Canmake Stay on Balm Rouge Part II - Cherry, Alyssum, Dahlia and Earl Grey

Click Here for part one)  Despite being a lipstick snob, Canmake lippies occupy a special place in my heart. Their shades selection, which never looked cheap to start with, has evolved into something rather expensive-looking nowadays.

 I always ended up ignoring Canmake while visiting Japan (as I told myself there were too many pretty things, I couldn't simply buy "all teh toys"). As soon as I came back home, I kicked myself for not getting those cream blush and balm rouge at $6-7 bucks. Even with markup, they still worth every penny and actually outperform most mid-range highend options from Sephora.
Here are the newer shades from the brands, released within the last two or three years.
13 Milky Alyssum is a slightly milky (the smooth creamy dulce de leche way, not the chalky white base kind of milky) rosy that belongs to the innocent my lips but better category. When I first used it, I couldn't help but notice the formula has a slight improvement: Compared to the pink balm rouge in single digits, 13 feels lighter, smoother and actually hydrating. 
15 Elegant Dahlia, a alightly muted clear red comfirmed my suspition - There is indeed an upgrade. Now the the balm Rouge are actually quite hydrating (see the diminished lip lines!).
16. A clear milktea brown (with flattering red base) made me go "Canmake really has been upping its game". This feels like a color from Celvoke. 
13. 15 and 16. I wanted to add 14 (Orange coral) into my collection but will have to wait when international shipping resumes. 
(Oops misspelled Little) You can see from the one swipe swatches, 12 Little Plum Candy is draggier While the other three are clear with more dewy finish. The drag from the older shades were the reason that I just "liked" (but never loved) the balm rouge. 
12. Little Plum Candy is not in the group shot as it was purchased three years ago. I remember I was bringing a friend to Ume Cosme at East Village (I like to"sell" things/stores that I like to friends) and the friend looked at this and went "Looks like your kind of lipstick". Little did she know that I had already asked the store associate to grab me one...
Petit Cherry is a Cherry Red (well duh) - Mostly clear (not the same level of clarity as Elegant Dahlia) red with a brightening blue undertone. It's vibrant and happy. 
Anyway, formula wise 12 has the same texture as the earlier shades (before the improvement) - Still smooth, semi glossy balmy, vibrant yet wearable but the later shades are easier to slap on. 
Red Canmake Balm Rouge Comparison - I don't regret any of them but if you have to get one. 15 Elegant Dahlia has the best formula and most exquisite color. The relatively weaker pigment doesn't matter as it still shows up well and the smoother new formula is easier to build up.  12 Little Plum Candy is pretty but Revlon Wild Watermelon (this is ancient but I just got another off Amazon for 6 bucks) is a better pinkish coral red.
I like sheer red and I cannot lie.


  1. Ooh, I love your Canmake reviews! These look very tempting! I never bought these despite being always tempted because I don't exactly in love with the packaging (I loved the Jelly stick packaging, though). The Amazon price isn't too bad and they ship very fast so I've been buying Canmake stuff there. I was looking at the Mermaid skin UV gel the other day. Would you recommend it? :D

    1. I never tried the mermaid skin's just so tiny to use it on arms (cant use chemical sunscreen on face)....The newer balm Rouge are pretty darn good though.

  2. Nice! I have both 14 and 15, just haven't gotten to them yet ^.^"

    1. I am eyeballing 14 (something Poppy bouquet) as well but I will have to wait until they resume shipping...A clear warm coral will be lovely!

  3. Does Canmake make lipsticks? I find that I rarely use my tinted lip balms unless my lips are just dry af

    1. Yeah they have the melty luminous lipsticks (haven't tried them). The balm rouge are more like lipsticks than balm though, the colors are deep but distinct...

      My lips is super dry most time of the year so I reach for clear lip essence the most but these balm rouge is like lipstick with some balmy quality.

  4. for the past couple years or so, I've been wearing t04 chocolate lily ... love it!!

    just ordered melty 05 strawberry mocha, so excited :)

    1. Oh I was interested in that shade too (melty luminous lipstick) but it's so marked up here.

      I had to destash my first three tint balm rouge because they all look bright pink on me. But That t04 does look tempting!


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