Thursday, March 19, 2009's Milani Day Dreaming

I didn't know there is such thing as gray nail polish until fall 2008. I've seen a post from a random website(or was it a blog?) and I just lost my appetite right away...Who in the world would want to wear cement colored nails?

Then MAC came up with the hello kitty on the prowl, of course, I was 100% uninterested in the line (I still ended up getting a tinted lip balm though).

But after a series of events (To make it short, just take a look at this post by Pink Sith and this post by Rocket Queen-CVS bogo coupon) I ended up with this Milani Day Dreaming Nail Color...

Day dreaming was that creamy gray, I needed a few coats to get the color but the end result is pretty nice...

Close up. See how my nails are kind of long now? (This is actually my upper limit, as I have already chopped them off again...)

I don't know why I am saying this...but this Milani might be one of my favorite nail colors of all time...Yay for drugstore limited edition stuff!

Now I feel like adding some pink polka dots...

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  1. Grey looks really good with your skin :D!
    I'll probably get the Kitty one though. Especially since we don't have Milani here.
    But the blog where this girl stuck a Kitty sticker on her Milani polish did make me laugh XD.


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