Friday, November 27, 2009

My least favorite beauty products of 2009

The year 2009 is almost over and it's time to sum up my beauty purchases...While I have several things I love (it would take a while to sort things out and take pictures), I would like to share what I didn't like so much.
Claudia didn't like green lip gloss that much (because it make her eyes look dull) 

Anyway, here are thing I wish I didn't buy:

Lip Products
- Revlon Peach Fantasy Lipstick ( I am still thinking how to swatch it without looking like having poop allover my lips)
- Burt's Bees Natural Lip Gloss
- Sally Hansen Lip Saver
- Boots molten plastic lip gloss

Eye Products
- Milani Black Magic Eyeliner pencil
- Sally Hansen eyeshadow base

Tools and Brushes
-Tarte Smudge Brush
- NYX makeup brushes
- Sonia Kashuk brushes
- Paul & Joe Compact Mirror

- Ulta Yellow Nail in a Bottle
- Revlon Coconut Gag nail color

While I don't suggest you to even spend a dollar on these, but feel free to buy these for people you hate...

P.S. For the kitty lover click here to see how a kitty drinks Sprite from a glass.


  1. for people you i like that :)

  2. LOL I like this title "Yellow Nail in a Bottle". Ugh, that is the exact color of yellow nails, what a horrible idea for a color!

  3. Shaima:
    Claudia is just a bit overweight...

    That would be limited to the cheaper ones...Paul &joe's mirror would burn a bit hole in the wallet.

    It actually looks pretty nice in the bottle, the down side would be the sheerness.


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