Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Essence Plumping Lip Gloss in 01 Cool Down

So I am back (for a bit)... Not sure for how long. In one hand I still have a ton of new toys (despite recent low buy due to global pandemic /flight restrictions) but I hate this new blogger lay out with a passion and don't know how to revert to the old version. Anyway, I am glad that lip gloss is back for good (plump lips were always in style,during drying matte lip colors' reign, people just resorted to those crazy lip filler instead),not only it's everywhere in the drugstore, Stila is also bringing back their old lip glaze! 
essence Plumping Lip Gloss was a random purchase at Harmon, it was only 3 or 4 bucks and I could always use a bit of moisture. There was only one shade 01 Cool Down, a clear gloss with minty feel and very soft iridescence. 
The texture is a watery gel that's very hydrating and comforting. But it dries down into a thin flim rather quickly so the pretty shine is sort lived and not really handy (when I use it during colder day). 
For a clear gloss, the color (my lips but wet) is something that I reach for, I am just glad that I didn't hoard a  backup prematurely. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Fraud Alert - diamondms.vivian at Ebay

 Hi, it's your half hearted blogger (I hate the new blogger interface and life has gotten busy). Just a short PSA for ebay users. While searching for Lunasol Geminate eyes (yeah I  still love those), I noticed a seller stealing several of my blog pictures for four of her ebay listing. 

While it's nice having recognition (huh not really). It's very dishonest and mean using other images to sell stuff, when I have spent a lot of efforts on this (and I don't even know if she actually have any of those products herself). 

Whoever you are, please remove the infringing images. (If not, shame on you, I thought Canadians are nice).

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Wet n Wild Jungle Rock Lip Gloss in Freaky

This was supposed be a collaboration with Bretman Rock. (....and you know you are getting old when you have no clue who this Youtuber is). When I saw this gloss at the drugstore, I was instantly captivated by the holographic sheen and summery packaging, being only five bucks (I always wait for coupon code to buy Wet n Wild so it's usually around three bucks for me. 
Freaky is a clear gloss full of light pink and purple flakie kind of micro glitters while it looks like a disco ball, it more of less looks and functions like a clear gloss on the skin. 
The texture is standard Wet n Wild (moderately hydrating even the layer is a bit thin) the glitter particles are so fine that it isn't gritty at all. 
The shimmer looks visible in close up picture but it's just a fun clear gloss when you are a foot away. For three bucks it's a lovely toy and great little moisturizer but you are not missing out if you skip this collection. 

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Three Dimensional Visionary Eye Palette - 03 Amber Gazing

While the three months lock down was good for clearing out blogging backlog (for lip products) it's a little different for eyeshadow palettes...Yes I still have a bunch and they still bring me joy. It's just that I never feel dressy enough to wear these eyeshadow (somehow I am okay with wearing a ton of lip gloss with face mask). 

Just like many Japanese brands, Three overhauled their eyeshadow range and introduced a new line of quad in fall 2019. The range is called Dimensional Visionary Eye Palette, and their first color story was built around warm toned gems (Rose Quartz, Ammonite, Amber, Garnet and Lace Agate).
Initially I wasn't interested (gummy packaging and that cream pan in a powdery quad...) but a Chinese blogger I like (whose palette recommendation never fail me) and various magazine kept featuring Amber Gazing.  I had no choice but to get it, for science. Afterall, I am a huge fan of boring neutral with a kick. 
As for the compact...It seems that the gummy packaging is here to stay. I can't even depot it since it contains both powder and cream pans (depotting in a bigger compact means more flyover). 
Let's look at the four pans - Amber gazing has two satin, one matte and a cream pan. 
While it might not look much - The cream base is the star of the palette.  The complex spicey orange red is clear but not oily, I can see a sunny gold sheen with very tiny fuchsia glimmer peaking through. It's great at giving subtle depth to the eyes while looking a little more defined and polished. Instead of made up look, it just gives you a warm sultry gaze. 
Upper left there is a satiny warm rose gold - this is a shade that both defines and brighten.

The soft yellow on the lower right reminds me of spices from farmers market. Yellow eyeshadow has been trendy for a few years already (Thanks to Suqqu Himawari) and this one is more neutral leaning and subdued. 

Lower left is a matte brown that reminds me of cinnamon stick, it's pigmented and very easy to defuse. 
Three Amber Gazing (it doesn't look special here but trust me it's really unique). 

Summer isn't the best time for eyeshadow swatching since my skin gets so sweaty and greasy. I will revisit it when the weather gets cooler (Oh since it's summer and Three cream shadow is essential oil based, the wear time is crap now but it might get better in fall).