Saturday, August 29, 2009

Micro Haul for Fall

I managed to stop by Target for a cutting board last week (and of course ended up wandering around the beauty isles) and they were purging out some soon to be discontinued products. So it was time for me to haul a little bit.

I got two L'Oreal HIP jelly balm: Plush (since I hit a big hole on the one I have) and a tangerine one called Savory. My review on the Jelly Balm probably sounds like I don't like these at all...Well, for 7-9 bucks these jelly balm are truly a rip-off consider the lousy packaging and the fact that these are more expensive than MAC. But less than 2 dollars a piece is a pretty good deal. Beside the Jelly Balm I also grabbed a Revlon Beyond Natural cream gloss in Nude, which looks like a tube of concealer. (I wonder how neutral a lip color can get before it make me look dead.

The three Shades by Barielle nail colors are from my local CVS (ever since Walgreen purged out their Jane stock, CVS became my preferred drugstore. Come on, they even carry La Roche Posay nowadays. )I thought these color might be nice for fall. I just wish the gray one a little bit less white, like Milani Day Dreaming. The green looks a little bit too Christmas than I want it to be and the plum is a bit too auntie...Overall. I am not too thrilled about the colors but I do like the formula of these.

P.S. The Target haul was initially much bigger than the three lip products but as I was walking around with a basket full these junks, senses came to my mind one by one, it was something like first there is a little voice talking to me, then the next thing I know is I am stuffing stuff back to the clearance basket.

"This would look like muddy and swollen eye duo" L'Oreal HIP duo in Adventurous

"I have just tried these 2-3 months ago and they slipped right off." Jemma Kidd Cream Shadow in Chiffon

"This mini brushes sucks not to mention my Stila brushes are more than enough." Pixi Mini Brushes

"Since when do I like girly shades on nails anyway...not to mention it's from Mabeline." A coral pink nail color

"I have had 3 shimmering bronze lip glosses (Sun Bronze Juicy Tube, Stila Brown Sugar and Boot's No.7 Fudge) and I hated all of them, do I need a 4th?" Pixi Lip Booster in Daisy

"The packaging is ugly." L'Oreal HIP paint shadow


  1. Haha. Love the way you persuade yourself. The paint shadow does look ugly, and it's like so hard to blend. I never knew Target sold Barielle! I love drugstore stuff on sale. That's like the only time I'll buy it even though it's already cheap.

    There's just something about those jelly balms that are so addicting. D: I got Savory the other day too. It wasn't that cheap at our store, but combined with my $2 off was. :) I'm so sad I think they're discontinuing these!!

  2. Smiley:
    I got the Barielle from a CVS (some carry it some don't). I only buy thing from surgstore when they are on sale too...It's just there is always sale going on each week, it seems silly to get something at 7 bucks when you know in a week or two it will drop to 5.

    I doubt they are discontinuing the jelly balm (consider how popular these are) I am thinking that they are just getting the repetitive shades plush (keeping succulent) and savory (keeping ripe) as they probably look identical on lips...

    Maybe they will come up with something even better.

  3. Haha I love your sense of humour and the way you word yourself. I have the jelly balm too but I don't use lippies all that often =P


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