Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pink Lovers Come Here!

Actually, it just happens to be an all-pink post, I personally don't like pink that much (do dislike it either.) A little bit of girlie charm never hurts, right?

You all know I have bushy eyebrow. While I am not trying to do some major renovation (I don't like those obviously well-groomed brows) with them, I do make some effort to make them look less like a pair of caterpillar by picking the stray hairs and when I have some pretty tool to do the chore, trimming brows became an enjoyment.

I 've got myself a pair of real tweezerman tweezers! Well, the small tweezerette was nice enough but the tweezers -tweezers have better precision and control and because of the firm grip and sharp edges, it grabs hair right away without scraching off pieces of skin (Unlike those revlon ones) Plus, how can you say no to the price tag of 5 bucks (Was 12 in Urban Outfitters but apparently not many people wanted to buy it at that price.)

Well, I didn't pick the pink one intentionally, it's just that the butterfly pattern shows up the best in this vibrant color (the other one was in a very faint green that the white pattern barely shows.) Anyway, now my two tweezer match!

Another pointless purchase for my normally bloody shot eyes. (I've already have a bottle of eye drop that I bare remember to use) from, this eye drop claims that it has UV screen beside what eye drop normally do. The cooling sensation is medium compare to the Rohto Arctic I purchase from the drugstore here (that one is made in Japan as well, the package is just not as cute.)

I totally got it because just Aragaki Yui did their commercial , I kind of like her among all the other younger Japanese actress, although I am not about to make any comment about her singing...


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am coming over!!!!! I love love love the color! I"d go crazy!!! hahaha

  2. I LOVE pink!! Those tweezers are so cute!! I love the butterfly pattern.


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