Thursday, March 05, 2009

Two’s company, three’s a crowd...

Whenever I found a product I enjoy using, I go back for more but having too many from the same category makes my collection look boring and make each item appear less special to me. Two is just right, while I get to try different shades from the same line, I don't feel that I am trapped into the brand and have nowhere else to go when I want a different color.

Anyway, here are my lovely duets. If you are familiar with them, just scroll down to the bottom and see some sneak peak of upcoming posts!

What: Bourjois Eye Shadow in Violet Artistique and Rose Perle
Why: Sheer Color and delicate shimmer and finish. Very hard to go wrong with basic like this.

What: Milani Runway Dry and Wet Eye Shadow
Why: It was buy one get one 50%...I hated it enough to return it right away...

What: Lancome Juicy Gelee in Grape Jubilee and Crown Jewel
Why: I love clear gloss. Juicy Tubes are sheer, watery and last at least 3 hours on lips. Not to mention the fruity scent is so yummy!

What: Stila Convetible Color in Peony and Lilium & Gerbera
Why: Natural, long lasting and the compacts are beautiful. (I got another one in fuchsia later though.)

What: MAC Tendertone in Soft Note and Shush
Why: How often do you see green/purple lip color? Gotta grab them!

What: Jane Iredale 24 karat Gold dust in Lilac and Green
Why: The one in lavender was so pretty! I had to get another one!

What: Stila Smudge Pot in Jade and Cobalt
Why: Easy to apply, inky color, long lasting...I would like to have all of them if they weren't so darn expensive.

What:Benefit Powder Blush in Coralista and Thrrrob
Why: Super orgasm is a nice coral...But I think there could be better ones out there...I've been reaching for Benefit whenever I feel like some powder blush, could this be "the one"?

Don't you love these teaser posts...(I will do a regular review tomorrow, I swear.)


  1. awww I love your teaser posts and I love that you buy 2 of the same made me think of my stash at the moment :)

  2. <3 the Bourjois (I actually want more of those little round pots - only got Noir Emeraude at the moment :-/), Juicy Gelees (adorable ^_^!) and MAC Tendertones (soft cute green and purple - simply lovely) :).
    I usually buy 2 items when I don't buy one (XD) - two seems like a reasonable number, as opposed to four or five >:-)...Lol.
    P.S. I've always hated the packaging of Coralista, no idea why. But it's just such a turn-off. I want to try Thrrrob though ;).

  3. Hi Nikki:
    I think 2 is enough from the same line...I've got three from the same line, like Anna Sui and Juicy tubes, I actually use only two of those most of the time anyway...


    And Cris:
    The box of coralista is one of the main reason I want it...but then the sticker peeled off a bit, who bothers me a bit at...Anyway, benefit boxes are cute in my opinion...But I think the two I have is more than I am ready to get some MAC...the mineralized ones sound pretty cool.

  4. I do the same! Even with foundations LOL


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