Friday, December 23, 2011

Revlon Cherry Tart Colorburst Lip Butter

Cherry Tart is another Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter I have purchased. The shimmery blue-based red (at least compared to other reds in the line, like Candy Apple and Red Velvet) is held in a soft, balmy and slightly squishy stick (that I already nicked but it didn't break from the base like the other two I least not yet). While the lip butters are all packaged in a semi-transparent lid that match the shade, I found that some of the lids look plasticity/cheap, others look sleeker and more substantial. Cherry Tart (and other shades containing shimmer) are the better-looking few.
Cherry Tart (thickest, most pigmented and truest red of the three), soon-to-be-discontinued Colorburst Lipstick in Cherry Ice (more blue based red with golden micro-glitter) and Nivea Strawberry Lip Balm (most juicy-looking, moisturizing and best smelling).
Close up of Cherry Tart (taken another day) - For some random reason it was difficult to photograph (more like focus on) the red balm stick: Without sun the micro-glittery wouldn't show, with direct sunlight the red just turns neon orange...
Revlon Coloburst Lip Butter Cherry Tart swatched - Please excuse the zit, it's either this or a Photoshop fail. I tried...(and my uneven application). Compared to the first shade of lip butter I tried, Cherry Tart is a lot easier to work with (since it's neon-bright that brings out every dry flake)and its medium-intensity will work well for people who are scared of full-on red lips. I don't find the formula particularly long-lasting or moisturizing (at all) but I guess that's something expected on lipsticks in the 20-dollar price range.

Overall: I like it (it's hard for me to hate a sheer red) but it's still not something I would go all caps (P.S. I hate reviews like feels like I am watching the shopping channel)  for.


  1. Thanks for the review and lol about the writing in all caps, I dislike that too. I always read it in my head as yelling. I know you're not in love with it but it looks like a nice and romantic shade. :)

  2. i used to have a lip butter but mine was melt after 15 days is there some one who got the same problem you can see picturres in my blog , i don t understand what happened?

  3. Eeeeehhhhh.....I'm not too happy with this. I like the sheerness and the red but that sparkle really turns me off of it.

  4. love how this looks on you!


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