Thursday, October 09, 2008

Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar

I am never a fan of brown gloss (I only have a mini Juicy tube in Bronze) , just because I don't think brown will look good on the lips, so why did I get this?

Well, it came with a bronzing set from Stila and 18 dollars for a bronzing powder (I read in the Muse's Blog that a way to wear cheek stain is to layer it with a bronzer. I was so eager to try it out so I got the set mainly for the bronzer.) , a mini gel liner with brush, an eyeshadow trio and additional full sized lip glaze...who in the world can say no to that?

In short, I am sorta glad that I didn't pay the full price for this...Not that is a bad gloss, I am just having bad experience with it.

The texture of this gloss is a bit on the tacky side yet it doesn't stay like a jell-o like juicy tube. I remember wearing a lip glaze (in pon pon gerbera) then going to my class, every time I tried to put my hair away to see better when I accidentally pass by my lips, this gloss will get on my hand then tarnsfter everywhere at the end: my glasses frame, my hair, my note book for some random reasons...In short, it's a tacky gloss that doesn't really stay where it's supposed to be.

A picture of the gloss worn opposite to a setting sun. I think this gloss looks pretty good on a someone with a nice summer glow, even if you don't have one, it will create such an illusion, like brown shimmering glosses do. I guess that's why it came with a bronzing set. When I look at the color, it's actually quite pretty, creamy brown with golden shimmer. The color shows quite well (why do I want brown lips again?) and the shimmer is not the frosty kind. It's a decent product, but here comes the fiasco:

The first time when I used it, I assumed that I can get rid of the brown stain on the white bristle but washing it with shampoo, soaking it for a while then washing the thing again( which is what I am doing with the cherry crush to keep me sane), but guess what. I totally neglect the fact that cherry crush is a watery gel and this is a tacky gloss...

The result of the cleaning attempt: I realized the fact that this gloss cannot be washed out at all with soap, instead, it spread through allover the brush and make the bristile looking like the feather of a drown duck that they never dry completely and the brown stain is allover the place. What a mess...


  1. When I was younger I was OBSESSED with lip glazes they sed to cost something like £22 and that was about 6 years ago! nowadays I still like them but I've moved on to other brands. I do really lik the look of this gloss though :)

  2. Hi R,
    I am actually kind of glad that I am not that into the lip glaze at this moment (the colors are great, cleaning is just a pain in the butt, not to mention the killer price).

    As a lip gloss fanatic (you will be able to tell if you've seen the lip gloss galore), my favorite are actually some drugstore ones that cost me most of the time less than 3 bucks... Brands like Dior and Guerlain are great, but I think they are good for people like my mom, who stick to less than 3 products at a time, as for me, I just don't have the commitment (or the money to blow... )



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