Thursday, June 25, 2009

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream Lip Gloss

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream lip gloss came out sometime 2008, I waited for quite a while, undecided. But I finally get the one in Peach and love it.

The packaging is relatively ugly for a gloss but I like that it looks so plain so there is nothing to be scratched. (i.e, It's as ugly as it can get the moment you buy it.) and the tube design would be more convenient to use compared to those comes in a pot or with applicator.

The gloss is scented, but not too bothersome, what I don't love is the texture : It's somewhat difficult to get a even layer with this unless I do a lot of rubbing or apply it carefully with lip brush. (Why would they even bother to put it in a squeeze tube when it looks bad applied that way?) The great part is that once it settles, the finish kind of looks like that of a more lip-hugging version of a cream lipstick.

During summer, my skin gets really flushed and I kind of sweat like a donkey (as you can see from the picture below).
Beyond Natural cream gloss in Peach is actually very warm (yellow toned) itself but for some reason looks more pink once it's on my lips. (well they are very red to start with) So if your lips aren't bloody red like mine or if you skin is more towards the warm side, peachy will look a lot more yellow than my swatch. If you think that you have enough time to rub this around and like the texture, there is also other colors like rosy pink or plum for you to choose from.

P.S. The gloss only looks nice when your lips are moisturized to stared with (as it doesn't quench anything by itself) , it looked horrible when I was having one of those nasty lips day with massive peeling, bleeding, all dry and wrinkled up: The kind of thing I get every once in a while, especially at end of semester when I am stressed and run out hair to pull, lashes to cut...


  1. Wow I've actually tried this one! xD I hated the scent and the unevenness was terrible.

  2. First thought: The tube is ugly.

    But the swatch is nice :).

  3. Fuz:
    I think you are used to expensive ones as I am used to cheap stuff...I actually think that the scent is a lot more agreeable than that of Stila lip glaze or DiorKiss...

    The gloss does take a bit of rubbing/smacking but I actually like this once it settles,so I am about to try out more of these.


    The package is the only thing kept me from buying it (as it was out last year) but I think I like the quality quite a bit.


  4. The color looks very pretty but I don't think I'd like the texture. I don't like the packaging either.

  5. Gio:
    I think you are probably seeing more of my red lip color (gets redder when it's super hot or color) than this actual gloss, which makes it so pink...but I think the stuff itself is pretty nice. At least it doesn't make me look sick like other nude lip color.

  6. Hello...nice blog . I like the gloss very much. I'm not a fan of the package but i like the color peach.
    kisses. Daniela


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