Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some Little Items

Tweezerman trimming scissor: This(the curve is meant for trimming nose hair), but ever since in kindergarten, the idea of your-friend-the-nose-hair-keeps-the-bad-guys away kind of stuck. So I just use it to trim my eyelash since the curve it quite suitable for my eyeball...Okay,I can almost hear some of you screaming:" Are you crazy!? trimming eyelash?"

My lash isn't super short, but when it comes to the ends, it gets let's chop them off! It grows back pretty soon (less than a month) and the light parts are all gone.

Something that's a bit amusing, I bought this mainly because it has "Italy" and "Stainless Steel" carved in. I like anything that's in stainless steel. It's so sleek and professional looking. I remember having a stainless ruler from my grandpa, with everything carved in and no ink was used... I used it through out my entire elementary school then I later was told that, the ruler is meant for measuring bone specimen...Don't worry, my grandpa wasn't a human organ smuggler.

Back to topic,this pair actually rusted...Isn't the word stainless mean that they add enough nickel in the iron so that the iron can't react with the oxygen and the moisture in the air?

I bought this at CVS, a drugstore that's supposedly quite this can't be fake...OK, I guess I was unlucky then. Anyway, I scratched most of the rust off using a nail file...(too late to return plus heck knows where was the receipt...)

Pink Tweezerman tweezerette. I love this little thing that it doesn't scratch my skin yet grab the tiny hair quite effectively. Although I stopped like wearing pink as much, a little of this doesn't harm. I feel like getting this in other color as well...

I do have pimple popping out once a while, this stuff works to dry it out. (If I spread it to other area my skin will just peel...)

Rohto Arctic eye drop: Some dry eye relief. Rohto makes some good stuff. I am quite eager to try out the Lycee pink flower bottle just because Yui Aragaki was doing their commercial...but let me finish this one first. (Which will take at least 5 months...)


  1. really? you trim your lashes? I trim my brows! but my lashes are too short if I have to trim it, i will be poking my eyeballs already! LOL

  2. ha...I used to do that quite often back in high school since it tend to grow back *slightly* thicker and more resistant to my pull...

    and having said that, most of the time I just pull my lashes and brow when I am bored or stressed during an exam (I think I might surfer from minor trichtillomania...I don't do it on my head though..haven't got that thick of hair...)I think it's much better than scratching my scalp until I see blood...(did that during exam back in middle school)

    Oh man, I totally need to see a shrink...



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