Monday, February 02, 2009

Lash Combs Shiseido and Revlon

It's just a lash comb, how different can it be?

Not much actually, but the Shiseido on the right just happens to be a little bit angled. Revlon isn't a hassle to use, but once I've tried the Shiseido one, I never knew that not having to raise your elbow to comb your lashes makes gromming so much easier, it's almost effortless.

did I mention the Shiseido one is much slimmer, prettier, cheaper (for 200 yen, 2 dollars, compared to the $4.5 price tag of Revlon) lighter, and comes with a longer handle.

I don't see myself ever touching the Revlon brush again.


  1. oh wow, wouldn't have thought a lash comb would make a difference, I am just using the cheap ones lol

  2. Yeah, it didn't really bother me when I used the one from Revlon (this is actually more expensive) but I didn't know that an angle make it feel so much easier...I can also use that comb (with a tiny glob of aloe vera) to groom my eye brows as well...



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