Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lip Gloss Galore: Babypink Lip Jelly

I have pretty low expectation ( I think) on lip gloss, I just want them to moisturize, add a little bit watery sheen and last but not least: to stay put. This gloss does it all without being expensive, so let's give it two thumbs up!

The fantastic four!

Babypink was my very first tube of lip gloss I got when I was about 13/14 years old, and so far, it was the only lip gloss that I actually finish using (instead of using 10% and through away when it start to smell funny) and kept buying.
Quick Info Regarding Babypink:

Available: In lots of self serve beauty store in Hong Kong. Or you can go to sasa's website.

Brand Image: Girlie, Drugstore Goodies

Color: Most of color are very girlie and sheer (but definitely show well).

Lasting Power: Very long lasting ( Unlike Juicy Tubes type, that keep the finish glassy, this thing fades in 3 hours, but lips will still be moisturized with a wet feel.

Pro: Beautiful wash of color, It's fragrance free and has aloe and vitamin E. Dirt-cheap: A tube (half the size of Juicy Tube) will only cost 2-3 dollars, beware of the eBayer who charge 15 bucks for this!

Con: One of the stickiest gloss I've come across but again, if you are used to Juicy Tubes, DiorKiss or Mac lipglass, this is actually quite watery... Because the dome-shaped applicator, it's not as easy to spread and it's more likely to leak if you don't shut it well.

Back to the pictures, this is the shade I got back then, the "it pink". (My mom couldn't find this shade when she was at Hong Kong)

So she got my the ones in Mulberry, Orange and Pearl. Isn't the packaging so cute? (btw, the middle one might be mulberry instead of raspberry.)
Sheer berry tint.

Warm Orange

The Girlie Trio

I got these two tubes back in 2006 and see how much I used. These two shades, Cherry and Raspberry (I don't remember the name that well now...) are probably my favorite, the sheer pink is very natural (it shows!) and gives my lip some transparent depth, the one in cherry red has some golden shimmer and it's very easy to pull of. (I think I look better in cherry red gloss than pink ones)
The pink one taken during the day. (I thought Juicy tube is a tad bit more glassy than I want my gloss to be) . This gloss does it all not to mention it's super cheap!
The red one taken during the evening. ( I would describe babypink as a slightly less glassy version of Juicy Tube or a glitter free version of DiorKiss...)


  1. Hi! I've been looking all over for these lipglosses! I love them cos they're so lovely and shiny and long-lsting :) I'm from Singapore, and can't seem to find them anywhere, and thought that they might have been discontinued, so it was lovely to read your blog post. Do you know if they are still available in HK? :)

    Thanks so much for your time!


  2. Hi Faithy:

    I am glad you like these too they are simply my all time favorite clear gloss, even beats juicy tube if it's available in US for that price...

    I've asked my mom to look for those in Hong Kong last year and she said that it disappeared from the SASA in Hong Kong...I don't know why, but she was able to find in in the SASA (or that kind of cosmetic store) in Macau instead , which is quite close to HK , go check out there if you get a chance...


  3. Maybe I'm wrong, but I remember Babypink used to have a different range of colors when I bought them about 10 years ago at a NYC Japanese market...Like more shimmery shades similar to that second photo of the "it pink". The one I always got was a peachy-pink with shimmer. They were under $8 (US) which was such a pleasant surprise. I agree, it was VERY sticky, but lasted for a long time.

    I wish I had kept the packaging. They're no longer listed on the Bison website so I do think they were discontinued a few years ago. The closest gloss that is similar and lasts long for me is maybe Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss....but Babypink was stickier and cuter.

    Thanks for the post....brings a sense of nostalgia. Babypink was also the only gloss that I finished up and purchased more than once.

    1. There are bolder and more shimmery ones (the very first one I have was a shimmery bright pink and I also got a cherry-red with golden shimmer)but I think I only went for the translucent ones when I saw them at Hong Kong.


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