Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tarte Smudge Brush

Don't you love free shipping code on websites? I do because I never (OK, rarely) reach the threshold of freeshipping on any website. Anyway, tarte had one of those a while ago and I just used the code to buy something I wanted to try out. Their smudge brush in the newer (well, it still got discontinued and sent into the memory lane. ) lilac handle.

Tarte Smudge brush is just a tiny brush I like the fact that the handle is light but it doesn't feel flimsy. The tiny brush had 2 hair fell out when I was just giving it the lightest pressure. When I pull the tip a bit, more hair fell out. Boo...The brush is not that smooth with the synthetic or is it natural bristles but since the area is small, it doesn't feel poky on the eyes.

Using a dark shadow, the brush created the same effect as a wax based pencil that get smudged out a bit. Beside smudging, this brush is not very versatile like Stila #4 brush I love. Tarte, Stila and Laura geller liner and smudge brush side by side. Tarte is a bit shorter and only tad wider than Stila #4 but I think the hard bristle is better at picking up color at the tips and hard pressed eyeshadow (like NARS or some matte shadow).


  1. The #4 still sounds wonderful. But along with everything I wanted to get I just didn't get it. Hehe. You should tell us about the tarte free shipping code! Free shipping codes are one of my favorites. lol

  2. Smiely:
    I am sorry...(Tarte always has that kind of sale going on and if you feel ling spending just google tarte coupon code you will get some result...)

    Stila #4 is quite nice but you don't have to buy that brush, it comes with all the mini smudge pot set and the quality are the same as the big ones.


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