Thursday, June 26, 2008

I had to return this...It is THAT bad

This is completely my own thought, for those you you Milani fans out there, I prefer my makeup to look certain ways, which is different from some of yours, please don't take it as an insult of any sort...

Is it that bad? Well...while I do have a loads of shadow, lip gloss sitting in my room and barely get used, I don't mind having them lying around. But this one...I just can't stand this one.

Milani Wet and Dry Eye shadow. I know, it's like all a sudden everybody is in love with this hi-intensity shadow with the fraction of the cost of MAC...And as much as I want to be smart shopper who never goes with the flow, I just couldn't resist after seeing the Muse's blog about how shiny the shadows are. I usually buy pieces of cosmetic that look at least somewhat pleasing to the eyes and Milani is nowhere in my wish list with the golden plastic packing... that I am sure Milani stands out from the mass drugstore crowd with it's signature gaudy gold.

Plus, I admit. I just couldn't resist the that buy one get one 50% off sell at CVS and had to get this a try and while I do enjoy looking at the softer shades like the light green and baby blue one, I picked the darker one because

1. In makeup alley, people complained about how only the dark shades show up
2. When it comes to soft and wearable eye color, I've got some from Stila already.
3..These two are the only ones without the super-hard-to-remove CVS stickers on top of it...(actually I spend a good 5 minutes to try to take away the stickers on some of them while picking the color, only the one on Black Out was taken off) while the Blue Lagoon

The sticker is at the back...why don't they all stick the damn thing at the back anyway?
The color black out has some disco ball crazy shimmer which is quite pretty, but...After some trying...

So it's only on the top layer!?

I felt cheated for my money... While I probably wasted many 8 dollars during my not-too-long period of cosmetic interest, this is just like a slap right on my face...I mean, I have never seen any product that only keeps the pretty stuff on top! (Some nail polish and gloss might have lower color payoff than what's shown in the bottle, but it's expected since everybody knows you are only using a little layer...)

So, without further trying. I returned it to the store the second day and now I remember not to buy anything from this brand again. It's nice that CVS has a money back guaranteed string attached.

Oh, by the way...I looked horrible with these shadow on anyway. (Dark colors just aren't working out for me, on top of the fact that I have no skill.)

So, bye bye another drugstore brand...


  1. I am so sorry about your bad experience with Milani. I have never used the Wet/Dry e/s myself...and good thing my friend didn't buy them for me :) I've used the regular one...I'm liking the regular one and I've read some bad reviews on the wet/dry ones. But you are right, that is your opinion and you don't have to worry about people reading this :) thanks for the info

  2. No,it wasn't that bad, I waste money on a daily basis anyway. At least I got my money back this time so that the two shadow won't stay in my room as a visual pollution poking fun of my lack of self-restraint ( I don't waste money on product that goes on this track) ...and, I really do think that Milani has the one of ugliest packagings out there ( I bet I am offending someone already...Oops!)plus the color is indeed very dramatic, while I like my makeup to be soft and this is completely not my cup of tea...

    Let me see if you update with more food post...



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