Monday, May 04, 2009

Top 10 Favorite Lip Gloss

Tell you the truth, most of the lip gloss looks very similar anyway plus my preference changes every week so it's hard to pick when a girl sent me an e-mail asking what my top 10 favorite lip gloss are.

But I do have a couple of lip products that I reach for more than the others at this moment here they are in no particular order.

1. DiorKiss Granny Smith 308 (LE)
The glitters are huge and the scent and taste are both a bit bothersome, but it's the most natural looking "peachy" gloss I have.

btw, It's a limited edition spring 2008 so don't bother finding it.

2. Wet n Wild Pink Amethyst (LE)
The lilac sheen it has is really pretty and the finish is not sticky and it smells yummy. (The gloss makes my lips look like slugs though.)

3. Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment in Baguette
Slightly Sticky but otherwise pretty neat product.

4. Sally Hansen Lipnotic Gem Gloss
The finish is very light and jelly like, watery yet it looks quite dazzling under strong light. The one is picture is Bejeweled.

5. Lancome Juicy Tube in any Shimmer free shades
Favorite was the green Kiwi Slice (click here for the swatch) I am not going to swatch for all of them since they are look the same, this gives a nice juicy shine and a little pop of color, super long lasting.

6. Wet n Wild Speed Shine in Untamed
It has visible silver shimmer but it doesn't show, color is very flattering, not sticky and it feels very minty.

7.Babypink Lip Gloss Jelly (in any shimmer free shade)
It's a Japanese low-end brand I got in Hong Kong, scent free and the color and finish are both very juicy yet natural looking.

8.MAC hello Kitty Popster (LE)
I love the scent and packaging. Don't enjoy using it as often because I need a brush to use it and I don't remember where I put my lip brush. (Time consuming to apply too.)

9. Lancome Le Rouge Absolu in Satin Fuchsia

Not really a lip gloss but I love the color, finish and how moisturizing it is.

10. Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm

Randomly, today is Conan's birthday! (He has been a 7 year old for the past 13 (or 14 ?) years?


  1. I wanna try that DiorKiss so much!

  2. hmm I kind of regret getting Pink Fish and not Popster...
    Yea I wanna try that DiorKiss too! It's so sad that it's discontinued...

  3. They still have that Dior at my favourite boutique :-P.
    Now I just need to save up and get it already >:-) ;D.

  4. Cris:
    They still have it? Wow, in US it ran out online march last year...

  5. In Europe they tend to keep stuff until it rots >:-). (I mean it - I found some expired Stila tinted moisturiser - at Sephora.) Also people aren't really into make-up in this country so things (especially 'unusual' ones) rarely sell out ;).

  6. I love Conan, it is kind of funny how none of them aged after so many years though


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