Friday, June 19, 2009

Sally Hansen Miracle Care Lip Saver

I have been eying on there Sally Hansen knock off of Tarte Double Dose lip gloss ever since they came out in spring. But I should know better when they name something like this...It's just a liquid balm with no color whatsoever...

I actually like the Sally Hansen packaging a lot better but as of the actual product...

I picked the shade in Rapture, a coral with golden shimmer. From the tube, you are supposed to squeeze the end to get more color and the middle for more clear gloss. (Who in the world squeeze lip gloss as if it's toothpaste anyway? ) There are 10.8ml of products although the tube looks as big as a juicy tube, which has 15ml of gloss.

The tip of the applicator is pretty tiny, which bothers me a bit because the gloss itself is relatively thick and take a while go smooth out.

If you just squeeze it the normal way, you will get pretty much a clear gloss with no color whatsoever, if you do it from the end, you will get a teeny tiny bit (as swatched) but that's it and that bit of color and shimmer will not show up at all...

It has a plastic-fruity scent that's not too bothersome (the plastic scent is indeed from the plastic layer at the center)and the gloss itself does replenish a tad bit...but I have a gazillion tubes of clear gloss that does the same thing, not to mention they are a hell lot cheaper than this ($8)...

The line up of the whole range, they are practically all clear so don't get more than 1 at a time. Actually... Why don't you just skip the whole line anyway?


  1. your last line... thanks for the review :)

  2. LOL

    The applicator tip is tiny, huh? I'm not too fond of fruity scents in my lip products so thanks for the heads up. That's one reason why I don't buy L'oreal lipglosses. They smell so sweet it makes me nauseous.

  3. the gloss looks really pretty but the sheerness definately sucks.

  4. >< Boring glosses can be such a disappointment. It looks really cool in the tube though.

  5. hahah lol you are so funny, "why not skip the whole" ? hahahaa thanks for sharing, it looks like regular clear gloss and I do wonder why they bothered to make so much

  6. where can i buy it around brampton ontario

  7. Anonymous:
    How do I (a Texan) know?


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