Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sally Hansen Diamond 12 hr Lip Treatment in Baguette

It's time to bring on more of my favorite brands for lip products: Sally Hansen. this time it's one of the new products from the new collection in 2008! And you know...I got one in fuchsia to fit in the theme for this month.

Isn't that the cutest tube ever?

Since the setting sun warmed the color up quite a bit, I took another picture with a neutral lighting later.

Just from the name, the Diamond 12 hour Lip Treatment reminds me of the Diamond Lip Treatment they have, which I love since I was in high school (and consumed three tubes so far) for their finish, scent and bright yet wearable color (my only minor complain is that the silver glitters are tad too big).

I get the one in a blue based pink called Baguette, the besting selling shade in this range. Guess what, it's is indeed the revamped version of the old thing: While the texture (slightly sticky but a lot better than Stila and Lancome) and soft minty vanilla scent and bright yet wearable color are the same...the huge glitters are all gone, instead, you get a some sparse silver specks in the lilac iridescence that sometime just add some depth to the color without even showing up.

I love the texture as well, it's soft and balmy and feels very comfortable. The color does show, but since my skin has a pink undertone and my lips are very pigmented, it looks like it's a clear gloss here. (You might be able to see the lilac sheen it has.) Just when the acne marks I had faded, I got a new zit...

Of course, they don't just give you a better one with no string attached. In the new and pretty tube of gloss, there is only 0.088oz/ 2.6ml of actual product, 50% that of the old thing...yet it's 1,2 dollars more expensive. Around 6 to 7 dollars a piece.


  1. Wow you have really juicy looking lips!! :D

  2. Shame on them for messing with the size >:-/...And I don't like those dots on the cap, lol.
    But it looks great on you :).

  3. It looks great on you! You have beautiful lips!


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