Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wet n Wild Diamond Brilliance Lip Sheen

Another post about the my ultimate drugstores brand. Apparently, I just can't get enough Wet n Wild. This time is another Diamond Brilliance Lip Sheen, in Pink Amethyst. (For the people who can get a hold of it, hurry up since it's another limited edition item!)What caught my eyes what the beautiful color too bad I couldn't capture it with the camera lens, the creamy light pink has a very pretty lilac sheen allover the gloss. ( hence the name pink amethyst. ) The gloss itself has a much different texture that this one is a lot easier to apply than the one in red I've tried, in Tamara's Tiara. (Which in my opinion is more like a lipstick with a thicker texture) It nevertheless has good pigmentation despite the jelly texture...

The formula is a lot runnier/more moisturizing than last one I've tried but purple plus pink just... I thought my lips look like a pair of slugs.Blue/Purple gloss, be it transparent or creamy, as long as the color shows, the gloss will make me look sick, but I just kept buying them because I like how they look in the tube.

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