Monday, February 13, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Cherry Me

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm was released fall 2011 and heavily marketed by the company, I was (and still am) uninterested in its cute-but-juvenile packaging, SPF20 and 8hr hydration claim and didn't think much about it. Toward the end of last year, I had a swap with Dalenna, who wanted to try some of the Baby Lips (read her review on the lip balms here) and while I was organizing the lip balms I got for her and some other junks I have, I accidentally squashed one of the packaging with my hands...So I ended up getting an replacement and keeping the injured for myself.

The victim of the trampling accident was called Cherry Me, a shimmer free cherry red with a hard stick texture (so it doesn't wobble too much). There is an artificial cherry scent (that smells just like a clear Bonnie Bell gloss I had when I was in 9th grade), no taste and the balm provides enough tint to show up in one swipe swatch.
The pigmentation of Cherry Me is similar to that of Nivea Strawberry Lip Balm (but Nivea appears bolder on the lips due to the glossy sheen) and considerably sheerer than Revlon Cherry Tart Lip Butter (I call those cream lipstick though since they are not moisturizing on me at all) and Cherry Ice Lipstick.  
On the lips, Cherry Me shows up as a berry pink tint with a balmy sheen. The wear was comfortable and it felt rather light but moisturizing...that's until the sheen wore down. Anyway, it took a grand total of 15 minutes for the sheen to wear down on me (since I don't like the feel and keep on smacking) and when that happened, I was left with a thin waxy layer of balm and a pair of lips that are further dried out.
A bare lip shot for comparison. 

Overall: If your lips are in a decent condition, Baby Lips would give a little bit of tint and sheen and on-the-spot moisture (that doesn't last), I detect no long-term effect (more like I don't feel like wearing it after the first few tries) or benefit from this so I will be sticking to my Nivea strawberry lip balm instead.


  1. LOL I wouldn't have minded the injured! Though I'm glad you got a chance to try this! It's really too bad they don't last. They really could have been much better!

  2. Too bad it didn't moisturize too much.

  3. Oh wow, I almost bought this but went with Grapevine, I like these... I guess the lasting power isn't that much a problem on me since I eat a lot throughout the day anyway

  4. Absolutely agreed on all points. I'm surprised that it turned berry on you! It was definitely red on me.

  5. waoo..looks awsum!!!
    i like cherry ice n starwberry


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