Thursday, March 11, 2010

Playground rules, administrative matters, commenting system change

Hi guys, this is just a really quick (God knows if it's going to turn out like a doctoral dissertation again) announcement regarding my new "playground rules" . I think that I had (and still have) a very liberal approach when it comes to managing the blog but sometime I feel that the open system is being abused and as the owner of Citrine's Blog, I feel that it's time to do some household cleaning. (Scroll down to the very bottom to see my added playground rules in case this gets too long.)

Claudia the cranky cat is mildly...cross that, very annoyed

Bottom Line: I would let you say whatever you want (personal attack with foul language not included), as long as there isn't a commercial link.Your comments are not moderated/censored beforehand, as always.

Comment Moderation: I moderate the comments on posts older than 7 days because it's a much easier way to check if someone has written something/asked a question on a 6 months old topic, compared to using the typical e-mail notification, which sends me notification for every freaking comment (including the ones left by myself)...

Anonymous comment: I reckon people without a Google account/blog would also like to participate in a small discussion or share their opinion and that's why my current setting is "Open to everybody". I was fine with that until very recently, there has been so many comments from "nameless people" that I had to go "Anonymous no.1,2,3,4..." when I replied back... I respect your freedom of speech that's why I let you say anything you want as long as it's on-topic but guess what do I get in return?

"You are a racist stuck up." , "Write in proper English" (Be glad that I didn't run through my posts with lolspeak translator), "You are wasting a hell lot of money" etc. While I really don't care about comments from chickens (or chicken?) who don't even have the gut to back up their "points" with a mere identity. It annoys me that I am giving all of you the impression that you can get away with attacking people (me, Michelle Phan, Lynn Tilton and people who like to buy stuff...) just because you are hidden behind the anonymous mask. (For a bystanders' point of view, they would think I agree with your comment by allowing such immaturity to be shown. )

I know most of the anonymous commenter's are not whiny pussies like those selected few but how can I tell if you all are the same person? Do you just expect me to identify you by that two sentences you have said (or do you want me to run a IP check on you)? I am sorry that I am not the person who spends hours analyzing comments left by unknown people so in my brain, I labeled you as Anonymous no.1-x while you guys exist as a single person, who apparently thinks that I don't deserve your (not even a made-up) name to address you back.

There is nothing wrong being an @$$, but do you have the gut to back up what you have said?

Beside the basic respect (to yourself and to me)a name means, we all know the same piece of message can be interpreted differently when you use a different methods of delivery. When I see a comment like "Your hand looks [like that of a]'s perfect!" from a nameless person, I would think it's very creepy and automatically think you are one of those oh-I-can-make-fun-of-her-with-no-string-attached people because that's how human cognition works: We establish definition of a new mental note entry by relating to what we have seen that are similar (in this case, the anonymous identity and the large percentage of insult I get from anonymous speakers).

In another hand
, if you left the comment with your name. I would take it as a compliment from a reader. (I probably wouldn't say thank you because I am tired of typing the same response to the exact same comments for more than 100 times...) In a nutshell, I tend to respect people with a name and I usually don't take anonymous comment too seriously.

For people who care- This is how you leave a non-anonymous comment (if you don't have a blog, Google account or you have one but don't want me to find out about it). First, click and scroll down the select profile bar.

Click name/URL
Type whatever name you like to be called (Even a single letter is better than nothing) followed by what you want to say. I would say the process is pretty short and painless, and if you think that's too much time to wasted on me, just don't waste your time typing a comment at all.

Anyway, I have presented my points (Frankly I owe you no apology/explanation, it's my blog after all...) that's my rationale behind the new policy change, which itself is not very long or tedious. The playground new rules, effective 03/11/2010, are

-Anonymous/nameless comments will be deleted whenever I see one, for the ones that are somewhat contextual/long, I would copy and paste them to one single thread, as my feeble attempt to preserve your freedom of speech/ right to bitch.

-I will start ignoring (not replying) non-contextual comments such as "That's pretty", "Very gorgeous color", "You are funny" because (it's not your fault) I am simply getting tired of wasting my energy saying "Thanks" when I don't even mean it.

-For those people go, "I just found out your blog (for the fifth time) and love it! Visit me at shameless self promoter dot blogspot dot come!" Leave me alone! I am not even that popular.

The fact that I am lenient does not mean I am a push-over, thanks for reading and understanding. (Comments are welcomed, nameless ones will be removed.)



  1. Are nicknames okay? =P

  2. Daituf:
    *Ignoring you*
    DP soap:
    Lol, it's fine.

  3. "I would let you say whatever you want (foul language not included)"

    so i cant say my fave word "fuck" anymore? :(

  4. Simple Elegance:
    Oh, feel free to use it, I meant dirty words for personal attack (like something like "she is xxxxing ugly","you are fxxxing idiot" )...


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