind of collecting these hand craft combs (like how my mom collects handbags.) as they are quite practical and pretty at the same time.

Anna Sui Compact Mirror: Perfect size, perfect weight, comes with magnifying side, very anti scratch and low maintenance.

Tweezerman Tweezers They just grab the stray hair (instead of your epidermis) really well 100 times better than the 4-5 dollars Revlon but only a tad bit more expensive.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream: Makes my cuticle shiny and yummy if I use it overnight.

Of course, using the same bare minimum everyday is quite here is even a bigger list with some of my other favorites added. I think they are still quite basic. (Reads: something I use rather that just playing with.)

Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer : It's a bit glittery and gritty for some (many people in makeup alley apparently.) but it's the perfect super duper sheer illuminating tinted moisturizer...Well, it doesn't really tint, just has a white cast that takes quite a while to blend but I like it nevertheless because it smells so nice.

Stila brush # 21: It's just so soft and airy...

Jane Shimmering Blush in Wisteria: I feel compelled to put a blush because I list a blush brush as staple. Anyway, I have a few Jane cheek products and I think the quality is pretty darn good, like Benefit-good.

It's pretty nice if you want a bit of glow but minimal color...this looks somewhat cool pink on me...

Revlon Beyond Natural Nude Gloss in Rosy (I have returned the rancid one and got a new one!) It is a bit hard to blend but I like the natural finish it gives.

Natural peachy shades, thanks to the yellow tinge, it makes my teeth much less yellow (all the Dr. Pepper, Coke, Coffee, Green Tea are here to stay)...

Too Faced Flatbuki Brush : It's just really soft, although I prefer the control I have with natural bristle.

Floss: I eat everything and anything, including broccoli, beef know, stuff that bound to stuck to your teeth.

Any finally, here is my summer must have :

0.Teen Spirit Deodorant (This is more of a prerequisite for summer season.)
It's kind of weird that while I don't have a holy grail lip gloss (too many to choose!) or blush (actually I do, it's just that after having 2 tubes of Stila Cherry Crush and each tube lasted me for less that 15 applications...It feels like flushing money down toilet. ) but I have holy grail deodorant from Teen Spirit, the strawberry one just smells so yummy! I can't image ever going to other brands...

1. Reef Flip Flops - I always think that black strapy high heel sandals are really sexy, but for a person who runs all the time (No, I don't work out, I am just always in a hurry.) they are not very pratical not to mention I never really "dress up" for school nowadays. Black flip flops are the next best thing (when it comes to sexy shoes) in my opinion. Beside formal dresses or business suits, black flip flops match almost everything.

I have tried several brands of sandals: the dirt cheap Old Navy (wears off in a year) the "legendary" Havaianas (I have two pairs a normal and slim, and they both hurt), BCBGirls (the zebra prints fades and it's not that tough) and Cobian (not good for medium distance walking ...My favorite so far would be this pair from Reef, which has a arched soft foot bed and pretty strap that doesn't rub against my skin.

I have had this pair for 2 years already(In here 9 months out of 12 are sandals seasons so I do wear this all the time.) it never hurts, it's keeps the shape and color relatively well and it's still very comfortable. Anyway, it looks kind of nice when I paint my toenails red...

The only down side of this pair of sandals is that, it gives you a weird tan line. (Actually I just have the kind of skin type that tans super easily.)

It doesn't look that ridiculous in picture but I have this types of tan line on my thighs, my neck and my arms...It's like I am wearing a shirt on my skin.

My summer must have #2 Hair Pin. I have very dark (it's not raven black but since Chinese people are supposed to have black hair, so I call it black.) hair that's a little bit pass my collar bones so it can get really hot during summer because all the heat it absorbs.

I could put my hair into a pony tail but all my rubber bands have a tendency to disappear into nothingness once they are under my possession. (I have 2 dozens of those and they are just gone one by one...) not to mention they leave a mark on my hair. Anyway, I use a chopstick hair pin instead. At least this granny styled one is still here after I (Ok. my mom bought it...come on, I was a minor back then!) got it three years ago from a tourist's place in China called Feng Huang.
The woman with big rear (Although she covers it up pretty well) and a parasol is my mom.

I think the places is pretty cool if you like those long flowing dresses, horn combs, detailed embroidery clothing, granny style hair pins, handmade traditional silver jewelry...

When it comes to clothing preference...I am either the "geek" White freebie t-shirt, athletic shorts or khaki plus sneakers/flip flop is my way to go... Or the "granny" : bold colors, jade bangles...I dig stuff that can be found on a Chinese grandma.


  1. Hahaha this was fun to read! Granny stuff can be cool sometimes, ha.

  2. I cant do the hair like u do... the stick to hold hair... haha... I always turn into failure and end up do a pony tail... wink :]

  3. LOL Snape is never a good look. I have a flip flop tan too. I think I'm so cool (yea right). This post was funny. XD

  4. great tips! and the nude lipstick looks wonderful on you :D

  5. those are some pearly chompers!

  6. LOL "the woman with the big rear"

    You must have really thick hair to be able to put your hair up with a stick. Mine is too thin to be able to do that unless I tease the frick out of it.

  7. fuz:
    Sometime the things I like can be even old fashion for my own grandma...she doesn't bother with the hair pink (she just keep them short) or any accessories...


    My hair is around your length (but I don't have any layer...since American stylist usually screw up cutting my hair, I just chop them off myself...)


    I think I will star wearing a new sandals (doesn't seem to be as comfy as reef, but I hope I will break it in...) then I will have a cooler tan line...

    Did I actually give any tips?

    I am a bit ashamed that I had to use yellow tone lip gloss to make them look white nowadays...It used to look white even when I wear fuchsia...Anyway, I have kind of quit drinking those green tea/coke as if they are water so hopefully they won't get worse.

    My hair is actually not thick at all (probably limp to medium) , I think it's how to poke the bun...of course, if you have to much layers, it will be hard to find a place to where the pin can secure hair...

  8. good tips . i enjoyed reading about the stuff you use so i might consider getting some of those things for summer.

  9. Ushishi:
    I seriously don't remeber giving out any tips at all..but I am glad you like reading the crap I wrote.

  10. tee hee...i get those tan lines too!


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