Monday, June 29, 2009

Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer

It promises to brightens the face and provide a bit of moisture, it has a nice citrus smell, cute bottle, some fine shimmer to brightens up the face and comes with SPF 15 (I tan no matter what sunscreen I use). How good does that sound?

Back then when I got my first tube exactly four years ago, I was too lazy to use it and ended up slathered it all on my legs when I thought I has it for too long. I got another bottle last year and my skin was quite sensitive at the time to use it. ( as it looked like a 3rd degree burn aftermath. )

After a long reign of leave-it-alone policy,my skin finally started to behave. As I was cleaning things up, I feel sorry for tossing out those bottles of Clean & Clear I got last year during various sales and stared to using them again thinking that if it cause allergic reaction, it's just 1 more week of nothing on my face which is not a big deal at all.

Anyway, I think I like this quite a bit now my skin isn't that inflammatory. The texture is quite light as it gets absorbed really quickly even when I put many layers on (I have normal skin btw) , the scent is really nice and girly, the mica doesn't look unnatural (at least on me.) and the stuff really sink in and makes my skin comfortable in over air conditioned areas.

Anyway, I will make it blunt: If you have normal, smooth, fine textured skin with no break out, this would be a lovely addition (The SPF 15 doesn't do anything). Otherwise, you will most likely to hate it, like those girls in makeup alley who gave it a bad review because they expect it to turn their troubled skin glowy and healthy.


  1. LOL so why would people with smooth normal skin need this? :P That's funny how you defend it so much~

  2. Fuz:

    People with nice skin wouldn't "need" it or anything for that matter (my step mom is 40 and her bare skin texture looks a lot better than those 20 something who actually slather on layers of foundation)...

    It just makes a nice little difference with that bit of glow (It's like a built-in blush, with a sheen but no color...which is a bliss since my face gets pretty flushed during summer.)

    Anyway, I personally don't expect skin care items to do much beside their basic job, if it doesn't irritate, I will go all "hallelujah".

  3. I personally hate HATE HATE with the greatest passion Clean & Clear products.
    I had a massive pimple and thought the little tube of persagel-whatever it's called with 2% saliclyc acid would help but all it did was BURN with an abnormal amount of pain and my pimple flared up even more.
    Useless acne brand along with Noxcyema and I hate their commercials.
    On a happier note, I'm loving your blog and I'm going through the old posts looking for things to get.

  4. Phloem:
    I just saw your reply today (almost half a year...)Anyway, I am not a big fan of anything with salicylic acid either (Clean & Clear did released quite a few garbage items) I think their most basic/plain jane ones are alright though.


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