Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green is for Spring

Again, I took the photo for this ages ago ...It's St. Patrick's day...I might as well post an index page for people who like green shadows.

When it comes to makeup, green is one of the few colors that I can put on my face with relative confidence: an allover wash on the eyelids gives a refreshed look , deep green eyeliners highlights the brown in my eyes and green transparent gloss bounces off the redness in a very subtle way (since green is right opposite to red in the color wheel) and is a nice alternative to the boring looking clear gloss. Green is pretty refreshing to look at, in my stash and on my face.

Some lovely green items I have, shown in the picture above.

NYX Ultra Pear Mania Pigment in Lime Pearl

Almay Eye Cream: Hypoallergenic? Good for sensitive skin? It stings and doesn't get absorbed that I can only use it on my cuticle...

Anna Sui Eye Color in 911

Stila Smudge Pot in Jade

Stila Spring Ephemeral and Acapulco Trio

Stila Perfectly Sage Palette:A combo of deep olive, fern green and gold.
It's a beautiful dark green actually but I don't know how to use dark shadow so I put it on for swap, I swapped it out...and received a no-brand beaten up little brush that I can't even use as keyboard duster...I miss that peachy blush...

Stila Eye Shadow Pan in Cha Cha (minty green) and Daffodil (gray green)

Jane Iredale 24K gold dust in green : kind of like a less pretty version of Stila Jade.

MAC Tendertone Lip Balm in Shush: Fresh Green that doesn't show or make you look sick when you layer on too much.

DiorKiss Lip Gloss in Granny Smith 308:
The shade Golden Green looks so refreshing and pretty but those glitters are huge. Diorkiss are quite tacky as well.


  1. Man, I wish I could wear green. It looks weird (and really bad) when it's close to my eyes. I guess it's cause I have blue eyes. I use it in my crease sometimes.

    That Stile shadow is so pretty.

  2. Wow, I didn't know DiorKiss had a green one!

  3. I love greens! and I love your green collection ! I love it!

  4. Hi Pixie:
    I guess you can always use a dark green as eyeliner? that's the only way I can think of when I can't wear a certain shade...(I have a unique (aka awkward) eye shape that most of the time I can only put the same color allover my lid or use them as eyeliner...

    Or you can buy green glosses, most of the time, depends on how warm/cool are they , it's usually make your lips pinker or peachier...


    Hi Fuzz:
    Yeah, I think Dior (a year a go at least) used to put on a few wacky colors glosses for their limited edition...this one was LE last spring and it was Sephora exclusive plus online only...so if you are a counter girl, you would miss that...

    But I guess you will be alright...beside the way it looks on the tube (so pretty under sun!)I pretty much dislike everything else about it...

    I remember they also had a lilac one called blueberry muffin as well (that one I believe is shimmery instead of glittery)... I will see if they will come up with black later...I want a black gloss...


  5. Hi Nikki:

    Thanks...I've seen that olive/ smokey eyes on you, it looks so pretty!


  6. You've got such a lovely collection :)...
    I'm sorry to hear about the Stila palette :(, I hope stuff like that doesn't happen again.


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