Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream

First, happy birth day to Vladimir Lenin! (What? You didn't know that the very first Earth Day is on Lenin's centennial and the debut date of a Shostakovitch's Symphony in US?)

Anyway, let's discuss Russian! Or...maybe I should just talk about some "green" items since it's a beauty blog...

I personally am not a big fan of organic products because (mainly Burt's Bees) organic skin care items have caused some major allergic reaction on my skin...and organic cosmetics I've tried all kind of suck. I mean, I am better of not buying it (no carbon footprint whatsoever!) than putting on something that look like chalk dust on my face...

But I do like two type of organic products though, one is lip balm, because I eat all the time. The other is hand cream, because I eat all the time (fruits, chips, candies...)

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream. Sea Buckthorn, also known as seaberry, is an orange colored berry that's found...Screw it, go to the wiki page yourself. (P.S. The tube is not supposed to look like this, I think beside the OCD thing with built in applicator, I also have a ADHD with random stuff, consider the amount of makeup brushes I've messed up)

I have mixed feeling about the German brand Weleda. I've gotten a pack of their rose oil night cream (" for sensitive skin") last year and tried it in the evening, it gave me a full face of red little bump the next day...but I also have been liking one of their body cream that smells unbelievably yummy...

Anyway, I decided to take the risk and got this tube of hand cream at around 5 dollars while the normal retail price is $10. (Rip-off...)

What the hand cream looks like on my hand. (Yay! Mushroom with tail!)

The hand cream has a faint yellow color and a citrus smell that's from the mandarin and grapefruit oil (see complete ingredient here). The texture is a bit on the runny side, but it does get the job done quite well that the I can feel my hand sucks in the moisture and being smooth and happy (with out any feel of slicking silicone.)

It also feels quite light on my skin, like a lotion instead of hand "cream". I rub it in and it will dry in no time the nice scent doesn't really linger (like that Stila petal infusion moisturizer) but I can feel that my hands are good to go and I don't feel the need to reapply.

It would be totally keeper...but since I have that compulsion messing around with stuff when they can be messed around. The aluminum tube started to leak today (and I had it for 4 days...) ...Maybe I need to squeeze it in another container or just use it up quickly...

For people who are responsible adult (I am old enough, just not responsible...), this is a decent hand cream for the summer when you need some moisture for those air-conditioned place but not too much oily emollients.

Another good "green" products for the beauty addicts: Too Faced Flatbuki brush. (This is the only thing I got after wandering in Sephora for a good 30 minutes...)

The brush is slightly smaller than a normal tapered blush brush but it's perfect size to swipe across a Nars blush (or anything with a rectangular pan). I love the synthetic bristles, it's very soft and I could literally run it all over my face for hours when I have nothing to do. I think the hair is also planted deep inside the barrel, so there hasn't been any shedding at all after several washes.

The price isn't bad either, it was around 12/13 dollars and that's pretty good for something with this kind of cute packaging. I mean, I could go with the Eco-Tools ones but I find the packaging, especially the recycled aluminum barrel, a bit ugly. (I put blush on mainly because they make me feel good anyway, an ugly brush isn't going to help much.)

Anyway, how was your Earth day (Or were you celebrating Vlad's Birthday instead?) I got a free light bulb at the grocery store...


  1. I laughed when you said you eat your hand cream too! Wow, that's new! LOL The packaging of the hand cream looks too professional though, it's like talking serious hand cream business to me! :)

    Wow on the TOO FACED Kabuki brush toooo cute!

  2. I think I might celebrate both. That brush is so pretty and shiny! I want one.

  3. Haha, mushroom with tail! xD Yay, high five on not liking organic stuff!


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