Tuesday, March 01, 2011

L'Oreal HIP Shine Struck Liquid Lip Color in Turbulent - Old Hollywood Red

Many of you know that,Citrine's Blog is probably your last place to go if you want up to date info and reviews on all the products that's being released.One reason is the fact that I am not really interested that many products out there (especially when their prices are too expensive for a "toy"),another reason still has something (everything, ahem) to do with my cheapness as I love fill my room with less-than-3-dollar clearance items instead of commit to one or two high-end pieces.

I am sorry (no I am not, I am just sayin') that you are reading a review of another product that is discontinued and potentially hard to find...But isn't looking at pictures of lip glosses and swatches fun enough already? Especially they are all red (for this week)?
L'Oreal HIP Shine Struck Liquid Lip Color in Turbulent is another member of the massive layout from the L'Oreal family. The HIP line from L'Oreal is known for the "High Intensity Pigment" for the "budget price line". For me, it seems silly paying 12 bucks for a drugstore lip product so I don't look into their lip product unless they have their price slashed.
Turbulent is an saturated,slightly blue-based red with a surprisingly fluid texture(when the color is this concentrated, I expect the texture to be a tad thick to hold the pigment). It goes on easily and feels light on the skin but I was afraid that the runny medium it's not enough for the strong pigment to cling onto skin.

L'Oreal HIP Shine Struck Liquid Lip Color in Turbulent did indeed had a hard time going/staying on. Not only it takes me a few re-dips to cover up my whole lips (because each drop would just diffuse/get partially absorbed on lips, a rather permeable surface), it also dries up and fade pretty quickly, leaving a layer of stain behind. 

Overall: You are neither getting a full-on color or shine a few minute after application but it actually works pretty well as a stain, as the gloss is pigmented, non-sticky and malleable.


  1. Fierce and gorgeous color. I find that the formula is a bit too sticky..

  2. I got one of these at the CVS clearance sale in a shade called Euphoric. It's a nice pink shade. I am glad they don't have the usual annoying smell all L'oreal lipsticks have!

  3. that's gorgeous! as a stain, it sounds rather useful.

  4. Hell Notes for Beauty:
    I think compared to other drugstore liquid lip color (like Milani Creme Brulip color gloss), this one has an OK texture...I actually want it to be a bit stickier so it will actually hold the deep pigment.

    L'Oreal lipstick can have some strong/off-putting smells but I think I am used to all of them now :)

    The stain it leaves is a pretty nice rosy red.

  5. Such a shame they discontinued their lip glosses and their lipsticks! I honestly felt they really were on par with the higher brand ones in terms of pigmentation and longevity!


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