Friday, June 24, 2011

Maybelline Fruit Punch Color Sensational High Shine Lipstick

It seems forever since I last reviewed a Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lipstick so here is another one (five more to go!) for you all. Yes, it's yet another coral ...
Fruit Punch is a medium-deep bright yellow-pink (or pinkish/reddish coral)with micro glitter and a sorbet texture. Like the shade Coral Lustre I have reviewed, it's sheer at first swipe but builds up pretty quickly to sort of an opaque finish.
Shade wise,Fruit Punch is like an lipstick version of Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss Strawberry (only a lot smoother, more pigmented and better smelling) or a pinker, shinier sister of (Color Sensational) Coral Crush. If you like either shade, you are very likely to like fall in love with Fruit Punch.
On the lips, Maybelline Fruit Punch give a sheen, very comfortable and moisturizing wear and the color is simply...sensational(cheesy but I don't care) and perfect for summer. This "coral" kind of pulls hot pink on me but I like it either way.

Overall - A must-have for bright lipstick (and frankly it's not that bright and you can always take it easy on the layering)lovers and an amazing lipstick period. For those of you who have Revlon Strawberry in your to-buy lists, you can cross it out and add this instead.


  1. I love those fruity colours! mmmm!

  2. This is lovely, really does look like fruit punch. But this post also cemented my need to get coral crush!

  3. looks delicious on you. I need to go swatch this.

  4. Jamilla:
    I love those too :)

    Why not getting both (wait for a 40% off sale then use a coupon, you can get it for around 3 dollars)? Coral Crush, at least on me, is a lot more coral and it's pretty unique on its own.

    Oh, I hope you can find a tester (so far I have only seen mini testers for their concealer/foundation) somewhere or a friend who has it.

    While the choice is fully yours, I personally think it's very inconsiderate for anyone to open up merchandise and just try it on other (the store's, the brand's or a customer who ended up buying it)people's expense. I, myself, think it's disgusting when I buy a lipstick in the drugstore and find out it has been used by others...

  5. ugh, yeah, that's quite inconsiderate!

    I'm was just hoping that they carry the same product in Tokyo, as they usually have testers for lipstick here. But I took a look at the Tokyo website and packaging-wise it doesn't look like we have the same series here. We just have Water Shiny Milky which has similar but red packaging :(

  6. Kuri:
    I never knew you are in Tokyo (of course you guys have testers in the drugstores)! I am always under the impression that you guys get much better formulation when it comes to the same brand...

    Anyway, just by looking at the stick, the Color Sensational High Shine looks kind of like the Watershiny you guys have, I could be wrong though...

    By the way, I am sorry for lecturing you ...I just kept seeing woman here doing that (and youtube guru "bragging" about how they find "the shade") so openly as if there is nothing wrong with it. It also seems that every time I went to grocery store to spy on new collections, one of those women would report me (for taking picture) thinking that I am taking picture of *them*...

  7. I like this! The shade is girly and not overwhelming at all! I was expecting "too obvious glitters" but it came out great on your lips!

  8. Really? I think they tend to have glossier + sheerer formulations here :) Yeah, fortunately there are testers usually, but even then, there's nothing like being able to actually try it on.

    But you're right, some of the Water Shiny lippies do look like the Color Sensational High Shine.

    No problem! I totally understand where you're coming from. It's such a waste that people open the products up; especially lipsticks. And I've had the experience of bringing home a product and then noticing that someone tested it.

    I can't believe that people report you! That's really low of them.

  9. Nikki:
    The only glittery one of the bunch (I got 7 of them) is disco pink and I have yet to try it...Anyway, most of the shimmer in the lipsticks are very subtle so you don't have to worry about any glitter bombs.

    The very reason I like these Maybelline lipsticks is that they reminds me of those from Japanese brands (It might appear really pigmented because I have a tendency to really load them on).

  10. This looks SO great on you that I raced to Walmart and got it. It's so pretty (although prettier on you because I swear your lips make lipsticks look a ton better than they are!) I've been using it everyday.


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