Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boot No.7 Lip Glace in Fudge

My Boot Number 7 Lip Gloss (probably my last), got it during a Target price slash.

These Boot's Number 7 lip glacé is packaged just like Lancome Juicy tube with the identical tube, similar gold printing and exact size. The regular retail is 10 dollars (just five bucks cheaper than Lancome) and I wonder why would people want it since the stuff is quite nasty.

At least I got it on clearance as it has changed its packaging (to one that looks exactly the same as the new DiorKiss...) .
Fudge is soft beige with multi colored shimmer. The texture is quite gunky and gooey yet it doesn't last nearly as long as juicy tubes. The scent is a combination of stale brown sugar and molten plastic, pretty disgusting as you can imagine.

I loaded on a lot of this to make the color show, in real life, this stuff is really sheer and completely pointless to get because you can certainly get this effect with a 2 dollars Wet n Wild. After the layers, the color finally shows and you can see, it's get really thick and sticky and it gets everywhere as the gloss doesn't really stay put.


  1. I tried these before. They smell weird and basically everything you said. ><

  2. thanks for the review!
    i must say, i'll rather go with just lip balm, than annoying bad gloss ._. it's even worse when tube gloss starts to settle and separate from sitting around too long. and then u get clear gloss with no colour and colour stuck around the tube ~_~


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