Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MAC Tendertone Tinted Lip Balm

I mentioned it a while ago that most my favorite lip products are indeed from drugstore because I normally prefer their lower pigmentation and the fact that I can get great glosses for 5 bucks (so I am less guilty for neglecting them while finding new lovers in other brands.) However, you can see I do get distracted to more expensive line for their, (duh) beautiful packaging and another things. Big brands tend to carry more fun/wacky colors like yellow, green , purple and blue...And don't you know that I just love those lip gloss that look like candies?

As a result of my love for wacky colors, I picked up these tendertone lip balm from MAC.

Here are the Tendertone in Soft Note (lilac) and Shush (green) . They both smell great and came with SPF12 with with UVA and UVB sunscreen, the fruity (melon or kiwi strawberry?) scent in these two are pretty much/literally/100% the same...So the MAC people think that there is nobody who will buy both colors?

Back to the balm, the green and purple both have fine shimmers, but the colors didn't show up at all (who wants purple/green lips anyway?) Maybe the ones in red/pink/orange might have some tints, but I don't know. I am not planning spend the big bucks on convectional colors...Sally Hansen is good enough for me on those.

The texture is quite soft compared to the lip balm in a stick, so you can easliy poke a hole in the jar. The finish on the lips is a soft sheen with both of the colors I have (I can't even see the shimmer.) that's like a cross between a balm and a watery ( as opposed to glossy) lip gloss.

Overall, cute gloss (nothing spectacular) , but I love them just for the heck of the fun colors.


  1. thanks for the review, I've always been wondering how good they are! and if they are way better than other Tinted lip balms out there!

  2. Thanks for this, I had been wondering about the colors. I love that they have SPF, that's very important for me. I might try one although they cost a bit more than how much I would normally pay for a lip balm.

  3. Hey Nikki and Gio:

    MAC tendertone is quite decent as a balm (I just have too much lip product that I am a bit numb now...) Although I've never had any tinted lip balm anyway.



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