Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pocket Friends: Mini Blusher and Multi-Tasker

I should start talking about my blusher, huh? After all, that's the item that I happen to use daily since it's takes less than 30 second to put them on. Well, I don't contour, just two round flush on the cheeks...Oh wait, I only use this as an eye color...never mind, the blusher series starts later!

The litter round pot, Bourjois blusher in Lune d'Or , beautiful soft gold with a little hind of pink. It's a little bit difficult to dig the blush out and use it as a blusher, but I found it really useful as a little eye brightener. It gives a soft glow without any trace of make-up look.

And this multi-tasker is Sonia Kashuk retractable powder brush. I like the blusher brush from Sonia Kashuk quite a bit, they look stiff and firm but goes on like a gentle summer breeze, the case is sleek as well. I bought it because I was pretty happy with her blusher brush however it has a little flaw that's barely noticeable (just bothers me a wee.)

While it doesn't have any major defect nor it sheds, the bottom just fell off two days ago, revealing the hot glued base. I didn't even expose it to any drastic temperature change... So, Stila retractable is still my number one.

By the way,the brush is only the size of lipstick!


  1. that is definitely pocket friendly!! I love the color!! aacck I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers posting about bourjois blusher! that is not good...makes me want one too!

  2. That blush is so cute, makes me want to buy it too.

  3. Hi Nikki

    Emmm...I called them pocket friends because they are small enough to fit in my jeans pocket, I would appreciate more it it were a tad bit cheaper though.(I am so cheap I know.)

    Bourjois is a drugstore little for 12 bucks(in US)I could buy a very nice one from Neutrogena that actually looks bigger I have a blusher from an dirt-cheap drugstore brand called wet n wild, the quality is actually *very* nice (it's bigger and was only 8 bucks, I will review it later)...

    Bourjois is all right, the color is quite subtle and pretty (I think most people are in love with the shade call Rose d'Or number 34 but I am not that big fan of pink blush, I just want glowy look) but it's hard to get the blush out unless the brush is very scratchy... like the brush came with it( but who need a face scrub during the day anyway?)

    So in short, I like it a lot mostly because it's portability, the design could be a little, if the brush doesn't work, just don't include it.

    And Gio

    This is by far not the cutest one I have, stay tuned for more! (it just takes me a while to get things sorted out and some nice pictures taken...



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