Saturday, November 14, 2009

Milani Black Magic Liner and Eye Glimmer

Milani Black Magic eyeliners have been around for quite a while but I never picked one up as the duo ended pencil is quite thick/chunky and I don't want to buy a sharpener just for it when I am not sure if I like the product.
The eyeliner pencil retails for around 5 dollars and rarely go on sale in the drugstore (but I dug this pencil out of the clearance basket in Target so I was able to get this liner for around a dollar.) There is absolutely no way I am spending 5 dollars on drugstore pencil liners, especially I hate every single Milani face makeup items I have tried.
The eyeliner side Dark Magic is a midnight blue/or black with an overall sapphire sheen that could almost be mistaken for black (this picture is taken right under sun so the blue shows better), I like the fact that it's very pigmented without being overly creamy that it smears within 10 minutes. (It smudges anyway, since all pencil liners do...on me.) The other side is called Sapphire Glimmer (I think?) . This side is pretty much a pure glitter housed in a transparent wax base/medium. I do like this particular blue shade of the glitter as it doesn't look cheap. (You know sometime you get some gaudy glitter that look like they are from Dollar Store?) However, since it's a wax based glitter pencil and the glitter are quite tiny, you simple won't get a decent amount of glitter when used as eyeliner (you will get 3 pieces of this tiny glitter per line).

I guess we can try using it in a bigger area: as an eyeshadow? (tell you the truth, Beside the 60-dollar-a-piece Lunasol palette, I found glitter in most eyeshadow looks very cheap). Well, it doesn't really work out as eyeshadow either (unless you are wearing this allover the lid by itself) since it would be difficult to layer a wax based pencil on top of eyeshadow. Imagine glide a chapstick over your fresh eye will just wipe off the powder or wax instead of giving it a "sheen".

Since wax based doesn't work with on top of powder...
On top of another wax based eyeliner (the liner side of this duo) ? Failure again...The wax in the glimmer side simple dissolve and wipe of the dark and pretty eyeliner and the glitter sink in during the process.

Since I determined to find a way to make it work (or just determined to bash Milani) , I though a wax based pencil would work well as a base for powdered eyeshadow....Well, the covered up glitter would show up as random, tiny bumps on the eyelid...

Anyway, after trying the Run Way eyeshadow and the Infinite Eyeliner, I just realized that Milani is pretty good at shitty product that looks promising at first sight, Boo...(I still like their cream nail polish though.)


  1. pity it didn't work out for you. the first swatch doesn't look half bad. One thing I have about glitter is it's so annoying to get off. I like some glittery/shimmery products.. just i always have trouble getting off all the glitter from eye makeup or shimmery stuff in general off without spending ages on it, and it's one of the last thing i want from a tried day. ~_~ rubbing glitter off my face.

  2. =/ i like their old eyeshadows, not the runway ones and i love their blushes! try them out if you have not yet, but i dont want you to be dissapointed..

  3. Mint:
    I think glitter is only meant for occasional party looks (you would be too drunk to remove any makeup so it doesn't make any difference.) on a daily basis, it can be too much. Anyway, I think oil does a decent job getting rid of it without scratching your eyes out.

    Sharpie United:
    I have 2 of the old eyeshadow, while I do like the color pay off and the texture, I am not a fan of the color...I guess the shades just doesn't work well with my skin tone. The purple one looks like eye infection on me while a golden bronze looks like dirt...I heard great stuff about their blushes but since they are supposed to a dupe for some famous NARS shade (since I do have NARS super orgasm and Benefit coralista, I don't think I have to need to "confirm" that they are dupes...)

  4. @Citrine,
    true.. but most shimmery shadows leave behind tiny tiny glitter on your face even when I use oil base removers. particularly those from Asian brands. I've notice most partying glittery makeup usually have larger pieces of glitter.

  5. Mint:
    I have never tried any Asian brand glittery makeup so I can't tell. Anyway, my approach is to remove it half-heartily ...It will come of


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