Friday, December 18, 2009

Lip Color and Old Lover

A young woman's heart is full of desire...that's why I have entered a new makeup stage when I haven't even done much with the old kick(I still have 6 lash-related reviews to finish up.) Well, at least now you know what to expect in half a year (It takes me forever to post something up). My first new kick...

Lip color- Well, after trying a buttload of lip gloss, I reckon that they all look more or less the same and it becomes pointless to have seventy different lip gloss review/swatch post here while they look more or less identical on me. So I guess it's time to head for something more intense and thanks toAnna Sui coffin revamp (if you knew how I entered the mascara kick, you would know I get into randoms kicks for weird reasons), I finally entered my lipstick stage!

Shiseido Maquillage Jelly Rouge, is actually more of a sheer, glossy balm (this bound to look like nothing on me) but I love how some Japanese high-end brand package their lipsticks: Coffret d'Or, Paul & Joe, Kose Esprique got some of my favorite tube designs.

I probably wouldn't go for Japanese brand because it seems like most of them are sheerer than sheer so I might as well just pay 3 dollars and get similar effect with some Revlon gloss on promotion or just go for Western brands.
YSL rouge volupte- I am just a few centimetres away from caving in. Right now I am considering 3 shades ( 2 of which will be killed of from the list)

1. Rose Culte - A deep rose that almost look like a blue based red.( I look like ghost with red lips.)
2.Provocative Pink- I love Lancome Satin Fuchsia, does it get prettier than that?
3.Legendary Mocha- Because I wonder if chocolate brown look like poop on my twin-sausages.

Right now it's the battle between the 2 trashy pinks...

Beside lipstick, I think I am in Anna Sui mode again! Well, I have always been a fan of Anna Sui packaging (I really feel prettier when I use the hand mirror! ) and I haven't bought anything from the brand for a year as I think I had everything I wanted to collect.A few months ago, I lost one of my most used item of all time, the Anna Sui black rose mirror (which you have seen it in summer staples, makeup bag check Volume I, Volume II and Volume III) my beauty routine just doesn't seem to be as fun as it used to be.

I couldn't find the black rose mirror from the stores I went so I end up buying couple of other craps...Anyway, I will share my haul when all of them arrives.At the mean time, what's your current kick?


  1. I'm currently on a "ALL MAKEUP IN GENERAL" kick, LOL. XD Really, at the moment I'm just trying to find HG-status items for everything (almost there!), paring down my lippie stash, figuring out how to work with eyeshadow on my half double lid, half monolid eyes (WHYYY), etc. XD Truth be told I'm a little glad I don't use eyeshadow, or I would be spending so much more money, ahaha!

  2. The YSL lippies are so pretty. I could stare at the packaging all day!


  3. I'm still in my colored eyeliner kick at the moment lol.

    those YSL lipstick look gorgeous, I'm lemming the Fuchsia too, but it's too bad it's so expensive!

  4. Shao:
    That's the kick I was in a year ago, now I just give up on most of them. For your eye shape, some Japanese brands should work well (as you can see reviews done by Fuzkittie) but I am way too cheap to spend 20 bucks on a drusgtore palette so I never have any of those.

    Yeah, I would carry it with me all the time as the tube is so delicate!

    Haha, I wish I am as loyal as you, right now I think I am even sick of those drugstore products (not sick of, just tired of those boring new releases) and lip gloss...

  5. My kick is currently glitter!!! The sparklier the better!!!
    Oh's terrible...because they are so not wearable for everyday... but I can't stop buying glitter liner, glitter lipgloss, glitter eyeshadow... You'd think i'm entering some sort of drag queen contest...
    They would be good for some sort of glam holiday party tho! But I have none to attend -___-

  6. Daituf:
    If you like glitter and would be in US(or have someone you know living in US) you can go to Stila/All cosmetics wholesale (urban decay session), they have some full sized glittery eyeliner for 5-6 dollars a piece. I personally like the glittery liner from highend brands better as they are sharper/not dull.

    I always love fuchsia lips as one item would make a perfect party look as well (of course I have none to go either, unless you consider church meeting. lol.)

  7. I am in the Chicago area now... but i've never heard of this Stila cosmetic wholesale? when is it? Or is there a set location that sells things all year round?

  8. I mean at their offical website and

  9. Whoa, that's a pretty crazy website...
    It's gonna make my makeup diet very...very...difficult...


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