Saturday, March 27, 2010

Milani Creme de la Creme Collection

The much anticipated (at least by me) Milani spring collection is finally here!
Unfortunatly it's an all-pink (my least favorite color) collection and the name...
Créme de la Créme - Créme brulip color gloss and nail lacquer...
There are 2 creamy pink nail colors and 4 creme blulip color glosses in the Sweets-Inspired (Candy seems to be another big theme in the season) collection, I am not feeling for anything so far.I guess it would be nice to try the limited edition gloss but there is so little conent in each tube (2.4ml)...


  1. I love all sweet collections...:)

  2. Are you going to review some? I can't wait to see what you review. I been meaning for a pink manicure.... I might check them out.

  3. Cacau:
    I am more interested in the huge lollipop she is

    Nope, I hate pink.

  4. Nude pinks galore~ Just right up my alley. If only I have Milani in my country. T_T


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