Friday, December 12, 2008

Eyeliner Pecils from Stila, Wet n Wild, Almay and more

You know that I have a thing with colored eyeliners right? Since black looks a little bit harsh on my skin, brown just disappears when I open my eyes, but the colored ones, while they aren't all that screaming loud as some vibrant eye shadow, people can definitely notice it when I blink.

"You are wearing blue liner?"


Quick line up of all the colorful crayons I have: 2 Stila Kajal Eyeliners in Aquamarine and Rose Quartz, 2 from Physician's formula Organic wear in Black Sea Organic and Black Olive Organic, two from L'Oreal (Emerald and Sapphire) , and 3 from wet n Wild (Sky blue, turq and Amethyst) ...
The swatch followed by some quick words (they are short because I found out that eyeliner pencil is just not for me...While most of them doesn't go onto my eyelid at all, all of the them smudge on me...I will just write a review for people with better luck than me.)

Kajal eyeliner in 1. Aquamarine 2.Rose Quartz and 3. Onyx( this is from convertible eye color)
Stila eyeliner pencil is the creamiest and most pigmented of all, very soft and very easy to apply, but since it's so creamy that they smudge on my eye lids right away (within an hour) so I like to use the lighter shade to high light the inner corners of my eyes only since it doesn't matter when lighter colors smear.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear
They are 100% environment friendly for those of you who care, I don't express my love through buying cosmetics so it does not concern me, actually organic skincare tend to give me more irritation.

The pencil is actually very decent, while it's not as soft as Stila (it's only half the price!) , it doesn't poke my eyes and the fact that it's harder makes it much easier to draw a fine line. The color is quite pigmented that it looks more or less just black on my eye unless you are under direct sunlight.

Not very pigmented, too soft to draw a fine line, the formula is too waxy that it doesn't go on my eyes (Even from the back of the hand, it took me a few glides to get this much color.)

Wet n Wild
Very cheap (got them for 50 cents a piece), colors compared to the L'Oreal ones are not that shabby at all, but it's a bit too soft that it breaks easily and I have some trouble getting the color on...

This is actually a very intense black pencil, only second to Stila with a price that's much more adorable. The formula is the most long-lasting of all the pencils I have. A good basic.

Conclusion? Let's head to gel and power next time...


  1. I want colored liners too and thanks for the wonderful review and comparison :)

  2. Thanks for the reviews and the swatches. The Stila eyeliners look gorgeous! Too bad they smudge on you though.

  3. my faves are the wet 'n wild... <3 <3 <3 your blog,citrine!thanks for all the great reviews and awesome swatches- you're great with makeup and it always looks great on you in your swatching photos. Amazing photography, btw!


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