Monday, February 15, 2010

Bath and Body Works Liplicious Gloss

I was in the mall on Saturday and saw those cute Bath and Body work lip gloss (7 dollars a piece and buy two get one free.) with four new shades added and one of them is a delicious candy coral! Anyway, it seems that the color hasn't made it to the website yet so I just took a random stock picture to be the cover page.
To read more about these glosses by Bath and Body Works, you can go to Dalenna's blog (which also has a lot of other clean-cut reviews on lip gloss , skincare and haircare and a ton of soaps) If you hate my blog with all those BS, you will still love hers.

Back to the liplicious glosses- The four new shades being added are Blue Colada- Sheer shimmering blue, Cherry Gelato- Sheer shimmering cherry red (reminds me of Lancome Cherry on Top), Passion Fruit Guava - Shimmering milky candy coral and Saltwater Taffy, a sheer dusty lilac with silver shimmer.

There isn't much sunlight indoor so my swatch turned out a bit purple (again), sorry for my horrible blood circulation.

The texture of these glosses aren't really tacky or gooey, the ones that are labeled sheer are extremely translucent so they will just look clear on me. As of the centerpiece, the Candy Coral has a very delicious color and fruity scent but the color payoff and the consistency are still not good enough to reach my gotta-get-it threshold (for the price tag).

You all know I usually go for the 1-2dollar range when it comes to non-highend glosses), right?


  1. babe
    how many lipglosses do you have now?

  2. Urgh...It's hard to say since they are lying everywhere (I am guessing 100 ish?)

    Yikes, I need to get help...

  3. ooh...
    im assuming u dont believe the whole thing abt stuff expiring an having to throw it away? Because i can believe it for liquids but i defo don't believe that powders expire unless they start to smell funny, which none of mine have...

  4. Oh, I have tried 100-ish but I probably have 40-50 (maybe 60-70?) tubes of glosses with me at the moment...I use those up all the time and I do throw away glosses that piss me off (too sheer, too gunky, make me gag ...) and smell funny so right now all the glosses I have are less than a year old...

    Oh, a friend of mine kind of help me on the issue as well, if she sees any new-looking squeegee tube ones, she will just go "Ahh, I am just going to take it since you have so many..."

  5. Hey Citrine!

    I actually like all the tidbid you post on your blog!!! After getting all soaped out from me, at least people get refreshed reading your randomness :)

    Ooohh...I like the Cherry Gelato. Oh yeah, and also, recently I stumbled across a really pigmented gloss stick I seriously think you'll like. One of the colors is similar to Cherry Gelato, only much more pigmented. Another color is a bubblegum pink with a hint of fuchsia. I'll review them all later.


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