Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stila Shadow Swatch Board

Updated so the swatch board is more user friendly.

Part of my collection (Ok, I forget to swatch Ravishing Rose trio and I recently got a single pan called Cha Cha...) but the arm palette is more or less complete.

Spring Ephemeral Trio
Jade and the Orchid Duo

Gold Glow Baked Trio : See the transparency it has?

Acapulco Trio
The very creamy Kitten: Pinkish Nude , Oasis: golden nude and Ray: beige orange. All shimmery.
Daffodil, Poppy and Key
Montmartre Quad
Perfectly Sage: I believed I have lost it on a swaplift...Or that lady just hasn't contact me since I shippied the item (and provided the tracking number)

Pon Pon Gerbera
Sakura Trio

Some of my favorites in this picture are: The three nudes shades Kitten, Oasis, and Ray. then there is Jade. My favoirte trio is Spring Ephemeral and although Montmartre doesn't show all that well, it's never the less soft and flattering.


  1. wow..kitten is super pretty! now I understand what the fuss was all about :)

  2. They are gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches.

  3. Hey Nikki:

    Yup kitten is super pretty (I never thought it look pinkish until I compared it to oasis...which is more golden) another thing I didn't mention was that I used my finger to dab a thin layer on (my case it looks like a leg to you) for only onces...see how pigmented they are?


  4. I think Pon Pon Gerbera is really pretty. I might pick that one up.

  5. Hi Pixie:
    Yeah, the whole collection is actually pretty nice (but the blusher only shows when you skin is fair enough...then I don't like it because the contact area is way too small, same size as the eye shadow...

    I already have similar soft pink, so I just gave them to my friend and save the dark brown (with pink shimmer)for eyeliner, it looks really natural. And if you can get a hold of the eye shadow trio (currently only available at beauty crunch, I believe) be sure to check out the lip glaze, it's probably the prettiest lip gloss I've blogged about here...the color and line coverage is superb.


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