Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cherry Red Lip Tint - Sunday Stash Swatch

Despite my ever-growing and flood-size stash, I am always on the hunt for the perfect cherry red lip tint - They require little to no effort to put on and are are widely available (so even though I have quite a few favorites, I always tell myself the next would be better).
Paul Joe Orient, Marachino, Laura Mercier Mulberry, Revlon Cherry Ice, Maybelline Cherry Me, Revlon Cherry Tart, Elf Cherry Tart, Nivea Strawberry Lip Care, L'Oreal HIP Turbulent , Raspberry Smash , Black Radiance Rich Cranberry, Shu Uemura RD165 ( My favorites are three on the right)


  1. Raspberry smash always gets me. Great swatches!

  2. Cherry red lip tints get me too!:) I have none of the above - not exactly sure whether to be sad or happy about it:D The cherry red lip gloss I use faithfully is the NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Juicy Red. Actually wet n wild has one that is pretty value for money too but i can't recall its name. It is also a clear red gloss. I am interested in the P&J Orient now, from the swatches.

  3. Hell Notes for Beauty:
    I think it was your comment (in of of the colour juice reviews and my first post about red gloss back in 2010) that made me caved...of course the CVS clearance helps as well. Now I am almost done with my first tube (got a back-up).

    Orient is actually an tomato red, there is something with my skin (PH or undertone) that turns mid-tone to slight warm red into bright cherry...but actual cherry/raspberry looks more natural and muted on me. The texture is similar to (but not as creamy as) Shu Uemura rd165 so I do love the shade as much. The formula is nice for the price never the less.


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