Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paul & Joe Lipstick N in Poppy

For what I know,Paul & Joe(unlike Anna Sui, Shiseido and other brands, which categorize lipstick based on finishes and pigmentation) only has one lipstick range in their permanent display,called lipstick N. There are around 20 shades in the lipstick N range, from sandy beige to deep plum. It wouldn't be difficult to find a shade you like.

To kick off my adventure with Paul and Joe lipsticks, I picked up Poppy (05), a candy coral with very fine golden shimmer.I mentioned in other reviews that the way Japanese brands do shimmer is quite different than what you see on Western brands: For them, shimmer is meant to add subtle dimension or sheen and they rarely look metallic, frosty or loud.
Paul & Joe Lipstick in Poppy, swatched right next to NYC kiss gloss in Coral Reef. The lipstick , for some reason looks a lot softer/peachy than the pictures from Urban Outfitters (which I thought has some of the best online swatches there is). The lightly scented (powdery?) lipstick has medium pigmentation,feels rather moisturizing and smooth as it glides on.
Paul & Joe lipstick in Poppy by itself - Many would find the soft melon shade very wearable but I personally like lip color that's more vibrant (so they would define the shape of my lips more) or at least deeper than my natural lip color (quite red at the moment)so I don't feel washed out. 
Paul and Joe lipstick in Poppy and NYC kiss gloss in Coral Reef- The shade is soft, subtle and classy (just like Paul & Joe's brand image), it should be appealing to a lot of people...

Overall:If you like a classy, elegant and under stated lip color (Btw, I call anything lighter than my lip color "understated") Paul & Joe is a decent-enough brand to look into. I am not saying it's not great, it's just that I usually prefer something brighter and juicier... And even though the color and finish turned out to be incredibly wearable, I would still prefer something creamier, more vibrant... (I guess I am already used to the lipsticks from western brands?)

And...The plastic tube could be a bit (you know, like how MAC, Max Factor and Anna Sui do it) just a little bit heavier.


  1. I love P&J lipsticks, such cute packaging and great quality. This color looks so cute on you~^0^
    I have been reading you for a while already citrine, if you'd like, please feel free to visit my blog too~^0^

  2. I agree with P&J making lipstick that are more on the natural side, most of the shades are lighter than my lip color but I love the moisture!

  3. I love Paul&Joe cosmetics but haven't tried out their lipsticks yet. The packaging is so cute though!


  4. I love this shade, it is very pretty and elegant. The packaging is cute too!

  5. Cherry:
    I have visited your blog for quite a few times already...I guess I just need to get my lazy ass off and leave some comments now :p

    I like the emmolient feel it has too...but anyway,I usually like bright and pigmented lipstick so this isn't really my cup of tea.

    Alison Elle:
    Their lipsticks are quite different from the ones I have's quite glossy. Anyway, I love their cute packaging too.

    Oh, I think I am liking their spring collection more because the floral print is more noticeable.


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