Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Pin Up Peach - Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick

You all know my routine with Maybelline (Revlon too) - Whenever they release something coral and/or orange, I buy them (simple as that) because they come up with shades that are usually fairly unique and flattering.  After a few months of resistance (and a mini clean up of my stash) - I finally caved in and got one of the Color Whisper Lipsticks.
The packaging is fairly attractive: Slim, light-but-not-flimsy tube with a cylindrical bullet that's crisp at the edges but a little dome-shaped at the top. Each lid is color coded to a certain degree (they are in the same color family but not necessarily the same color so the tinted lid actually kind of stops you from seeing what's inside).
Pin Up Peach is a light-medium pink coral with very fine golden shimmer, it's actually reasonably unique since most drugstore coral tend to be more orange than pink. The scent is a sort of lovely creamy-fruity one and the lipstick glides like L'Oreal Colour Riche lip balm (just a little wetter, thinner, not as gel-balm-like).
Revlon Peach Parfait, Maquillage PK 372, Maybelline Fruit Punch, Pin Up Peach, Coral Crush, theBalm Tutti my Frutti. The color is also in the same category as Paul & Joe Poppy (Well, I misplaced/lost it ages ago and the range is already revamped so I am not sure what's the name anyway)  
 Pin Up Peach - Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick The color is sheer in one swipe but you can build it up with layers (without using a huge chunk of product like with some Revlon Lip Butter) and I find the color very breezy and spring-friendly. Anyway, there is still a noticeable bit (maybe around 25-30% of the whole thing) of that undesirable slip that I associate with cheaper lipsticks like Physicians Formula Happy Booster Lipsticks and some elf lip palette. So some parts of it hugs the lip contour evenly while other parts just sits on top (when it dries, that portion just forms a little bit of film). 

Overall: To me, the formula is a step down from the discontinued Color Sensational High Shine lipstick (the only Maybelline semi-see-through before Color Whisper is being introduced) but I find the color delightful. I think I will try the shimmer-free one since I heard that they give more of a gel-like finish.


  1. I have pink possibilities and orange attitude from this range and love them both. Both are more pigmented, I think, than what you described here with delightful application and finish. I haven't experienced any clinging similar to this here. Wonder why that is

    1. I think both shades you mentioned (at least I know orange attitude was gel-formula) are shimmer free? From my personal experience, the shimmery ones usually have more of a slip (because the ingredients like mica gives both sheen and slip, like how talc works), sometime it fills the lipstick in a nice way but other times maybe the brand just did something different (and better) on the ones without this kind of filler/helper. Anyway, I think I will give Red Around Town a try before that display is gone, it looks jelly from the reviews I have searched.


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