Thursday, April 09, 2009

Makeup Bag Check

Jen at A Beautyful Sentiment is having a random giveaway for US residents and all people need to do is doing a little bag's always fun to see what people are carrying with them, so I took some pictures are entered.

It's a red lesportsac pouch with floral and heart pattern. I got it last year and it hasn't looked worn out yet...

1. Anna Sui mirror
Well, it' just the prefect size, shape and it's quite handy (with the magnifying part) and low maintenance. I might start using the white one since black gets a bit gloomy for the warm seasons.

2. Anna Sui Face color accent 400 in Stila compact.

My only matte powder blush...

I never took this damn thing out and the compact cracked!? I bought it just for the case...

Well, it took way too much space with that useless brush there anyway...

3. AS blotting paper
Worst blotting paper I've ever tried. I am using it as camera lens wipe.

4. Wet n Wild lip tint in Cherry Mint
This thing looks nothing like cherry...

5. Clean & Clear pimple gel...Acne is the agony of youth. *Sigh*

6. Comb and Hair pin

I kept losing my rubber band so now I use a pin instead.

I will become panic if they are gone, seriously.

8.Rhoto Lycee eyedrop
Got it just because of Aragaki Yui

They have a new one out now! (Packaging is not as pretty though)...I want her top btw...

9.Nars Super Orgasm
There are even more glitters inside the blush...I like it though.

10.Too face flatbuki

Cute and handy.

11.Stila Cherry Crush
My 2nd tube, I will go back to Benetint or Convertible colors after this.

12.Stila moisturizer (hand cream)
I have normal skin so I don't use moisturizer all that often on my face, and for your information, now I use Elizabeth Arden on my feet...Just to finish it up...


  1. aww thanks for sharing what's in your bag, I love everything you have! :D

  2. I like how most of the stuff (& the bag) is red ;D :).

    Off-topic: I think I found you on Make-Up Alley ^_^! I saw your ID on the token list of a person I'm considering swapping with...Just to let you know that I'm always willing to take the Stila Cherry Blossom trio off your hands if you receive no other offers :).

  3. Hi Cris:
    Thanks for the offer.

    If you are in US I can just give those stuff to you. (Most of the stuff on my swap list are the things my friends have no use for...well, they are mostly engineering kids so it nice they take some at first.)

    At this moment I am not swapping since I am just trying to downsize my stash plus it's the end of semester so I have lots to worry about beside swapping makeup.

    And after the few swap, I think I am not mentally fit for such activities. It's just too much postage fee, bubble mailers, waiting, worrying...

    I will let you know when I am all settled though...

  4. Which Convertible Colors do you have? And I would love to hear your thoughts on the Too Faced Flat Kabuki! :D

  5. smiley13tree:
    For the convertible color, I have lilium (dusty pink), gerbera (coral), fuchsia and peony (peachy, brownish pink...although I wish it's a bit more brownish...)

    The too faced brush is pretty cute, soft and handy . (It's pretty nice so I have nothing to say/fuzz about hence no individual review) I think it's the perfect size for those square pan blushers.

    The price isn't bad either. It's about 12-13 dollars.

  6. Aw you have such cute items!! The bag is cute too~ :]

  7. Nope, I'm in Europe :(.
    Oh well - if you ever feel like trying a transcontinental swap, I'm here :).
    It does get stressful...But once the stuff arrives, all that is forgotten and I'm just so HAPPY ^_^, lol.


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