Monday, April 20, 2009

Makeup Brushes Tarte, Laura Mercier, Anna Sui

This is actually the part II of "Brushes I use (more like play with) regularly... I haven't gotten a chance to take good and sharp pictures of Part I (I like them a lot so I want people reading to review would give it a shot too...) so my part II comes first.

My makeup brushes from miscellaneous brands.

From top to bottom

1. Tarte Blending Brush
Flat top brush with super cute shimmery lilac handle, unlike the Anna Sui black plastic handle, this one is very sturdy and scratch-resistant...I like the fact that I can put it upright standing on the table. I think it gives a more even and natural finish when I use it for the powder.

2. No brand collapsible tapered lip brush
Works really well for lip color, since I usually apply lipsticks straight from the tube, I use this brush for Stila Convertible color as well if I want a heavier coverage on the lips.

3. Anna Sui Lip Brush
Flat surface, not as good for lip color or necessary for lip gloss. I use it mainly to dig out my MAC tendertone and tinted lip conditioner which are too soft/messy to be poked by fingers. The plastic black handle is not as tough as their pretty black mirrors, so it's scratched already. (Boo!)

4. Laura Mercier Double Sided Brow Brush
I know, I have bushy brows and I don't really want to trim them then fill in color, but once in a while I do a brow trimming just for always turns wrong, I need to fill in a tiny spot so brow brush comes in handy.

Anyway, I love this brush. It's so different from the drugstore brushes. First, it's double sided with a lid that you can chose to put whichever ends you want.

The smaller side with synthetic bristle is great for tiny spot to fill in. It also works as a gel liner brush.

The normal side is the perfect width for the whole brow, fitting the arch and the end. The natural bristle is firm enough to pick up color (I use a brown Anna Sui matte shadow in 500)

If you wonder why the handle is bluish...I was cleaning it (with a nail polish remover) one day and by the time I realized what a stupid idea it was, the white wooden core was already showing...I couldn't find the black creme from Wet n Wild at the moment, so I went with the next closest thing
Sinful Color nail polish in What's Your name...

5.Shiseido Lash Comb
It can also be used for brows.

6.Sonia Kashuk Blusher Brush
It's pretty neat actually, I just don't like the squiggly handles...

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