Sunday, March 14, 2010

Run Chicken Run!

I have made it loud and clear in my post regarding my playground rule and on my comment form message but I guess some people just never listen. Here you go, from the chickens who don't even have the gut to back up their point with a mere identity.

New team member will be added to the roster until I run out of patience.

Run chickens run!
Anonymous said On Michelle Phan for Lancome, What do you think?
wow this is disappointing that immediately calling her fake just because the way she talks. I at least wanted a good argument but found pathetic excuses for not liking her instead. "oh she acts to cute!" "Voice is so fake!" "Her toothbrush tutorial was disastrous on me!" Lame, lame, LAME! First of all her voice is the same in all her vids!!! Second of all oh so now that she acts cute you suddenly think shes fake? How do you know she doesn't act cute at home? That's her, just because you don't like it doesn't suddenly make it fake! And I'm sorry if the toothbrush didn't work for you that's sadly not her problem! Maybe you did it wrong? But it worked for her, and it probably worked for other people to! So the fact that you stopped liking her for the fact of the toothbrush thing I don't think is fair. Don't get all upset by this comment, but in opinion you didn't put any valid points as her being a guru that deserves less than what she's got! Have you read her profile on youtube? Well i advise you do then! She grew up extremely poor so she's probably very thankful for what she has and her vids are probably not for show! She works hard, no doubt!
Woman/man, you just need to chill. I never said the toothbrush incident was her fault. In fact, I always blame myself for not bringing my common sense with me when I was watching her YouTube videos.
Anonymous on Bath and Body Works Lip Licious Lip Gloss
I love the passion fruit guava lip gloss by liplicious. It smells AMAZING, and tastes great while still giving my lips a cute pink color that isn't tooo pink. It also last a long time on my lips even if i eat and drink. I also have the fuitpunch which is also great and is in a little darker shade. All in all I love all of the liplicious lip glosses EXCEPT the pineapple one. it smells like vinegar to me. YUCK.

8:34PM, March 15, 2010
Anonymous (aka Chicken team captain) on Michelle Phan for Lancome
wow you deleted my comment. Scared of a little criticism toward you huh?
11:39 PM, March 15, 2010

Nope. More like annoyed by a chicken.

Anonymous said... Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Kitten
Kitten seems to be the dud among the colors. I saw swatches of the green and copper (i think) ones and they looks very pigmented and vibrant.

Anonymous said...Max Factor Ms Right Now Lipstick
Irene: I know what you mean. I wish I could wear it, but I think I would stand out way too much. Soft pinks it is for me! Also, the red looks beautiful on you. Sorta sucks about the "staying" power of it though, haha.
Anonymous said... Milani Creme de la Creme Collection
I am in love with these new glosses by 6.49 its a great deal I am loving strawberry cream gloss..its like pink with smoky eye
11:07 AM, April 05, 2010

I am running out of patience...
Anonymous said...Wet n Wild Jade Nail Polish and more Jade.
Where did you get your jade bracelet from? I love jade and am trying to find a bangle bracelet. Please e-mail me @ Thank you!
From my mom, in China. No, I don't do custom purchase.
Anonymous said...In NYC Individual Eye Palette
I was on the hunt for the N.Y.C. Bryant Park and fell into your blog. May I suggest to you that; before insulting someone's creation that has made them trillions of dollars, you use proper gramatical writing. Maybe then you could be taken seriously. And by the way, this is a wonderful line. I buy makeup that ranges all the way up to a hundred or so all the way down to a couple bucks.
Good for you.
Anonymous said On Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Coral Shimmer
Hi Citrine. Off topic but what do you think about circle lens? I think they're tacky and dangerous. I read an article on it that have been circulating on a very annoying guru.
Sorry, I am really sick of replying to nameless commenter...
Anonymous said... Inspiration of the day: Angelababy
i think she's toooo skinny.

Anonymous said...
Did she ever get plastic surgery? I'm curious.
Anonymous said...
well if dont care about promotion then whats your goal for this blog? if you really dont care, you could make the blog private..
why are u being so defensive? im just asking a SIMPLE question. you gotta chill seriously. i really like your blog and think that its probably one of the best beauty blogs. i reference to your website BEFORE buying makeups. and u also take really good pictures and your reviews are really honest. but being a blogger, u cant be so defensive, you'll stress yourself out. why do i say that youre defensive? to those who comment on your blog who are being sympathetic to you, you seem to be really nice. but to me, (im not even being negative or sinistic-im just asking a question) you snap right away. 3:32 AM, October 02, 2011

PSHHH. okay sure. You got meee! I am sandy tings. (whoever the hell that is) You mustve really have serious issues in real life dont u. something like trust issues, emotional issues, letting go issues, paranoia, jealousy issues. i feel really bad for your boyfried-if u have one. go deal with it before u ramble it on ur blog dumbass. ps:im guessing youre not that smart (your conclusions for number 2+3 is just really sad and lame)
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